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Thurs., 26 Mar., 1953:

Telephone Calls

“1.  Asked my Secretary, Clare, to call the heads of all the Auxiliaries of the Church, including Elder Harold B. Lee of the General Priesthood Committee and ask them to give me a paragraph, succinctly stating the progress that each organization has made during the past year, especially with reference to their spiritual growth.  I shall need this information in a report I shall make a General Conference.”

Tues., 3 July, 1956:

“President McKay made the statement this morning that he believes that civilization is just now beginning to enter into the spiritual realm; that with the discovery of the atomic energy, a whole new world has been opened up to man.  Man is living more in the animal realm; true, he has houses with all the modern comforts, clean linen, beautiful clothing, and other luxuries, but, afterall, he is pretty much animal.

Said that from the time he was a small child, he realized that there is a spiritual realm to which we may be responsive.  As a young boy when he was exceedingly frightened at night, he got out of bed, and on his knees prayed to his Heavenly Father for protection.  In answer to his prayer, he heard a voice distinctly say ‘Be not afraid; nothing will harm you.’  ‘This incident is as clear in my mind today as it was the night that it happened.’  (note by cm)

Wed., 29 July 1959:

Note by cm

Development of the Spirituality in Mankind

During the dictation, President McKay said in an attitude of deep thought: ‘We have reached a time in human history when the ultimate aim in life should be the development of the spirit.  In the realm of the spirit Christ is the ideal.  The material is but a means to an end, and I think the time has come when the Church should emphasize the development of spirituality more than ever.’