LDS Council

We are grateful to the members of the LDS Council who provide leadership in developing Mormon Studies at UVA, participating in its initiatives and offering counsel on its goals.

Richard Bushman
Gouverneur Morris Professor of History emeritus, Columbia University
Dr. Gregory Sorensen
Founder and CEO of DeepHealth
David N. Weidman
Retired Chairman & CEO of Celanese Corporation
Jolene Bodily
Visiting Lecturer, UVA Darden Graduate School of Business

Local Leaders

Samuel Bodily
Claudia Bushman
Dan Ellsworth
Julee Ellsworth
Marcus Faust
Susan Faust

Randall Guynn
Robin Guynn
Tom Griffith
Kerry Harding
Ralph Hardy
Gregory A. Prince

JaLynn Prince
Verla A. Sorensen
Tim Stewart
Ren Weidman
Daniel Weidman
Markie Weidman