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David O. McKay Diaries – “Humility”

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David O. McKay  Diaries

Sat., 23 Jul., 1949:

“Sister McKay and I left Salt Lake City by auto at 3 p.m.  Drove through Parleys Canyon, by way of Heber, through Daniels Canyon and arrived at Vernal at 6:45 p.m.  We were delayed on the way about 15 minutes by road builders.

Drove immediately to the home of President Archie Johnson of the Uintah Stake.  After dinner, which was already prepared, we went to the Unitah Stake Center and Third Ward chapel dedicatory services which were held at 8 p.m.  The large, commodious building was filled to capacity, with over 1100 people present.

My remarks were directed to the subject, ‘Eternal Verities in This Changing World.’  There is nothing in this world that is constant excepting change, or more accurately expressed:  I this world, there is nothing constant but change.  I thought it was a very unimpressive talk and occupied too much time.  I offered the dedicatory prayer.”

Mon., 21 May, 1951:

“[Clare note] Mr. Garn Hatch, Secretary of the Alpha Phi Omega Preparatory Group, University of Utah, called at the office, presented letter regarding President McKay’s becoming a sponsor and honorary member of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, which is a national service fraternity affiliated with the Boy Scouts.  On May 19 [sic] their initiation ceremonies will be held.  A banquet will be held at this time and all honorary members are especially invited to attend.

Pres. McKay instructed his secretary to tell Brother Hatch that he feels that he has not made sufficient contribution to the Boy Scout movement to merit membership in this organization; that duties will probably prevent his making any contribution, and that he also feels that before accepting an honorary membership of this kind he should like to make more contributions.”

Mon., 19 Nov., 1951:

“Bishop Johnson of Randolph, Utah, telephoned to say that he is ‘keeping watch over my activities.’  Noted my trip back to the White House Conference and commented that ‘one of my duties will be to reach the great ones of the Nation.’  I answered that in my opinion the ‘great ones are found among the humble.'”

Sun., 12 Feb., 1956:

Dedication of the Ogden Tabernacle

“I was not satisfied with my participation in the services.  I called on the following to speak – Thomas E. McKay, Bishop Joseph L. Wirthlin, Elder Henry D. Moyle, and President Stephen L. Richards.  During all this time we were on the air.  After these brethren had spoken, I had only twenty-five minutes to deliver the dedicatory address and prayer.  I did not get my message over, I fear.  In the interest of time, I was compelled to cut down the dedicatory prayer, and so, all in all, I was very much dissatisfied.”

Wed., 6 June, 1956:

“12:45 – Left for Ogden to attend funeral services for JOHN MCFARLAND (87) held in the Larkin Mortuary.  He and his wife had lived together 67 years.

Brother McFarland, who married my cousin, Grace McKay, was an unassuming man.  They had lived a humble, practical, upright life, and I felt impressed to praise Brother McFarland as one who had achieved success in life in two phases:  first, in obtaining a spotless character, never speaking ill of anyone, and never finding fault.  I think the breath of scandal had never passed his lips; he had been true to his home and his family.  He has four children, two boys and two girls, one of whom passed away.  The others were there.  The wife of the first boy was present with her second husband.  The Bishop of the Ward paid the deceased high tribute, as did also the President of the Stake.  Brother McFarland is an illustration of how successful a wife and husband may be, living humbly and sincerely and attending to their duties in the Church without ostentation, without show, just doing their duty.  I am proud of his achievement!

Wed., 30 Jan., 1957:

*During the First Presidency’s Meeting reference was made to the following:  Missionary Farewell for President McKay’s Grandson

Bishop Boyden’s inquiry as to the wishes of President McKay with relation to conducting the farewell program for Douglas McKay, President McKay’s grandson, was presented.  President McKay suggested that the usual procedure be followed, and that he speak before the missionary and that the missionary’s talk come last.  The date of the farewell is February 24.  (See First Presidency’s Meeting Minutes.)  (Douglas McKay has been called to fill a mission in Uruguay.)