LDS Council

The LDS Council participates in the development of the Mormon Studies program by promoting its initiatives and providing counsel on its goals. We recognize the following individuals as generous friends whose support and guidance has been invaluable:

Jolene Bodily, Council Chair

Ren Weidman, Secretary and Treasurer











Council Members

Jolene Bodily

Samuel Bodily

Claudia Bushman

Richard Bushman

Brian Doll

Donna Doll

Dan Ellsworth

Julee Ellsworth

Marcus Faust

Susa Faust

Claudette Gerard

Jack Gerard

David J. Gowdy

Randall Guynn

Robin Guynn

Carole Hardy

Ralph Hardy

Lori Patterson

Lorin Patterson

Gragory A. Prince

JaLynn Prince

Greg Sorensen

Kristina Sorensen

Verla A. Sorensen

David Weidman

Rachel Weidman

Ren Weidman

Duane Zobrist

Sharon Zobrist