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Scripture and Literature in the Nineteenth-Century United States

“Scripture and Literature in the Nineteenth-Century United States”, is an interdisciplinary symposium to be held at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday March 6, 2020. Professor Flake will deliver a talk entitled “The Literary and Ritual Dimensions of Joseph Smith’s Book of Abraham.”

Invited Speakers Include:

Bentley, Nancy (University of Pennsylvania)
Carter, J. Kameron (Indiana University)
Fenton, Elizabeth (University of Vermont)
Flake, Kathleen (University of Virginia)
Graber, Jennifer (University of Texas-Austin)
Hickman, Jared (Johns Hopkins University)
Holland, David (Harvard Divinity School)
Jager, Colin (Rutgers University)
Ogden, Emily (University of Virginia)
Perry, Seth (Princeton University)
Shreve, Grant (Independent Scholar)
Wimbush, Vincent (Institute for Signifying Scriptures)