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Tues., 14 Oct., 1952:

“9 a.m. to 10 a.m.–First Presidency’s meeting.  At this meeting we gave consideration to the manuscript of the new Handbook, particularly the Aaronic Priesthood division.  I suggested a number of changes as to the general instructions.

We also considered a letter in which the question is asked regarding the attitude of the Church toward the new revised edition of the Bible.  The decision was reached that we have taken no stand regarding the first revised edition, nor have we regarding the latest; they must stand on their merit, that we use the King James’ translation.

It was decided at this meeting to take $5,000 of Israel bonds, with the understanding that our subscription is not to be used in any way to indicate the Church is endorsing the issue as to its financial worthiness.  This is done merely to show our sympathy with the effort being made to establish the Jews in their homeland.”

Fri., 15 Dec., 1967:

“8:30 a.m. 

Held a meeting with my counselors and Elder Alvin R. Dyer in the office in the Hotel Utah apartment. President Tanner was not present, and President Isaacson was excused because of his illness.

Holy Bible – Inspired Version 

Elder Dyer, responding to the assignment given him by me, reported further on the publication of the Holy Scriptures — Inspired Version. He stated that as is known, the first edition, published by the Reorganized Church, came out in 1867. It was followed by subsequent printings. In 1944, a new “corrected version” was published, in which a number of textual changes were made from earlier editions.

He mentioned that the Inspired Version or revision is being used quite extensively by our people. Of latest report, 2,500 copies have been sold this year. And also from reports the sales are increasing. It is doubtful that our members know of the changes that have been made.

He stated that it appears that we have three possibilities:

(1) To say nothing about the matter — to leave it as it is.

(2) Investigate the copyrights of the Reorganized Church’s publishings — with the thought of publishing an Inspired Version of our own after researching to determine authenticity. (This would be difficult since we do not have the Prophet’s original writings.)

(3) To stop all handling by any Church bookstores of the mutated editions of the so-called Inspired Version as published by the Reorganized Church.

I asked Elder Dyer to the investigation and report back to us.”