Annual Fund & Bushman Program Endowment

Thanks to donor support, UVA has emerged as one of the leading sites to study Mormonism worldwide. Our success would not have been possible without generous contributions to our Annual Fund and the Bushman Program Endowment. These funds are used at the discretion of the Professorship to sustain the program on a day-to-day basis, as well as to ensure long-term growth.

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About the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is an immediate use fund, which means it can be applied to a wide variety of projects as needed. The focus in on funding the day-to-day costs of maintaining and expanding program content.

Activities include:

  • Inviting lecturers
  • Employing students
  • Sponsoring faculty and student workshops
  • Maintaining the interactive website
  • Publishing¬†program content
  • Paying platform costs

We recommend this fund for donations under $20k.

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About the Endowment

Contributions to the Mormon Studies Endowment provide stable, ongoing funding for our program with a focus on administrative support and building foundational programs. Endowments funds are typically used for:

  • Hosting annual conferences
  • Adding interactive and digital resources
  • Offering Library research fellowships
  • Acquiring additional collections for the Mormon Studies Library Archive
  • Providing stable, administrative support for the Program
  • Supporting the Mormon Studies Professor’s research and travel expenses

We recommend this fund for gifts over $20k.

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