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Sealed Marriages Between 1839 and 1852

These links produce lists of the first Latter-day Saint marriages “sealed” or intended to last for eternity, not only until “death do part.” The majority of sealings were monogamous. 

 The first four lists are cumulative. The second three are divided by their historical context: during Joseph Smith’s lifetime; after his death but before the completion of the Nauvoo temple; during the few months the temple was operational;  and during the migration to the West and the first few years of settlement.

Plural Marriages Performed Between 1839 and 1852

These lists pertain only to plural marriages. For each participant, all types of marriages are included: civil and religious (temporal and eternal). The data is sorted by gender and time period, as described above.

It was not uncommon for couples to repeat their marriage rites. This was always the case when a civilly married couple was sealed for eternity. For example, Isaac Morley and Lucy Gunn were civilly married in 1812 and sealed in 1844. Two years later, their sealing was performed again within the newly completed temple. Thus, one of the lists below gives every known instance of any type of marriage event; the other, only the first instance of the sealing and prior unique civil marriages.