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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Priesthood & Mormonism – Healing, 1830

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1831:  Jun.:  Early healings:  no anointing.

“Elder Jared Carter, who resided temporarily in Thompson, Ohio, speaks of his experience there as follows:

Here we again had severe trials and I, together with other members must acknowledge that here we passed through some of the most trying scenes that I have ever experienced, for the grand adversary of all souls gained great power over some of my brethren.  And among the rest I was most shockingly tempted, yet not withstanding the many temptations I had I never doubted that the work I had espoused was the work of God.

After our arrival in Thompson, my wife, who hitherto had opposed me to a greater or less extent and had feared that the work in which we had engaged was that of delusions, now became convinced that it was true, and was finally baptized into the Church.  About this time we witnessed some display of the power of God in a miraculously manner in the Church in Thompson.  One case I will mention which happened in my own family under the instrumentality of Joseph the Seer.  My youngest child was distressingly sick at the time Joseph came to visit my house and I told him that I had faith that the babe might be healed; he then spoke in the name of the Lord and said, that it should be to me according to my faith; the child was healed immediately.  On the same day one of our sisters was healed from blindness by his instrumentality.  I also saw another manifestation of the healing power of God at Kirtland {early in June 1831}; it took place through the instrumentality of my natural brother Simeon Carter.  A woman had on a certain occasion fallen from a wagon on her way to the meeting.  To all appearance she was mortally wounded and was not expected to live.  She was so badly bruised that she could not even move a toe, and her pain was intense.  In my conversation with her, I told her that she need not have any more pain, and also mentioned my Brother Simeon who was endowed with great power from on high, and that she might be healed, if she had faith.  Brother Simeon also conversed with her, and after awhile took her by the hand, saying, ‘I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to arise and walk.’  And she arose and walked from room to room.”  (Jared Carter journal, in Journal History, 8 Jun., 1831)

“[p. 15] my wife who had been from the time that I had first embrased the work filled with great fears that it was delusion & she had some of the time oposed my taking a part with this Church of Christ but she now became convinsed that the work was of God and was baptised about this time there was some display of the power of God mirraculously in the church in thomson by the instumentality of Br. Joseph the sear one in my own family which took place as follows it was my youngest child that was distresingly sick at which time Joseph came to my house and I told im that I had faith that the babe might be healed he then spoke in the name of the Lord that it should be according to my faith the child was healed immediately [p. 16] the same day there was one of our Sisters healed from blindness by his instrumentality I also saw another display of the healing power the 6th of June in Kirkland which has took plase by the instrumentality of my Natural Brother Simeon Carter He [or she] had the day before fallen from a wagon on the way to the meeting She to every apparance was mortally bruised and she was not expected to live but a vary short time she was so badly bruised that she told me that she could not moove even one of her toes and she was in great pain I conversed with her and told her that she need not have any more pain I also spoke of my Brother Simeon & told her that he was one that was endowed with power from on high [NOTE THAT SIMEON HAD BEEN ORDAINED TO THE HIGH PRIESTHOOD AT THE JUNE, 1831 CONFERENCE; AND THAT JARED, IN SPITE OF SAYING THAT HE HAD RECEIVED THE AUTHORITY OF AN APOSTLE, DID NOT CONSIDER THAT HE HAD THE HIGH PRIESTHOOD] and that she might be healed if she had faith after this Brother Simeon [17] conversed with her & after he had conversed with her a while he took her by the hand and said I command you in the Name of Jesus Christ to rise up & walk and she arose & walked from room to room on friday before this was that memorable day when God first gave the fullness of the high priesthood to the Elders of the Church of Christ at this interview Brother Joseph notwithstanding he is not _____ talented for a speaker yet he was filled with the power of the holy Ghost so that he spoke as I never heard man speak for God by the power of the holy Ghost spoke in him and marvilous was the displays of the ower of the spirit among the Elders present.”  (Jared Carter journal; LDS Archives, Ms 1441; Barney)

Jul.:  Healing without oil.

“Bro. Jared Carter, who resided at Amherst in the summer of 1831, while Joseph the Prophet, and others of the Elders, were absent on their journey to Missouri describes the peculiar experiences in regard to false spirits which manifested themselves in Amherst and other place[s] at this time.  Elder Carter writes:

. . . .

In this neighborhood I also witnessed great manifestations of God’s healing power.  Two cases of that kind took place at the house of Luman Gibbs.  I was requested of him to come there in company with an Elder of the Church of Christ.  On my arrival, Bro. Gibbs informed me that his son was sick neigh unto the death.  His suffering consisted of his inability to keep his body at rest a single minute.  There was also a sister present who had been a consumptive for six years.  After prayer, we attended to the ordinance of laying on of hands.  The healing, however, was not effected immediately, but at length Bro. Luman Gibbs began to call upon the Lord in mighty prayer.  While he was praying, the Spirit suddenly constrained me to cry aloud that the healing power might come down upon the sick.  Sister Stone, the one who had been sick for six years, was healed, suddenly, and continued well, being freed from all afflictions.  Afterwards I took the sick brother by the hand and commanded him in the name of Christ to arise and walk.  He arose and walked and was made whole from that time.  After this I was called to visit Bro. Stone who was under the influence of a raging fever.  Accompanied by Bro. Smith and Bro. Baldwin, we made the visit in the evening, and after prayer and administering to him, he was liberated from his fever.  The news of his restoration immediately spread from the church among the unbelievers and some of them who came to see him, disputed the fact that he had been healed by the power of God.  I was informed that this placed him in a great perplexity of mind and a few days later he was again taken down with fever.  When I finally visited him, I was told by the neighbors that he was so sick and feeble that it would be imprudent to hold a meeting which had been appointed at his house.  Consequently, we had changed the place of meeting which was then held at the house of Bro. Pierson.  This was on a Saturday evening, and when I ot to his house, I found him confined to his bed, racked with pain, and very weak.  I kneeled with him and prayed for him that the Lord would heal him.  After prayer, I bid him in the name of the Lord to arise and walk.  He arose and walked, and his fever left him.  The next day, I attended a meeting one mile from there, at Bro. Pierson’s.  Bro. Stone, notwithstanding that the day before he was so low that he was considered too feeble to have the meeting held in his house, attended that other meeting, remained there all day and returned home at night. . . .

Not long after this I was sent for by Bro. Almon W. Babbit to pray for him.  When I came I found him very sick with the fever, but I bid him arise in the name of Jesus Christ and walk.  He arose, his fever left him, and he walked in my company three miles.”  (JH Jul., 1831)

13 Aug.:  Administered to him without oil.

“Brother Marsh was sick, so we prayed with him and layed hands upon him.  We remained with him that night and preached in the evening.  The next day we obatined some physics and gave to Bro. Marsh, after which we continued our journey.”  (Reynolds Cahoon; JH 13 Aug., 1831)

27 Sep.:  Cured toothache without oil.

“On Thursday [27 Sep.] {after leaving Hiram on Tuesday} we came to the place where Bro Read lived; here we held a meeting, baptized one and ordained Bro Read an Elder.  Continuing our journey, we called, on the following Saturday, at a house where a man lived that was sorely distressed with pain in his teeth, and while I heard him groan a compassionate spirit came upon me, for it brought to my mind the anguish that I myself had realized on several occasions, and I knew that the Lord had heard my prayer and relieved me, and so it also appeared to me that God would willingly relieve him.  I therefore told him that, if he would believe that the laying on of my hands upon his head would stop his tooth ache, that it would stop.  I then arose and laid my hands upon his face, and the pain all left him in one instant.”  (Jared Carter journal, JH 27 Sep., 1831)

1832:    ca. Jan. [1832]:  Healed without oil.

“One remarkable instance of healing occured through my instrumentality with Bro Jonas Putman.  He was healed from a stomack complaint, that he had been subject to more or less for six years.  Also his daughter was healed from excessive bleeding at the nose.  She was taken with this bleeding so violently that they could do nothing to stop it.  I arrived at the house when she was so far gone that she looked as though she would die.  I asked her, if she believed that God would heal her, if I should pray for her.  She said she did.  I then prayed for her and the flow of blood was stopped. 

While in Benson I was also called upon by brother Heric’s people to lay hands upon a sick child of theirs.  The child was sick with a fever, but through the instrumentality of prayer and the laying on of hands this child was healed immediately.  I will relate another manifestation of God’s healing, which took place with Bro. Lock.  I was there on a visit when one of their children lay sick with fever, and was then under the care of the doctor.  On a former visit {before Bro. Lock and his wife joined the church} I found the same child lying sick in a room.  I went to it, by permission, laid my hands upon it and prayed God to heal it.  When I now visited the same place again, I found the same child sick, neigh unto death.  It seemed that the child was worse.  I laid my hands upon him and prayed in faith, being considerably tried in my mind, because the child was no better as the result of my former administration, but I felt reconciled, when Sister Lock related to me what had happened immediately after my first visit.  She said that soon after I had laid hands on the child on that occasion and was gone, the child got up of its own accord and came into the kitchen, saying: ‘Mama, Uncle jared has made me well.’  Sister Lock said further, that after the child had spoken in this manner, she looked out of the window and saw that the doctor was near, and had called at one of the neighbors to see one that was sick.  On seeing this, she went down to the mill, where her husband was at work, and requested him to stop the doctor from coming, for she thought it was unnecessary for him to call now as the child was apparently well; but her husband thought she had better let the doctor come in.  The doctor accordingly called and left some medicine for the child; but as soon as they had given the child the medicine, the fever returned, and the child, of its own accord, said that Uncle Jared had come there and made him well and the doctor had come there to make him sick again.  And the child continued to grow worse, until I came to visit them the second time, as already mentioned.  Unless immediate relief could be obtained now, they thought the child must necessarily die.  The following morning, after prayer, I again administered to the child, when the little one immediately arose of its own accord, went to his mama and said, ‘Mama, Uncle Jared has made me well again,’ and from this time the child continued well.”  (Jared Carter journal, JH 27 Sep., 1831)

9 Jan.:  Healed following baptism.

“My father had been for several years very feeble in health, and, for about six months previous to his baptism, had not been able to visit his barn, and was pronounced by physicians in the last stage of consumption.  His neighbors all believed that baptism would kill him.  I cut the ice in the creek, and broke a road for forty rods through the crust on two feet of snow; the day was very cold; the neighbors looked on with astonishment, expecting to see him die in the water, but his health continued improving from that moment.”  (George A. Smith, JH 9 Jan., 1832)

19 Jan.:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“The 19th [Jan., 1832] visited Brother Blackmen he Being Sick he Cald upon my Self and Elder Hyde to pray for him and lay our hands upon him accordingly we did and he Began to recover from that time forth.”  (Hyrum Smith, 19 Jan., 1832; Hyrum Smith diaries, 1831-1844, MS 9476, LDS Archives; Barney)

27 Feb.:  Br P would frequently lay hands on me.

“. . . we traviled 7 ms to the next house there being snow on the ground I had a severe head ache Br P would frequently lay hands on me and we reached the house.”  (John Murdock journal, 27 Feb., 1832; LDS Archives, Ouellette)

Apr.:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“I lied [laid] hans on thee person that wair dissese of boddy & the[y] wair healled by the Power of God thin [then] we sarted on our mison to Vermont on the 5 of April 1832.”  (Gideon Haden Carter, Apr., 1832; Gideon Haden Carter journal, Apr. 1832-Dec., 1832, MS 1732, LDS Archives; Barney)

ca. Jul.:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“[After leaving for a mission to Michigan on July 12th, 1832, Patten said:] the people where we stoped had a verry sick child the mother of the child desired me to com in the other room and see it I acordingly I went with her the child lay sick of a fever I told her that if she would Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that her child should be made well the power of the lord was present and she wept much I prayed to the Lord and layed my hands on the child and commanded her to wash it in vinigar the child was heald and we went on.”  (David W. Patten, ca. Jul., 1832; David Wyman Patten journal, 1832-1834, MS 603, LDS Archives; Barney)

16 Aug.:  Healed without oil.

“That evening a new era dawned upon his [John Tanner’s] existence.  After spending the evening in earnest conversation, when the clock struck the hour of eleven, he told the missionaries he was ready to be baptized, but that it would not be possible for him to receive the ordinance.  They asked him, ‘Why not?’  He said on account of his lameness, as he had not put his foot to the floor for the last six months, and could not possibly do it.  One of the Elders asked him if he did not think there was power enough in the gospel of Jesus Christ anciently to heal all manner of diseases, to which he replied in the affirmative.  He was then asked if he did not think that the same cause produced the same effect in all ages, and if there was not sufficient power in the gospel to heal him.  Mr. Tanner replied that such a thought had never occurred to him, but he believed that the Lord could heal him.  Elder Jared Carter then arose and commanded him in the name of Jesus Christ to arise and walk, when, to use his own expression, ‘I arose, threw down my crutches, and walked the floor back and forth–praising God, and I felt as light as a feather.'”  (JH 16 Aug., 1832)

24 Aug.:  Healed without oil.

“About the time of our starting an application came to President Joseph Smith to visit an old gentleman who was afflicted with a severe pain in his head.  From a press of business, Brother Joseph could not go, but instructed Brother [Zerubabbel] Snow and myself to call upon the old man, which we did, and as we came near his house, before we entered, we heard his groans extorted from him by pain, which seemed intolerable.

We entered and introduced ourselves, being strangers; we paryed for and laid our hands upon him in the name of Jesus, and rebuked his pain which was instantly removed, and the sufferer rejoiced and praised God, who had so signally blessed himself and us as his ministers; the old gentleman’s name was Harrington.”  (Amasa M. Lyman, JH 24 Aug., 1832)

ca. Sep.:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“While we was here the Lord had mercy upon a lame man by the name of Tanen [?] who was so lame that he could not lean his weignt on . . . on of his feet he had been lame for months but we found he was a believer in the book of mormon I asked him to indeavor to walk in the name of Christ he agreed to undertake I then took him by the hand and commanded him in the name of Christ to walk and by the power of Christ he was enabled to walk.”  (Jared Carter journal, ca. Sep., 1832; LDS Archives, Ms 1441; Barney)

Fall:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“My wife  was at this time sick of a fever _____ up in the bed I perceiving that she had faith to be healed I went to her and sed in the name of Jesus 

Christ I command you to arise and make your bed and she would and was made whole from that very hour[.] my wifes Brother was present who had an infirmity for three years who seeing what was I asked him if he Believed that Jesus could heal him he sed he did I laid my hands on him and sed Joseph in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to be made whole and from that hour his infirmity left him.”  (David W. Patten, Fall, 1832; David Wyman Patten journal, 1832-1834, MS 603, LDS Archives; Barney)

19 Oct.:  Healed without oil.

“Another remarkable instance of healing took place in the town of Willsboro, Essex county, N.Y.  It was in the case of a woman who had been lame for some time.  She was deprived of the use of her legs so that she could not walk.  I conversed with her, trying to convince her of the truth of the Book of Mormon.  She believed my testimony, but remarked that the lameness would prevent her from being baptized.  I answered her that if she would obey the gospel, God would igve her power to walk.  She promised that she would obey.  I then took her by the hand and commanded her in the name of Jesus to walk, and the God of Heaven gave her power to do so.”  (Jared Carter journal, JH 19 Oct., 1832)

Nov.:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“This day I was cald uopn to Lay hands on Colton [Zebedee Coltrin] who accidentally burned his hand and he received no harm and Brother William Smith who had a Pain in his Eye and I layed my hand on him in the name of Jesus Christ and the pain left him.”  (David W. Patten, Nov., 1832; David Wyman Patten journal, 1832-1834, MS 603, LDS Archives; Barney)

Dec.:  Healed from a distance.

“A man followed us who had a lame Boy (or leg) he had cut him with an ax in the nee joint and would us to go and heal his sores I asked him if he believed that the Lord could heel him he sed he did and I sed unto him in the name of Jesus Christ be it acording to your faith and he went his way.”  (David W. Patten, Dec., 1832; David Wyman Patten journal, 1832-1834, MS 603, LDS Archives; Barney)

1833:    26 Feb.:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“Just before meeting commenced a sister was taken with a distress in her stomach and called upon us to lay hands on her we went out and prayed to know whether it was right for that people to have a sign and got the witness that she should be healed went in and laid hands on her and commanded the disease in the name of Jesus to depart from her.”  (Evan Molbourne Greene, 26 Feb., 1833; Evan Molbourne Green diaries, 1833-1852, MS 1442, LDS Archives; Barney)

27 or 28 Apr.:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“We visited Brother Fowler and by the request of his wife in the name of Jesus Christ I layed hands on and prayed for her and commanded the disease to depart and gained an evidence it should be done she immediately went over the farm which she has not done before in six months and feels to rejoice in her recovery.”  (David W. Patten, 27 or 28 Apr., 1833; David Wyman Patten journal, 1832-1834, MS 603, LDS Archives; Barney)

28 Apr.:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“I and Brother Smith layed hands on and prayed for Sister Kimble and she was restored in the name of Jesus Christ.”  (David W. Patten, 28 Apr., 1833; David Wyman Patten journal, 1832-1834, MS 603, LDS Archives; Barney)

14 May:  Mormonism and the Small Pox.

Rochester Republican, Rochester, N.Y., Tuesday morning, May 14, 1833, vol. XVII, no. 20.

“Mormonism and the Small Pox.–There having been several cases of small-pox in the village of Jamestown, Chautauque county, a committee of citizens was appointed to take measures to prevent its spreading.  In their report the committee state that their efforts to prevent the spread of the disease have been hindered by a sect calling themselves Mormonites, who profess to believe that the disorder will not attack them, neither would they spread it, although they might come in contact with others not protected, even if the small pox matter covered them.  Notwithstanding their belief, one of the Mormons had been seized with the disease, and it was feared that this sect would be the means of scattering the infection through the county.”  (DALE MORGAN – “THE MORMONS AND THE FAR WEST:  A collection of transcripts of newspaper articles on the Mormons, also containing material on the following subjects:  the opening of the West; the fur trade; Indians of the middle and south-western states; the Santa Fe trade, etc.  1809-c.1857.”  Huntington Library)

13 Jun.:  Administered to sick without oil.

“The 15th [Jun., 1833] I went to visit Mr Harvey’s family & conversed with & found them some beleiving And a young woman was there whose name was Emily Harvey & she had been sick about 12 weeks & vomited much blood & it was supposed by many that she could not live many days & she was desirous that I should pray for her that she might be healed at the same time covenanting before God to obey the gospel therefore I prayed for & laid my hands upon her in the name of Jesus Christ & she was immediately healed & the same day I held a meeting in Johnsbury east village.”  (Orson Pratt diary, 13 Jun., 1833; LDS Archives, Ms 587, Vol. 1, fd. 1; Barney)

23 Jun.:  Administered to sick without oil.

“The 23rd [Jun., 1833] being the Sabbath held 2 meetings in Mr Roberts barn & a large congregation of people attended preached upon the restoration of Israel & the blessings on Joseph & I was invited to tarry through the night with Mr Kelsey whose wife lay sicke of a disease with which she had been afflicted 5 or 6 years & she covenanted to obey the gospel if the Lord would heal her & I prayed for & laid my hands upon her in the name of Jesus & she began to recover & a few days after was baptized.”  (Orson Pratt diary, 23 Jun., 1833; LDS Archives, Ms 587, Vol. 1, fd. 1; Barney)

13 Sep.:  Healed in order to be baptized.

“Called in to Paul Turner’s by request to Baptize his daughter a damsel of 13 years old who had been two years afflicted dayly with fits I asked the girls mother how she felt about these things she said she felt it was her duty to be baptized but was not abel to go to the water because of the rheumatism in her back I told her if she desired to be baptized in order to obey the Lord she would be abel She said she did I laid my hands on her in the name of Jesus and bade her arise and walk and then imediately laid my hands on her daughter and rebuked the fits in Jesus’ name they were both healed arose went forth and were baptized and thus the Lord confirmed the word by signs following in many instances Amen.”  (John Murdock journal, 13 Sep., 1833; LDS Archives, Ouellette)

1834:  21 Aug.:  Lyman Wight:  All disease is of the Devil.

“After which John Corrill entered complaint against Lyman Wight with teaching this doctrine, saying:  ‘all disease in this Church is of the Devil and that medicine administered to the sick is of the Devil, for the sick in the Churdch ought to live by faith.  And he wished the high council to take it into consideration.  Voted and carried that four speak on the above case, viz:

Christian Whitmer & Isaac Higbee,

Orson Pratt ” Lyman Wight

After which Lyman Wight acknowledge that he had taught this doctrine, or rather believed it to be correct.

After which W. W. Phelps spoke and said this case need no counselling which was agreed to by L. Wight and J. Corrill.

After which the President proceeded and gave the following decision saying: It is not lawful to teach the Church that all disease is of the devil.  But if there is any that has this faith let him have it to himself.  And if there are any that believe that roots and herbs administered to the sick, and all wholesome vegitables which God has ordained for the use of man and if any say that such things applied to the sick in order that they may receive health, and this applied by any member of the Church, if there are any among you that teach that these things are of Satan, such teaching is not of God.”  (Far West Record, 21 Aug., 1834)

“This day Brother Frederick Williams returned from Cleveland and told us concerning the plague.  After much consultation we agreed that Bro Frederick should go to Cleveland and commence administering to the sick, for the purpose of obtaing blessings for them, and for the glory of the Lord.

Accordingly we, Joseph, Frederick, and Oliver united in prayer before the Lord for this thing.  Now, O Lord, grant unto us this blessing, in the name of Jesus Christ, and thy name shall have the glory forever.  Amen.”  (Joseph Smith diary, 21 Aug., 1834; in Faulring, An American Prophet’s Record, p. 29) 

Dec. 34 or early 35:  Administered to sick w/o oil.

“There were several instances of the heiling Power of god and one of them was wrought uppon the wife of Mr Johnston F Lane she had been sick for eig[ht] years and for the last year had not ben able [to] walk fifty steps at one tyme and she hearing of us and allso the faith which we Preached she send for us and I returned home with him immediately and I taught them the gospel and the of faith and she belived with all her heart all the words which I had sed unto her and I laid my hands uppon her and said in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke this disorder and command it to depart and I took her by the hand and commanded her arise in the name of Jesus Christ and be made whole and she arose and was made whole every whit.  I then commanded her to go to the watter & be baptized & she went down shortly the same hour & was baptized though she had not walked but little for several years.”  (David W. Patten, ca. Dec., 1834 or early 1835; David Wyman Patten journal, 1832-1834, MS 603, LDS Archives; Barney)

1835:  ca. Jul.:  Healed without anointing.

“At Woodhall, Brother McMines and family were baptized, and several persons about the neighborhood were very hostile.  A young man named Rosier was taken violently ill with fever, his friends sent for a doctor, who dosed him for some time with medicine, then gave him up to die; he being a member of the Church, sent for brother Lyman Smith and myself.  The rumor was immediately circulated in the neighborhood that the Mormon Elders were going to heal him; when we reached the house we found many of the neighbors had gathered together to see the miracle or ridicule our failure; we had asked the Lord, in a secret place, to direct us; when we entered the sick man’s room, we bowed down on our knees and both of us prayed for his restoration.  We felt much oppressed by the spirit of the wicked people who filled the house.  We then laid our hands upon him and rebuked the fever in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ; he was immediately healed.  The people were astonished; some said the devil healed him, for the Lord did not do such things in our day; others said the young man was cheating the people and others said those boys understood magic.”  (George A. Smith autobiographical sketch; Contributor 4(3):83-84, Dec., 1882)

11 Oct.:  Laid hands on Joseph Smith, Sr.  (no anointing)

“At Evening Bro David Whitmer came in.  We called on the Lord in mighty prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, laid our hands on him [Joseph Smith, Sr.], and rebuked the diseas.  God heard and answered our prayers to the great Joy and satisfaction of our souls.”  (Joseph Smith diary, 11 Oct., 1835; in Faulring, An American Prophet’s Record, p. 38)

28 Nov.:  Anointed with oil for healing.

“Elder Clark above mentioned has been biten by a mad dog some three or four years since.  Has [been] doctered much and received some benefit by so doing, but is much afflicted.  Notwithstanding, he came here that he might be benefited by the prayers of the Church.  Accordingly we prayed for and layed our hands on him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and anointed him with oil and rebuked his affliction, praying our Heavenly Father to hear and answer our prayers according to our faith.”  (Joseph Smith diary, 28 Nov., 1835; in Faulring, An American Prophet’s Record, p. 68)

14 Dec.:  Sam Brannan anointed with oil.

“To day Samuel Branum came to my house much afflicted with a swelling on his left arm which was occasioned by a bruise on his elbow.  We had been called to pray for him and anoint him with oil, but his faith was not sufficient to effect a cure.  My wife prepared a poultice of herbs and applyed to it and he tarryed with me over night.”  (Joseph Smith diary, 14 Dec., 1835; in Faulring, An American Prophet’s Record, p. 77)

15 Dec.:  We design to be healed by our faith in the Lord.

15 Dec., 1835:  Oliver Cowdery (Kirtland) to Dr. S. Avord.

“Kirtland, Ohio, Dec. 15, 1835

Dear Brother in the Lord:

Yours of the 30th ultimo was received a few days since, but owing to account of business I have delayed till now to answer.  I made enquiry on the subject of your coming to this place to establish yourself as a Botanic Physician.  We are a people who design living near the Lord, that our bodies may be healed when we are sick, for a general rule, though our faith is yet weak, being young, weak and surrounded by a wicked enticing world–When, however, we have need of an earthly physician, and in many instances we have, we call upon our highly esteemed friend and brother Dr. F. G. Williams, universally known through this country as an eminent and skilful man.  I may say in short, he is also a Botanic physician–which course of practice is generally approved by us.  I expect, however, that he will go to the west next spring.  As to your philosophical lecturing I have nothing to say, only I do not think you would meet with encouragement here at present, as the elders are busily engaged in other studies,–some in the Hebrew, and some in the English.  As the church, or many of them, will probably go to the west in the spring, I do not think your lady would meet with success in attempting to establish a female school.

As I had only a few moments to occupy, I have been very short, but do not think that I have answered all your enquiries in the negative out of disrespect–far from this:  it is because I do not want to disappoint any one, and have therefore written without disguise & believe you when you say it is not for the sake of coveting the profits of a school, &c.  I am a lover of science, and admire a spirit to learn and a disposition to teach, and I can bear the same testimony concerning the heads of this church.  I believe the day is not far distant when this church will be inferior to no society in our country, in point of intelligence, learning and science.

Elder Orson Pratt is attending the Elder’s school, and will soon commence the Hebrew.

May the Lord give you wisdom and prudence in all your undertakings.  Most respectfully your brother in the Lord,

Oliver Cowdery

To Dr. S. Avord.”

(Oliver Cowdery letterbook, p. 67; Huntington Library)