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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Priesthood & Mormonism – Divining

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1844:  6 Jun.:  “last nite I clothed my self and offered up the Lines of the Holy Preasthood and called one [on] the name of the Lord  he hurd me for my heart was mad comfortable.  I inquired by the rod  it was said my family was well  that my wife would come to me in the East.  and that Congress would not do anny thing fore us.”  (Heber C. Kimball diary, 6 Jun., 1844)  

5 Sep.:  “prair meeting in the after noon, the Twelve spoke of the wickness of Elder Rigdon  went home and used the Rod  I got a witness Elder Richards would live that we would over come our enimes.  Rigdon Bennet Higbies ware combineing.”  (Heber C. Kimball diary, 5 Sep., 1844)

1845:  25 Jan.:  “the same Evning I sat down in my hous in the presents of my wife and inquired of the Lord by the Rod as follows.  If we should finish the Temple, it was verly yes.  that my sins ware for given and that I should over come.  and get my Apointment of my inheritence while in this probation and that the Temple Commity ware not Enimes to the Twelve Apostles.”  (Heber C. Kimball diary, 25 Jan., 1845)

1891:  10 Jul.:  “About 10 a.m. I accompanied C. H. Wilcken to Pres. Woodruff’s farm where we found him much improved in health.  At his request I located several wells for him by means of a forked peach limb which would turn in my hands when crossing an underground stream.”  (Abraham H. Cannon diary, 10 Jul., 1891)

10 Oct.:  “Early this morning I went to M. E. C.’s piece of land, whereon I contemplate building for her and with a forked stick located a spot for an artesian well.”  (A. H. Cannon diary, 10 Oct., 1891)

1901:  5 Jul.:  Cowdery’s rod used to designate SL Temple.

“In the revelation to Oliver Cowdery in May 1829, Bro. [B. H.] Roberts said that the gift which the Lord says he has in his hand meant a stick which was like Aaron’s Rod.  It is said Bro. Phineas Young [brother-in-law of Oliver Cowdery and brother of Brigham Young] got it from him [Cowdery] and gave it to President Young who had it with him when he arrived in this [Salt Lake] valley and that it was with that stick that he pointed out where the Temple should be built.”  (Anthon H. Lund Journal, 5 Jul., 1901, HDC; quoted in D. Michael Quinn, “Latter-day Saint Prayer Circles,” BYU Studies 19(1):82, Fall, 1978)