Brittany Acors

Doctoral Student

Ph.D. anticipated 2023
B.A., College of William & Mary (Biology & Religious Studies)


twentieth-century American religious history, the intersection of medicine and religion, New Religious Movements, religion and law, and the history of medicine and nursing

Brittany specializes in the intersection of medicine and religion in twentieth-century America, with a particular interest in vaccination, genetics, and health care. Her presentations include “A Government of Geniuses: The Raëlian Vision for the Future” (BU Graduate Conference on Religion, October 2020) and “Children of the Bible: American Protestantism, ‘A Formula of Agreement,’ and the Twentieth-Century Ecumenical Movement” (SECSOR, February 2020), for which she earned the Graduate Paper Award. Brittany has served as a Teaching Assistant for “RELC 2050: The Rise of Christianity” (Fall 2020), the Jump Start and Summer Transition Programs (Summer 2020), “RELG 2160: Religion in America Since 1865” (Spring 2020), “RELG 1400: The Art and Science of Human Flourishing” (Fall 2019), and a Grader for “RELI 2024: Jewish-Muslim Relations” (Spring 2019). She actively seeks to make an inclusive and equitable classroom through regular training with the Tomorrow’s Professors Today Program of the Center for Teaching Excellence. At UVA, Brittany is also involved with the GSAS Graduate Student Council and has taken classes in the Medical and Nursing schools. In her free time, she enjoys paint-by-numbers, group exercise classes, and quality time with her rabbit, Otis.