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Global Mormon Studies

Announcing Global Mormon Studies, a new website for a global Mormon Studies research network.

Mormonism in the twenty-first century is a global religious tradition with diverse manifestations in many nations, cultures, and languages. Yet the academic field of Mormon studies has long been dominated by North American researchers studying North American Mormonism. One major reason for this is that research on “international” aspects of the Church has often existed within various regional “silos,” without theoretical or human infrastructure to create networks and connections between them. The Global Mormon Studies website (www.globalmormonstudies.org) creates a central place for researchers to share their work and engage in transnational, cross-disciplinary conversations about Mormonism from a global perspective. Any scholar anywhere in the world can create a Researcher Profile to identify his or her work to others, facilitating collaboration and networking. A searchable Publications Database enables researchers entering the field to quickly get a sense of existing approaches and facilitates rapid dissemination of new work.

We invite researchers of Mormonism in its global dimensions to create a researcher profile, add their work to the publications database  and join the email distribution list. We welcome participation from institutionally-supported and independent scholars, senior academics and students, LDS and non-LDS, those who focus on Mormonism as a primary academic field and those who specialize in another discipline or field but maintain an interest in potentially exploring Mormon topics. Feel free to post to the email list to introduce ongoing work, announce upcoming events, propose ideas for future collaboration, and engage in discussions about methodology, research topics, and so on. Many thanks to the University of Auckland and BYU Maxwell Institute for providing the support to make this global research space accessible to all.

With thanks,
The Global Mormon Studies Steering Committee