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David O. McKay Diaries – “Suicide”

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Wed., 14 Jun., 1944:

“9 a.m.–Mrs. R. M. Snyder of 244 27th Street, Ogden, called this morning at 9 a.m. to seek advice regarding the advisability of her being sealed to her present husband.

Mrs. Snyder claims that several years ago I advised her to be sealed to her deceased husband who had committed suicide.  I think she must have misunderstood me because it is so contrary to my feelings and knowledge of Church procedure that I cannot imagine that I would ever give such advice.

However, it seems that Mrs. Snyder sent in his name to the Temple, had the work done for him, and later was sealed to him, and had two of her three children sealed to him.  Later, after the passing of about 12 years, she married another man in the Logan Temple for time.  He is a true Latter-day Saint with whom she is very happy. She now desires to have the former sealing cancelled and then be sealed to the man to whom she is married at the present time.

I advised her to consult her children and report to me later.”

Thurs., 31 Oct. 1963:

“Suicide – Vicarious Temple Ordinance for

The letter of Sister Paulette U. Ollestad of Spring Valley, California, recited hardship and illness suffered by her mother which culminated in the mother’s breakdown and suicide September 8, 1962.  Sister Ollestad requested the privilege of having temple ordinances done vicariously for her mother by an aunt.  I directed that in view of the circumstances the request be granted and referred the matter to President Tanner.