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David O. McKay Diaries – “Millennialism”

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Thurs., 19 Feb., 1959:

“10:25 to 3:30 p.m. – Was convened in the meeting of the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve in the Salt Lake Temple.

At this meeting, in preliminary remarks, I said that if every member of the Church who partook of the Sacrament last Fast Day kept the covenants that he or she made that day in partaking of the Sacrament, we would be pretty close to the Millennium even now.  If every person kept his covenants to take upon himself the name of Christ and to keep his commandments without any exception, worshipping God and being true to Him, treating his brother as he would have his brother treat him, and always be guided by his Spirit, I repeat, we would be pretty close to the Millennium.  And that is our obligation – the obligation of the General Authorities – to make them feel the responsibility of membership in the Church of Christ.”