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Panel: Center for Religion and American Culture

June 4, 2015 - Indianapolis, Indiana

At the Fourth Biennial Conference on Religion and American Culture, Professor Flake will present a short paper and participate on a panel on “What do we mean by “religion” in a time of “spirituality,” “lived religion,” and “non-religion”? The conference will be hosted by the Center for Religion and American Culture.

Session 1: What do we mean by “religion” in a time of “spirituality,” “lived religion,” and “non-religion”?

The very term “religion” is contested, not least by concepts such as “lived religion,” “spirituality,” and various forms of contemporary “non-religion.” Is “religion” now primarily about institutions, practices, and ideas that self-de ne as such? Is religion, on the other hand, everything that contributes to individuals’ identities and meanings (including their corporations)? How do recent legal decisions clarify or complicate matters? Is the question being raised in the same way by social scientists, historians, and theologians? If so, or even if not, are their conversations moving along parallel tracks or are the terms being contested in different ways in different elds?

Panelists: Kathleen Flake (University of Virginia)
Deborah Dash Moore (University of Michigan)
Omar McRoberts (University of Chicago)
Robert Orsi (Northwestern University)

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