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Wed., 28 Nov., 1951:

“I then went out to the outer office to meet the following from New Zealand who were accompanied by Elder Cowley who became acquainted with them when he was Mission President in New Zealand:

Muriel C. Hay, Joseph Hay, Myra P. Mason, Norman S. Mason–all of Maromakui, New Zealand.

With these people [I] reminisced about incidents that took place when I visited New Zealand in 1920-21 when I was on my World Tour, among them, the manifestation of the gift of tongues that took place at Huntley, New Zealand.  These brethren and sisters remarked that the people are still talking about that momentous occasion. I told them that I had letters from Rufus K. Hardy, Brother Christi, and others in my scrap book testifying to what took place at that meeting.”

Thur., 31 Jul., 1952:

“Note:  Willie Cook called at the office at 3:10 p.m. during President McKay’s absence.  Said he was in the Scottish Mision at the time President McKay was there, and he attended the meeting of missionaries when ‘President McMurrin told them there were angels in the room.'”

“December 26 to December 31, 1956

                The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

      Maricopa Stake Presidency

  Mesa, Arizona

Jan 10th 1957

President David O. McKay,

Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dear President McKay,

Trust your trip home was enjoyable.  We were highly favored in the valley with your visit; and appreciated so much your presence here.  I knew you would be pleased to learn of the abundance of rain since you were here.  I recall in your prayers asking the Lord to send us rain.  Even though the next day the weather specialist predicted our dryest year and with no sign of rain, they have now changed their predictions, and already we have received more rain than in the last two years combined.

The Queen Creek area is flooding today, and a good run-off into our storage dams.

Kindly convey to Sister McKay our regards,

Sincerely your brother,

/s/ L. Harold Wright

L. Harold Wright

December 26 to December 31, 1956

January 16, 1957

President L. Harold Wright

Maricopa Stake

422 East 4th Avenue

Mesa, Arizona

Dear President Wright:

Thank you for your kind letter of January 10, 1957 expressing appreciation of a recent visit that Sister McKay and I made to Mesa and Phoenix.  The privilege of associating with you able leaders in the Church filled our hearts with joy and left a memory that will be cherished for years to come.

I rejoice with you in the beneficial rain that came as a direct blessing from Heaven.

May the guiding spirit of our Heavenly Father continue to bless and inspire you and your associates.

Sister McKay joins in kindest personal regards,

Cordially and sincerely yours,



7:30 p.m.

Salt Lake Temple Temporary Annex – Dedication of

In company with my son, Robert, went over to the newly-constructed Bureau of Information Building, which will now be dedicated as a Temporary Salt Lake Temple Annex.  Sister McKay was not well enough to attend the services.

The services were inspirational!  (see following newspaper clippings for details of this important event)  (see also copy of dedicatory prayer and remarks made by President McKay)

Note by CM

In President McKay’s dedicatory prayer, he prayed for moisture.  The valley has had very little snow this winter, and the water situation seemed very serious.  On Monday, a heavy snowstorm swept into Utah, and exceptionally deep snow piled up in the mountains, making it necessary to close some of the roads.  This was followed by other storms during the week, and on Friday we had another heavy snowstorm, for which all of us were very thankful!”

Wed., 1 Mar. 1967:

10:30 a.m.

New Zealand Mission President

Shortly after the departure of Brother and Sister Jones, Brother Rulon Craven, faculty member of the Brigham Young University in the business department, came in by appointment.  I interviewed him with respect to his presiding over the New Zealand Mission where he has served a Mission.  Brother Craven said that he knows the Maori language which will be very helpful in Rarotonga.

We conversed a good deal about the country and its people.  I briefly related the spiritual experience I had at Huntly, New Zealand when we witnessed the gift of the interpretation of tongues by the Maori people.