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Fri., 4 Sept. 1959:

“Minutes of Conference with President McKay Friday morning, September 4, 1959.

. . . .

Brother Edwards made the following statement regarding the attitude with which he worked:

‘I am responsible to you as the President of the Church and the Lord for my work.  If I furnish you with information that is biased, misleading or not adequate, and if I thus influence you toward wrong answers or fail to lead you to the right answers, I will have to account to the Lord.’

Brother Edwards pointed out that President Moyle has been severely critical of many of the matters worked out in cooperation with the First Presidency.  He referred to a number of situations where President Moyle had expressed such criticism before being fully informed on the circumstances.  Nevertheless, Brother Edwards expressed full confidence in President Moyle and his confidence in the soundness of his decisions on the average.  He expressed confidence in his ability to work with President Moyle and the First Presidency.

Brother Edwards then stated that he would be happy and would feel blessed in continuing to serve the First Presidency if he had the full confidence of President McKay.  He further suggested that President McKay become fully informed in case criticism is expressed before passing judgment.  He expressed confidence that in all important matters on finances that have been handled by the First Presidency time will prove the wisdom of what has been done during his period of service.