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Thur., 1 Nov., 1951:

“8:30 a.m.–Met by appointment at his request Dr. Lynn Bennion, Superintendent of City Schools, who inquired of me the attitude of the Church towards the United Nations.  I told him that the Church has taken no stand either for or against the United Nations. Superintendent Bennion referred to the fact that a member of KSL–Dick Evans–had been told by his ‘superior officer’ that he should not join a local committee on the United Nations.  Also that Professor Robinson had resigned as Chairman of a committee on the United Nations; the implication is that he did so because some one had advised him to do so.

I said:  ‘I will tell you what I have said about the United Nations:  I think it was unthinkable for Christian nations not to insert the word ‘God’ when the United Nations charter was drawn up, simply out of consideration for the feelings of atheistic nations. I think it was cowardly, and, furthermore, when the matter came up before the United Nations Assembly, they rejected offering prayer again, and decided they would have a one-minute, silent prayer, so that each could pray in his own way–that is cowardly!!  You can quote me on that, but so far as the Church is concerned, it has not taken a stand for or against it.’