Community of Christ Library & Archives

What is the Community of Christ Library?

The Community of Christ Library and Archives, located in Independence, Missouri, is the institutional repository for documents and collections related to the history of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Community of Christ. With over 1,000 linear feet of the Church’s institutional material, and a library that houses tens of thousands of published materials, it is one of the premiere locations for Mormon Studies researchers.   

Visiting the Library

The library and archives are open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, click here.

What Researchers Should Know
  1. To schedule an appointment, users need to fill out an “Archive User Request Form” and send it to the head librarian and archivist, Rachel Killebrew
  1. The library uses their own online catalog to search for materials contained within the library. The archival material has not yet been uploaded to the library catalog; however, this feature will be added in the future. 
  1. The best way to conduct archival research is by contacting the head librarian and archivist, Rachel Killebrew. The library and archives staff are very attentive and helpful.
Utilizing the Library Digitally

The principle digital resource for the Community of Christ Library and Archives is their online library catalog.   

Letter from Joseph Smith to Emma Smith courtesy of Community of Christ Archives, World Headquarters, Independence, Missouri
Important Collections
  • P1: Kelley Papers.  
    This collection includes archival material featuring letters and documents from 1862-1914.  
  • P2: The Journal collection  
    This collection features over 152 journals from prominent early church members ranging from W. W. Blair to various members of the Smith family.  
  • P4: Emma Smith Bidamon Collection 
    This collection features a variety of both original and photocopied letters from Emma Smith Bidamon to others dated 1842-1871. 
  • P5: Joseph Smith Jr Collection 
    This collection features a variety of original and photocopied letters and documents from Joseph Smith Jr. to others dated 1832 to 1844. 
  • P6: Letterbook collection 
    This collection includes letter books from Mark Forscutt, Henry Stebbins, and Joseph Smith III containing both personal and private letters from 1860 to 1914. 
  • 12-2: Bidamon Papers  
    This collection includes papers and records from Lewis Bidamon in the date range of 1837-1882. 
  • P13: Miscellaneous Collection 
    This collection contains a variety of letters and other documents created by church leaders and prominent figures. It includes material from 1860 to 1968.