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Prince Research Excerpts on Gay Rights & Mormonism – “22b – Mormons for Marriage Equality”

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22b – Mormons for Marriage Equality


“Mormons for Marriage Equality is a three-month-old Facebook community that has already marched in Salt Lake City and Portland.…” (Jeff Connelly, “Catholics, Mormons, many religious will march in Seattle’s Pride Parade,” seattlepi.com, June 21, 2012)


“Another group, Mormons for Marriage, will be marching in San Francisco’s Pride Parade this weekend.…” (“Mormons Take Steps Toward LGBT Acceptance,” glad.org, June 21, 2012)


“Local member of Mormon for Marriage Equality Sara Long says she pitched the idea of marching in Portland and Seattle’s Pride parades to a Mormon Facebook group in early May, and the idea took off like wildfire—sparking Mormon contingents in Washington, DC, and Salt Lake City’s parades before Portland’s this past weekend.…” (Sarah Mirk, “Sexual Politics: Mormons on the March,” Portland Mercury, June 21, 2012)


“Scott Holley (Seattle) and Sarabeth Long (Portland) basically took the old Mormons for Marriage idea created 4 years ago by Laura Compton to a new level which includes activism, participation in parades, networking with Catholics at the state level, a new logo and a new website that is very attractive.…” (Hugo Salinas to Josh Behn et al., August 16, 2012)


“Overshadowed by all the publicity about Mormons Building Bridges — a group of Latter-day Saints that takes no position on political or theological issues — a separate band of believers is slowly building momentum.

It’s called Mormons for Equality, and its members fully support gay marriage and other rights.

Because of a technical issue with the registration, Mormons for Equality will not be marching in Sunday’s Pride parade in Salt Lake City as an independent contingent, but will join with two other organizations: the ACLU and Unitarian Universalists.

‘We will still carry individual signs indicating our support for gay marriage,’ executive director Spencer W. Clark said Thursday.

Mormons for Equality began in California in 2008 under the name, Mormons for Marriage. The group’s purpose was to show support for gay marriage rather than for Proposition 8, a ballot measure defining marriage as between a man and a woman that the LDS Church was promoting.…” (Peggy Fletcher Stack, “Another, more outspoken Mormon group steps up its fight for gay rights,” Salt Lake Tribune, May 31, 2013)