Material Culture

William Weeks Nauvoo Architectural Drawings

The LDS Church History Library’s collection of William Weeks’ architectural drawings of the Nauvoo Temple are in high resolution and open to researchers’ use. While there, users can browse other featured collections in the catalog.

LDS Church History Museum Online

Dozens of current and past exhibits are available online at the LDS Church History Museum in Salt Lake City. Exhibits are topically varied and showcase individual artists, historical themes, or objects that document Mormonism’s cultural creativity and context; for example, Mormon Trails games or artifacts from the Scouting exhibit.

LDS International Art Competition

The LDS International Art Competition occurs every three years and draws participants from from around the world. The full version of Richard Lasisi Olagunju’s beaded work “Male and Female Created He Them” (pictured left) and other art on faith-oriented themes from diverse cultural perspectives are maintained on this site.