Frances Jessie Swan

20 June 1822

Alternative Names (Also Known As)

Frances Jessie Swan

Frances G. Swan

Parent Marriage

Douglas Swan to Margaret Craig

Marriage Type: unknown


Endowment - 31 December 1845

Place: Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)

Name as Performed: Frances G. Swan


Frances Jessie Swan dies,
Heber Chase Kimball - Sealed for Eternity - 30 September 1844

This marriage has 2 child(ren) in the database


Endowed as Francis G. Swan (NTER). [Plural] marriage sealing to Heber Chase Kimball, 30 Sep 1844. Although she was endowed, she did not have a reconfirmation of her marriage sealing, which most of Heber C. Kimball's plural wives did (Cook).

Birth Date: 06 April 1845

Death Date: 1845

Birth Date: 09 April 1846

Death Date: 10 August 1846