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David O. McKay Diaries – “N. Eldon Tanner”

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Thur., 6 Mar., 1947:

“Called Brother [N. Eldon] Tanner, Branch Pres. at Edmonton, and a member of the Provincial Legislature at Edmonton and asked him how many years he would be with the legislature.  He told me that he would be there for one or two years longer.  I then asked him how he felt about accepting a call to preside over the Western Canadian Mission, and whether such a call would interfere with his duties on the Legislature.  He said his present duties require most of his time.  I then asked him if we were to call him to preside over the mission and give him two counselors if he could still carry on his work in the Province.  He answered: ‘I possibly could, but not the way I should like to.’  He then said that he would like a little time to think the matter over, I told him to do that, and said that we would rather contribute to his influence up there than to detract from it, and that he should use his best judgment in the matter.”

Tues., 13 Jan., 1948:

“Telephoned to N. Eldon Tanner.  Referred to the recent Canadian law which makes it difficult for Canadian missionaries now laboring in the United States to receive any funds.  We are facing the problem of reassigning these missionaries to Canadian provinces and are wondering if anything could be done or some special arrangement made so that these missionaries could have money sent to them until the completion of their mission.  I asked Brother Tanner if he would find it if it would be possible to make some exchange, and suggested that probably the United States missionaries now laboring in Canada, either in the Western Canadian or the Canadian Mission, could leave their money here at the office and let that be used to pay for the Canadian missionaries who are laboring in the United States, and let the Canadian Missionaries leave their funds in Canada to be sent to the United States Missionaries laboring in Canada.  Brother Tanner said he would look into the matter and let us know.”