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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Priesthood & Mormonism – 1865

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1865:  19 Feb.:  All priesthood emanates from the Apostleship.

“You hold a portion of that same holy Priesthood which I hold; it is no matter what office you hold in that Priesthood, and it has all emanated out of the holy Apostleship, making these different offices and callings branches of the Apostleship.”  (Heber C. Kimball, 19 Feb., 1865; JD 11:80)

19 Feb.:  The Priesthood is also with the woman.

“The Priesthood is also with the woman, because she is connected with the man, and the man is connected with his God.  Being so connected, we must all be honorable if we are good.”  (Heber C. Kimball, 19 Feb., 1865; JD 11:81)

3 Mar.:  Objections to Brigham adding sons to 1st Pres.

“President H. C. Kimball Said to C. W. West G. Q. Cannon & W Woodruff that President Young ordained his sons alone.  He did not have his 2 Councellors with him so that it is not legal and it will not stand.  It will be broken up and come to naught.  They have not the power of the First presidency because the 2 counsellors did not lay hands upon their Heads and I say in the name of Christ it will not stand and I know it by revelation and God has given it to me.  Why did not President Young call upon his 2 counsellors?  Because he was selfish in it.  It was not done by the Spirit of God and it will not stand and the Lord has told me so.  The Lord did not call him to do it and it will come to naught.  Wilford Woodruff write this and see if it does not come to pass and if it does not then cross it out.  This ordination was not legal because his 2 Councellers did not officiate with him.  They have not the same power that his other counsellors have but President Young wished to have his sons lead the Church if he died.  This was his object and why did he not ask his Councellers to come with him?  They would have done it if he had required it but I know it will not stand.”  (Wilford Woodruff diary, 3 Mar., 1865)

17 Mar.:  Teachers’ Court.

[Teachers Meeting]  “The case of Br. Cherington and Sister Leman was called up.  The Bishop made a statement in relation to the case.  Bro. Cherington stated what had transpired in relation to the case.  They had been divorsed and afterward had lived together as man and wife.  Did not know at the time he was doing wrong.  Had done it in ignorance.  Felt willing to do anything in his power to make it right.  Valued his standing in the Church above all things.  Remarks were made by several of the Brethren in relation to the case.  The conditions upon which Bro. Cherington and Sister Leman could regain their standing in the Church is that they make a confession to the people of this Ward and ask forgiveness and if granted be rebaptized and have hands laid upon them for the reception of the Holy Ghost.  Bro. Cherington felt willing to comply with the requirement. . .

At a meeting of the ward [25 May, 1865] Bro. Cherington and Sister Leman having confessed their sins and asked forgiveness were again restored to fellowship in the ward.”  (8th Ward Minutes, 17 Mar., 1865)

8 Apr./1 May:  RLDS affirm will of majority.

“[6 Apr.]  Resolved that Providing a President of a Branch refuses to act according to the will of the Majority It becomes the duty of the Officers of the Branch to report him to the next highest Authority above him.

“[1 May]  Resolved that we Affirm the former resolution respecting the president of a Branch not acting in accordance with the will of the majority.”  (Council Meetings of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve, 6 Apr. and 1 May, 1865.  RLDS Archives) 

25 May:  Bishop’s Court.

“Bishops Counsel Meeting for the purpose of settling difficulties between Samuel Bringhurst and Charles M. Plant. . . . Charge against S. Bringhurst read whereupon the Council proseded to settle the disagreement.  S. Bringhurst and C. M. Plant had been in business together and could not agree in the settlement of the same.  After due consideration by the Council it was decided that S. Bringhurst should pay to C. M. Plant two hundred dollars on book account, one hundred and forty five dollars & twenty eight cents cash, the same in store pay and the same in wheat.  Both parties felt willing to abide the decision.

Two weeks was given for the settlement of the above.”  (8th Ward Minutes, 25 May, 1865)

18 Jun.:  The ANGEL ordained Joseph to AP and MP.

“The Lord sent His angel and called and ordained Joseph Smith, first to the Aaronic and then to the Melchisedek Priesthood, and Joseph Smith ordained others.”  (Brigham Young, 18 Jun., 1865; JD 11:126)

1 Aug.:  One man president of branch, another bishop.

“Wherever a man is appointed to preside, he should preside in the dignity of his office, and be able to discriminate between his duties as a presiding officer in a branch, he being a high priest we will say, and the duties of the bishop.  I am gratified to say that such a thing does exist in the midst of this people that one man can preside as a president and another as a bishop, in the same ward, and not quarrel with each other; each one has the privilege for himself of knowing his duty by the revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And if all presidents and bishops were inspired by this spirit, they never would have any difficulty, but they would see eye to eye.”  (Brigham Young, Summary of instructions given to the people of Box Elder and Cache Counties, 1-10 Aug., 1865; JD 11:135)

21 Aug.:  Teachers’ Court.

[Teachers Meeting]  “The blocks were all reported as usual with the exception of block No. 6, Brothers McMurrin and Miles Teachers.  Mrs. Tufts did not pay the proper respect to the Teachers that she should.  Seemed unwilling to listen to their teachings.  The Teachers requested Sister Tufts to attend our next Teachers Meeting which she refused to do.  Remarks were made by the Bishop and Council and several of the Brethren in relation to the course Sister Tufts had pursued for some time past in not attending to her duties, obeying counsel and living her religion.  After due consideration it was motioned by Bro. Shelmerdine that we withdraw the hand of fellowship from Sister Tufts.  Seconded by Bro. Miles.  Carried unanimously by the meeting.  Adjourned for 4 weeks.  Dismissed by the Bishop.  Wm. Bringhurst Clerk.

At a meeting of the ward Sister Tufts having made acknowledgement and asked forgiveness was again restored to fellowship.”  (8th Ward Minutes, 21 Aug., 1865)

25 Aug.:  Members of 1st Pres. still members of Twelve.

“President [Heber C.] Kimball remarked that himself and Bro. Brigham belonged to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and were no less members of that Quorum on being called to the First Presidency; they are not separated from it now any more than Peter, James and John were separated from the Quorum of the Twelve when they were called to hold the keys of the Presidency of the Church in their day.”  (“President Young’s Trip to Tooele,” 25 Aug., 1865; DN 14(48):377, 30 Aug., 1865)

22 Oct.:  Adam had the priesthood.

“The Lord gave father Adam the priesthood, and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, after the fall.  When he went out into the dreary world, driven from the Garden of Eden, he received the Gospel, he received the priesthood, and he started forth upon the face of the earth with the keys of the kingdom of God, to endeavour to establish the works of righteousness upon the earth.  He gave this priesthood to his sons.  A number of them were ordained high priests.”  (Wilford Woodruff, 22 Oct., 1865; JD 11:242)

13 Dec.:  Program for 70’s Hall.

“The regular course of lectures for the winter season in the Seventies Hall, was commenced on Wednesday evening, 13th inst.

President Joseph Young made a few introductory remarks.  Elder John B. Maiben treated on Trade and Merchandizing; Elder M. McKnight spoke on the rapid development of the Territory and the growth of the settlements, referring more particularly to Cache Valley.  Some good singing by the choir, and an original song by Elder W. Willes, added to the enjoyment of the evening.”  (DN 15(11):84, 21 Dec., 1865)

27 Dec.:  Acting Deacon.

[Teachers Meeting]  “Horace Ensign was appointed to act as a Deacon.  Alfonso Morris Palmer was ordained a Deacon.”  (8th Ward Minutes, 27 Dec., 1865)