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February 25, 1974

To Whomever is Given Charge of This Diary:

This diary is partially private and partially the diary of the Church Historian.  It also attempts to give an honest record of matters, which have occurred in the life of Leonard Arrington with special emphasis on the period he has served as Church Historian.

Because it is frank and candid and aimed at helping historians in the future, some of its contents might be damaging to persons still alive.  For that reason, I earnestly request that the diary be closed to any use for a period of at least twenty years from the present—or from the end of the diary, whenever that may occur.

After twenty years has elapsed, I earnestly recommend that the diary be used only by selected researchers approved by the Church Historian.  It is not a diary intended for the general use of researchers, scholars, and members of the Church.

It is my intention to leave a copy of this diary with my family so that they will have one for the personal and family matters, which are included.  With respect to the personal and family items, I have no objection to any use of this material that may be justified.  With respect to that part of the diary which refers to my official position of Church Historian, I request no use be made of any of the material that might be damaging even in a slight way to any person until after his death.


Leonard J. Arrington

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