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David O. McKay Diaries – “Fairness”

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Tues., 21 Feb., 1939:

“I received an appeal from Mark Tuttle to intercede for the Jacobson Contracting Company to be given the contract to build the new Telephone Building on the old Salt Lake Theatre corner, notwithstanding the fact that they were $8000 higher than a bidding Denver Company.  The facts are that when the eight Utah Companies bid, they did so with the clear understanding that a Denver Company was competing against them and before the bids were opened each one was interviewed privately by the architect and told that when these bids were opened that the one having the lowest bid would be given the contract, and to that they agreed.  It doesn’t seem quite fair, therefore, to be complaining now that the one outside company had the lowest bid.

Decided not to intervene in any way, but left up to the Telephone Company the responsibility of assigning the contract.”