“Launch A Scholar” Post-doctoral Fellowship

Mormon Studies Postdoctoral Fellowships are crucial in furthering the mission and vision of our Mormon Studies Program. Harnessing the extraordinary academic resources of the University of Virginia, fellows engage in exciting, independent research, going on to promote the study of Mormonism at other academic institutions and in various fields of study.

To support the fellowship, please contact us directly at mormonstudies@virginia.edu

About the Fellowship

A post-doctoral fellowship awards financial support for a year’s residency and mentoring in the UVA Mormon Studies Program. The fellowship is designed to deepen an existing specialty and develop new areas of expertise in the study of Mormonism. This is facilitated by teaching assignments, as well as by research opportunities. The Mormon Studies Program has sponsored three such fellowships and hopes to secure the continuation of the initiative by endowing a one-year postdoctoral fellowship in the study of Mormonism.

Fellowship Benefits:
  • Provides classroom and research experience in Mormonism, making it more likely that fellows will continue to include that experience in their portfolios
  • Extends the study of Mormonism to a variety of fields of study
  • Strengthens UVA’s cohort of Mormon Studies students through association with an early career scholar full of enthusiasm, energy, and intellectual experimentation
  • Fosters relationships between UVA Mormon Studies and other programs
  • Enhances the identity of UVA’s Mormon Studies Program as a center for graduate studies in religion generally and Mormonism in particular
  • Cultivates goodwill within UVA by annually giving its faculty a new colleague whose presence and participation keeps the program dynamic and exciting
  • Gives program support to the Bushman Professor

A postdoctoral fellowship in Mormon Studies will have a major and lasting impact on our program and the future of Mormon Studies. It will seed the study of Mormonism in a variety of academic fields and populate classrooms with persons having knowledge of and a respectful approach to the study of Mormonism

Katherine Morhmon

Katherine Morhmon, Ph.D. 2017 – 2018 (Gender Studies)


Mark Denninghoff, Ph.D.2018-19 (Political Science)

Carolyn Howarter

Carolyn Howarter, Ph.D. 2019-20 (Anthropology)

Spencer Wells

Spencer Wells, Ph.D. 2018-20
(American History)