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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Temples & Mormonism – Bergera – 2nd Anointing #1

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A Compilation of Documents on Second Anointings

1. T.P.J.S., pp. 63-66; January 22, 1834; Joseph Smith Jr.

In the 22nd chapter of Luke’s account of the Messiah, we find the kingdom of heaven likened unto a king who made a marriage for his son. That this son was the Messiah will not be disputed, since it was the kingdom of heaven that was represented in the parable; and that the Saints, or those who are found faithful to the Lord, are the individuals who will be found worthy to inherit a seat at the marriage supper, is evident from the sayings of John in the Revelation where he represents the sound which he heard in heaven to be like a great multitude, or like the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him; for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: For the fine linen is the righteousness of the Saints (Rev. 19).

That those who keep the commandments of the Lord and walk in His statutes to the end, are the only individuals permitted to sit at this glorious feast, is evident from the following items in Paul’s last letter to Timothy, which was written just previous to his death,–he says: “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His appearing.” * * * Reflect for a moment, brethren, and enquire, whether you would consider yourselves worthy a seat at the marriage feast with Paul and others like him, if you had been unfaithful? Had you not fought the good fight, and kept the faith, could you expect to receive? Have you a promise of receiving a crown of righteousness from the hand of the Lord, with the Church of the Firstborn? Here then, we understand, that Paul rested his hope in Christ, because he had kept the faith, and loved His appearing and from His hand he had a promise of receiving a crown of righteousness.

If the Saints are not to reign, for what purpose are they crowned? * * * John represents the sound which he heard from heaven, as giving thanks and glory to God, saying that the Lamb was worthy to take the book and to open its seals; because he was slain, and had made them kings and priests unto God; and they should reign on the earth (see Rev. v). * * *

Most assuredly it is, however, that the ancients, though persecuted and afflicted by men, obtained from God promises of such weight and glory, that our hearts are often filled with gratitude that we are even permitted to look upon them while we contemplate that there is no respect of persons in His sight, and that in every nation, he that feareth God and worketh righteousness, is acceptable with Him. But from the few items previously quoted we can draw the conclusion that there is to be a day when all will be judged of their works, and rewarded according to the same; that those who have kept the faith will be crowned with a crown of righteousness; be clothed in white raiment; be admitted to the marriage feast; be free from every affliction, and reign with Christ on the earth. . . .

And though we cannot claim these promises which were made to the ancients for they are not our property, merely because they were made to the ancient Saints, yet if we are the children of the Most High, and are called with the same calling with which they were called, and embrace the same covenant that they embraced, and are faithful to the testimony of our Lord as they were, we can approach the Father in the name of Christ as they approached Him, and for ourselves obtain the same promises. * * * . . .and when these promises are obtained, they will be promises directly to us, or they will do us no good. They will be communicated for our benefit, being our own property (through the gift of God), earned by our own diligence in keeping His commandments and walking uprightly before Him. If not, to what end serves the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and why was it ever communicated to us?

2. Young Women’s Journal, Vol. 4:215-16; Spring of 1836; Pres. Lorenzo Snow.

While attending college at Oberlin, Ohio, in the spring of 1836 I had occasion to visit Kirtland, some sixty miles distant, where two of my sisters were residing. * * * I became acquainted with Joseph Smith, his counselors, and a number of prominent leaders. * * *

Being at that time a young man, full of worldly aspirations, with bright prospects, and means to gratify my ambition in acquiring a liberal collegiate education; also having a host of wealthy, proud, aristocratic friends and relatives watching eagerly for my achieving high honors in life, of course, you can easily understand that it was a great trial, and required the strongest effort to form a resolution to abandon those prospects, disappoint expectations, join the poor, ignorant, dispised Mormons, and follow Old Joe Smith, the money digger, as he and they were regarded.

Had I then understood, as I now know, the ultimate results of obedience to the gospel, a life of purity, and after its close an exaltation to the fulness of the Godhead, I should then have been ashamed to have called it a sacrifice. But in my ignorance, at that time, of its blessings and glories, it was the fiercest struggle of heart and will I ever experienced before or since. But through the help of the Lord, for I feel certain that He must have helped me, I laid my pride, worldly ambition and aspirations upon the altar, and as humble as a child went to the waters of baptism, received the ordinance administered by an Apostle, and afterwards the laying on of hands.

2a. History of the Church, Vol. 4:570; Wednesday, March 30, 1842; Remarks by Joseph Smith to the Female Relief Society.

All must act in concert, or nothing can be done, and should move according to the ancient Priesthood; hence the Saints should be a select people, separate from all the evils of the world—choice, virtuous, and holy. The Lord was going to make of the Church of Jesus Christ a kingdom of Priests, a holy people, a chosen generation, as in Enoch’s day, having all the gifts as illustrated to the Church in Paul’s epistles and teachings to the churches in his day. . . .

3. Journal of Heber C. Kimball; June 1842; Heber C. Kimball speaking.

June 1842 I was initiated into the ancient order, was washed and anointed and sealed and ordained [to become] a priest and so forth, in company with many others. That is, Joseph Smith, Hiram Smith, Wm. Law, Wm. Marks, Judge Adams, Brigham Young, Willard Richards, George Miller, Newel K. Whitney.

4. History of the Church, Vol. 5:139-40; 31 August 1842; Joseph Smith Jr.

My feelings at the present time are that inasmuch as the Lord Almighty has preserved me until today, He will continue to preserve me, by the united faith and prayers of the Saints, until I have fully accomplished my mission in this life, and so firmly established the dispensation of the fullness of the priesthood in the last days, that all the power of earth and hell can never prevail against it.

5. History of the Church, Vol. 5:212; 30 December 1842; Joseph Smith Jr.

While in conversation at Judge Adams during the evening, I said, Christ and the resurrected Saints will reign [as kings & priests] over the earth during the thousand years. They will not probably dwell upon the earth, but will visit it when they please, or when it is necessary to govern it. There will be wicked men [those who have not been baptized] on the earth during the thousand years. The heathen nations who will not come up to worship will be visited with the judgments of God, and must eventually be destroyed from the earth.

6. Times & Seasons, Vol. 4:81-85; February 15, 1843; Joseph Smith’s poetic version of the revelation currently recorded in D&C 76, known as the vision.

For these overcome, by their faith and their works,

Being tried in their life-time, as purified gold, 

And seal’d by the spirit of promise to life,

By men called of God, as was Aaron of old.

They are they, of the church of the first-born of God,

And unto whose hands he committeth all things; 

For they hold the keys of the kingdom of heav’n,

And reign with the Saviour, as priests and as kings.

They’re priests of the order of Melchisedec,

Like Jesus (from whom is this highest reward), Receiving a fulness of glory and light;

As written–they’re God’s, even sons of the Lord.

7. Words of the Prophets–Scriptural Items, Church Historical Dept; June 11, 1843; Discourse by Joseph Smith.

June 11 Joseph said the reason why the Jews were scattered and their House left unto them desolate was because they refused to be gathered that the fulness of the Priesthood might be revealed among them which never can be done but by the gathering of the People also [next page] the Order & Ordinances of the Kingdom were instituted by the Priesthood in the council of Heaven before the world was.

8. History of the Church, Vol. 5:423-24; Sunday, June 11, 1843; Discourse by Joseph Smith on the Gathering.

If a man gets a fullness of the priesthood of God, he has to get it in the same way that Jesus Christ obtained it, and that was by keeping all the commandments and obeying all the ordinances of the house of the Lord. * * *

All men who become heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ wilT have to receive the fulness of the ordinances of his kingdom; and those who will not receive all the ordinances will come short of the fullness of that glory, if they do not lose the whole.

9. History of the Church, Vol. 5:527; 6 August 1843; See also Wilford Woodruff Journal under date.

Meeting of the Twelve Apostles in Philadelphia.   * * *

President Brigham Young addressed the congregation at considerable length. * * * He also remarked that if any in the Church had the fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood, he did not know it. For any person to have the fullness of that priesthood, he must be a king and priest. A person may have a portion of that priesthood, the same as governors or judges of England have power from the king to transact business; but that does not make them kings of England. A person may be anointed king and priest long before he receives his kingdom.

10. T.P.J.S., pp. 320-21; 13 August 1843; Joseph Smith Jr.

The sound saluted by ears—“Ye are come unto Mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, and to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant” (Hebrew xii:22,23,24). What would it profit us to come unto the spirits of the just men, but to learn and come up to the standard of their knowledge? * * *

Four destroying angels holding power over the four quarters of the earth until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads, which signifies sealing the blessing upon their heads, meaning the everlasting covenant, thereby making their calling and election sure. When a seal is put upon the father and mother, it secures their posterity, so that they cannot be lost, but will be saved by virtue of the covenant of their father and mother.

The speaker continued to teach the doctrine of election and the sealing powers and principles, and spoke of the doctrine of election with the seed of Abraham, and the sealing of blessings upon his posterity, and the sealing of the fathers and children, according to the declarations of the prophets. He then spoke of Judge Higbee in the world of spirits, and the blessings which he would obtain, and of the kind spirit and disposition of Judge Higbee while living; none of which was reported. * * *

The world is reserved unto burning in the last days. He shall send Elijah the prophet, and he shall reveal the covenants of the fathers in relation to the children, and the covenants of the children in relation to the fathers.

11. Manuscript History of the Church, Ms/f/315/Book E-l; August 13, 1843.

Doctrine of election—sealing of the servants of our God on the top of their heads—’tis not the cross, as the catholics would have it. Doctrine of election to Abraham was in the relation to the seed. A man wishes to be embraced in the covenants of Abraham.

Judge Higby in the world of spirits is sealed unto the throne, and doctrine of election sealing the fathers and children together.

12. Joseph Smith Diary; 13 August 1843; Joseph Smith.

4 destroying angels holding power over the 4 quarters of the earth until the servents of God are sealed in their foreheads what is that seal. shall I tell you? No. Doctrine of Election sealing (of the servent forged) on the top of their heads. tis not the cross as the catholics would have it.

13. T.P.J.S., pp. 322-323; August 27, 1843; Remarks by the Prophet Joseph Smith.

What was the power of Melchizedek? ‘Twas not the Priesthood of Aaron which administers in outward ordinances, and the offering of sacrifices. Those holding the fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood are kings and priests of the Most High God, holding the keys of power and blessings. In fact, that priesthood is a perfect law of theocracy, and stands as God to give laws to the people, administering endless lives to the sons and daughters of Adam. * * *

How shall God come to the rescue of this generation? He will send Elijah the prophet. The law revealed to Moses in Horeb never was revealed to the children of Israel as a nation.

Elijah shall reveal the covenants to seal the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers.

The anointing and sealing is to be called, elected and made sure. * * * Men have to suffer [to wean us away from this world] that they may come upon Mount Zion and be exalted above the heavens.

14. Manuscript History of the Church, Ms/d/4409; August 27, 1843; CHD; Franklin D. Richards “Scriptural Items”.

There are 3 grand principles or orders of Priesthood portrayed in this chapter [Heb 7].

lst Levitical which was never able to administer a Blessing but only to bind heavy burdens which neither they nor their father [were] able to bear.

2 Abrahams Patriarchal power [endowment thru temple marriage] which is the greatest yet experienced in this church [the second anointing ordinance which makes a man a king & priest was introduced a month later].

3d That of Melchisedec who had still greater power even power of an endless life of which was our Lord Jesus Christ which also Abraham obtained by the offering of his son Isaac which was not the power of a Prophet nor apostle nor Patriarch only but of King & Priest to God to open the windows of Heaven and pour out the peace & law of endless Life to man & no man can attain to the Joint heirship with Jesus Christ without being administered to by one having the same power & Authority of Melchisedec.

15. Joseph Smith Diary; Sunday morning, August 27, 1843.

What was the power of Melchisedeck twas not P. of Aaron &c. a king & a priest to the most high God. a perfect law of Theocracy holding keys of power & blessings. stood as God to give laws to the people. administering endless lives to the sons and daughters of Adam kingly powers of anointing.

16. James Burgess Notebook; Sunday morning, August 27, 1843.

Abraham’s priesthood was of greater power than Levi’s and Melchizedeck’s was of greater power than that of Abraham. * * * I ask was there any sealing power attending this priesthood [Aaronic] that would admit a man into the presence of God. Oh no, but Abraham’s was a more exalted power or priesthood he could talk and walk with God [thru the endowment & temple marriage] and yet consider how great this man was when even this patriarch Abraham gave a tenth part of all his spoils and then received a blessing under the hands of Melchesideck even the last law or a fulness of the law or priesthood which constituted him a king and preist after the order of Melchesideck or an endless life. * * * It is understood by many by reading this chapter [Heb 7] that Melchesedeck was king of some country or nation on the earth, but it was not so, In the original it reads king of Shaloam which signifies king of peace or righteousness and not of any country or nation. * * *

Men will set up stakes and say thus far will we go and no farther, did Abraham when called upon to offer his son, did the Saviour, no, view him fulfilling all righteousness again on the banks of Jordan, also on the Mount transfigured before Peter and John there receiving the fulness of priesthood or the law of God, setting up no stake but coming right up to the mark in all things here him after he returned from the Mount, did ever language of such magnitude fall from the lips of any man, hearken him. All power is given unto me both in heaven and the earth.

17. Joseph Smith “Diary”, Ms/d/155/Bx l/fd 7; September 28, 1843; See also History of the Church, Vol. 6:39.

Thursday Sept 28 1843 / 10 A.M. in the street going toward / printing office. 11 1/2 A.M. in Council over / the Store. Hyrum, Newell, Geo. M., Wa.d & A/ J.S., J.T., A.L., L.W., J.M.B..–and at 7 eve / met at the Mansion upper room prest. with / W.L., W.M. Baurak Ale was by common / consent, & unanimous voice chosen president / of the quorum. & anointed & ordn to the highest / and holiest order of the priesthood (& companion do.-) / Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Geo Miller, N.K. Whitney / Willard Richards, John Smith, John Taylor, / Amasa Lyman, Lucien Woodworth, J.M. Bernhisel / –Wm Law, Wm Marks, President led in / prayers, that his days might be prolonged have dominion / over his enemies.. all their households be blessed / and all the church & world.

18. “Historian’s Office Private Journal, 1858”, p. 24, kept by Wilford Woodruff, Church Archives; September 28, 1843.

Feb 26 1867. While reading Dr Richards Journal we found the account of the Second Anointing of Presdent Joseph Smith, & by the Council of G. A. Smith Histo I record the Account in this Journal

Thursday Sept 28, 1843 The Council met over the Store Also at 7 o clok in the Evening met in an upper room in the mansion. Ther were present Joseph Smith, Hyram Smith, George Miller N. K. Whitney, Willard Richard John Smith John Taylor Amasa Lyman, Locian Woodworth, J M Bernhisel Wm Law., Wm Marks. Joseph Smith led in prayer he prayed that his days might be lengthened & had dominion over his Enemies, and all there Households be blessed & all the world Then by common conssnt Joseph Smith the Prophet Received his second Anointing of the Highest & Holiest order.

19. Joseph Smith “Diary”, Ms/d/155/Bx l/fd 7; October 1, 1843.

eve Council met same as Thursday previous / except & S. Law, Marks.Durphy..-&- Hirums wife.- Joseph / &c re anointed, Law &c, anointed counselors.– prayer & singing adjourned to Wednesday eve.

[Joseph Smith given second anointing again.]

20. “Historian’s Office Private Journal, 1858”, p. 24, kept by Wilford Woodruff, Church Archives; October 8, 1843.

Sunday Oct 8 1843 Prayer Meeting at Josephs   Hyrum Smith & Wife received his second Anointig

21. T.P.J.S., pp. 325-26; October 9, 1843; Discourse by Joseph Smith.

I assure the Saints that truth, in reference to these matters, can and may be known through the revelations of God in the way of His ordinances, and in answer to prayer. The Hebrew Church “came unto the spirits of just men made perfect, and unto an innumerable company of angels, unto God the Father of all, and to Jesus Christ the Mediator of the new covenant.” What did they learn by coming to the spirits of just men made perfect? Is it written? No. What they learned has not been and could not have been written. What object was gained by this communication with the spirits of the just? It was the established order of the kingdom of God: the keys of power and knowledge were with them to commmunicate to the saints. Hence the importance of understanding the distinction between the spirits of the just and angels. * * *

The spirits of just men are made ministering servants to those who are sealed unto life eternal, and it is through them that the sealing power comes down.

22. Joseph Smith “Diary”, Ms/d/155/Bx l/fd 7; November 22, 1843.

Prayer Meeting in the eve at old home. B Young [and wife anointed].

23. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 155; November 27, 1843.

–27–I attended prayer-meeting in the evening at President Joseph Smith’s. Bishop N. K. Whitney and wife were [second] anointed.

24. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 158; January 14, 1844.

–14 (Sunday) –Preached in the city. In the evening attended prayermeeting at the Assembly Room. My wife Mary Ann and I received our second anointing. LSee 22 Nov 1843 for the first instance of this ordinance.]

25. T.P.J.S., p. 330; January 20, 1844; Discourse by Joseph Smith.

But how are they to become saviors on Mount Zion? By building their temples, erecting their baptismal fonts, and going forth and receiving all the ordinances, baptisms, confirmations, washings, anointings, ordinations [as king and priest] and sealing powers upon their heads, in behalf of all their progenitors who are dead, and redeem them that they may come forth in the first resurrection and be exalted to thrones of glory with them; and herein is the chain that binds the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers, which fulfills the mission of Elijah.

26. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 158; 20 January 1844. See also Journal of Wilford Woodruff under date for similar entry.

–20–Met with the Quorum; Heber C. Kimball and his wife Vilate received their second anointing.

27. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 158-59; 21 January 1844. See Journal of Wilford Woodruff under date for extended entry.

–21 (Sunday)–I met in the Assembly Room with the Quorum, [p. 159] and administered to Parley P. Pratt his second anointing.

28. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; 21 January 1844.

I met with the quorum in the evening had an interestin time many good exhortation were given by the brethren concerning the things of God P.P.P. received his 2d Anointing Joseph said concerning Parley P. Pratt that he had no wife sealed to him for Eternity as He would want a wife in the resurrection or els his glory would be cliped many arguments He used upon this subject which were rational & consistent. Br. Joseph said now what will we do with Elder P. P. Pratt He has no wife sealed to him for Eternity He had one living wife but she had a former Husband did not wish to be sealed to Parly, for Eternity now is it not right for Parley to have another wife that can [end of the entry]. . .

29. Wilford Woodruff–His Life & Labors, pp. 197-98; 1965 ed; by Matthias F. Cowley.

On January 21st, Elder Woodruff records the fact that Apostle Parley P. Pratt had just received second anointings and that he had been instructed by the Prophet that it was his duty to have his wife sealed to him for eternity in order that his glory might be full.

30. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 159; 25 January 1844.

–25–The Quorum met at my house: Orson Hyde received his second anointing.

31. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 159; 26 January 1844.

–26–The Twelve met at my house: Orson Pratt received his second anointing.

32. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 159; 27 January 1844.

–27–We met at the Assembly Room: Willard Richards and his wife Jenetta were sealed and received their second anointing.

33. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 159; 28 January 1844.

–28–The Quorum met in the Assembly Room. Wilford Woodruff and his wife Phebe W. were sealed and received their second anointing.

34. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 159; 30 January 1844.

–30–The Quorum met at my house. John and Leonora Taylor were sealed and anointed.

[“J Taylor & Leonora Taylor received their 2d Anointing & sealing.”—taken from the Journal of Wilford Woodruff under date.]

35. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, p. 159; 31 January 1844.

–31–I met with the Quorum at my house. George A. and Bathsheba W. Smith were anointed, having been sealed on the 20th inst.

[“Geo A. Smith & wife Bathsheba / W. Bigler received their Second / Anointing, which was admin / istered by Brigham Young / Prest of the Twelve”–taken from the Joseph Smith “Diary”, under date.]

[“Jan 31, 1844 Geo A Smith & Bathsheba W Smith Recvd our 2 anointing at B Young house”—taken from the George A. Smith 1841-1845 Journal, Number 6, p. 148, Ms/f/96/#1/Archives.]

36. Journal of Heber C. Kimball, Book 91; 1 February 1844.

February the first 1844 my Self and wife Vilate was annonnted Preast and Preastest unto our God under the Hands of B Young, and by the ways of the Holy order.

37. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; 2 February 1844.

I met with the quorum for Prayer &c at / Elder Youngs Bro & Sister Wm W Phelps / attended with us Bro Phelps spoke concerning his / appointment as a Lawyer in Israel Brother & / Sister Wm W Phelps received their 2d Anointing & / sealing.

38. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; 3 February 1844.

In the evening of this day the quorum / met at Josephs store Brothers Wm Clayton & / Joseph Young met with them But I was not / present. * * * Joseph Young & wife & Wm Clayton / received their 2d Endowments &c.

39. History of the Church, Vol. 6:196; 4 February 1844; Discourse by Joseph Smith. This is not in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Sunday, 4.—I attended prayer-meeting with the quorum [of the Holy Order] in the assembly room, and made some remarks respecting the hundred and fortyfour thousand mentioned by John the Revelator, showing that the selection of persons to form that number had already commenced.

[This Joseph could confidently say inasmuch as over 20 brethren had just received their second anointings.]

40. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; 4 February 1844.

I met with the quorum in the evening Br / & Sister Lott was present we had a good / time in prayer Br Joseph gave us good instru / -tion in meekness & humility the revelator / John remarks was quoted to in the evening / concerning the 144000 of the tribes of Israel / Cornelius P Lott & wife received their 2d Anointing / & sealing.

41. History of the Church, Vol. 6:224; 23 February 1844. Joseph Smith Jr.

Met with the Twelve in the assembly room concerning the Oregon and California Exploring Expedition; Hyrum and Sidney present. I told them I wanted an exploration of all that mountain country. Perhaps it would be best to go direct to Santa Fe. “Send twenty-five men: let them preach the Gospel wherever they go. * * * Appoint a leader, and let them beat up for volunteers. I want every man that goes to be a king and a priest. When he gets on the mountains he may want to talk with his God; when with the savage nations have power to govern, &c.

42. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; 26 February 1844.

I met with / the quorum in the evening but meeting / closed soon after we arived Fathers John . Smith & wife & Isaac Morley & wife met with / the quorum in the afternoon & evening * * * Father John Smith & wife Isaac Morley & wife had their 2d anointing & sealing.

43. History of the Church, Vol. 6:237; 7 March 1844; Hyrum Smith speaking.

I think this people is abundantly able to build this temple, and much depends upon it for our endowments and sealing powers; and many blessings depend upon it.

[“He told us to pray ‘that you may live to go into this Temple and be sealed in your foreheads,’—-putting his hand upon his forehead—for said he, ‘It is your right to live until you are three score years and ten.’ (Wandle Mace Journal, p. 129)]

44. History of the Church, Vol. 6:251-254; Sunday, 10 March 1844. Discourse by the Prophet Joseph at the funeral of King Follett.

The spirit, power, and calling of Elijah is, that ye have power to hold the key of the revelation, ordinances, oracles, powers and endowments of the fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood and of the kingdom of God on the earth; and to receive, obtain, and perform all the ordinances belonging to the kingdom of God, even unto the turning of the hearts of the fathers unto the children, and the hearts of the children unto the fathers, even those who are in heaven.

* * *

. . . the power of Elijah is sufficient to make our calling and election sure.

  * * *

Although David was a king, he never did obtain the spirit and power of Elijah and the fullness of the Priesthood; and the priesthood that he received, and the throne and kingdom of David is to be taken from him and given to another by the name of David in the last days, raised up out of his lineage. * * *

Again: The doctrine or sealing power of Elijah is as follows:–If you have [the sealing] power to seal on earth and in heaven, then we should be wise. The first thing you do, go and seal on earth your sons and daughters unto yourself, and yourself unto your fathers in eternal glory.

45. Journal of Heber C. Kimball, “Book 91”, CHO; April 1, 1844; Typed w/o sic

Apriel the first day 1844 I Heber C Kimball received the washing of my feet. and was annointed by my wife Vilate fore my burial. that is my feet head Stomach. Even as Mary did Jesus, that She mite have a claim on him in the Reserrection 

in the City of Nauvoo [next page]

In 1845 I recieved the washing of my feet by [left blank in the original; Heber C. Kimball’s handwriting stops here and Vilate Kimball’s begins:]

I Vilate Kimball do hereby certify that on the first day of April 1844 I attended to washing and anointing the head Stomach and feet of my dear companion Heber C Kimball, that I may have claim upon him in the morning of the first resurrection

/s/ Vilate Kimball

46. T.P.J.S., pp. 362-63; 8 April 1844; Discourse by Joseph Smith.

The declaration this morning is, that as soon as the Temple and baptismal font are prepared, we calculate to give the Elders of Israel their washings and anointings, and attend to those last and more impressive ordinances, without which we cannot obtain celestial thrones. But there must be a holy place prepared for that purpose. There was a proclamation made during the time that the foundation of the Temple was laid to that effect, and there are provisions made until the work is completed, so that men may receive their endowments and be made kings and priests unto the Most High God, having nothing to do with temporal things, but their whole time will be taken up with things pertaining to the house of God. * * * . . .every man who wishes to save his father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends, must go through all the ordinances for each one of them separately, the same as for himself, from baptism to ordination, washing and anointings and receive all the keys and powers of the Priesthood, the same as for himself.

47. T.P.J.S., p. 366; 2 May 1844. Also H.C. 6:363-67. Discourse by Joseph Smith.

I am going on in my progress for eternal life. It is not only necessary that you should be baptized for your dead, but you will have to go through all the ordinances for them, the same as you have gone through to save yourselves. There will be 144,000 saviors on Mount Zion, and with them an innumerable host that no man can number. Oh! I beseech you to go forward, go forward and make your calling and election sure.

48. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; May 5, 1844; CHO; Wilford Woodruff speaking.

I called my family together & blessed them. Phoebe washed my feet that I might be clean every whit.

49. Times & Seasons, Vol. 5:661, 663-4; Sunday, September 8, 1844; Trial of Sidney Rigdon.

[Comments by Elder John Taylor:]

Elder Rigdon was appointed by President Smith to go to Pittsburg and build up a church; but he was expressly forbid to take any one with him. Now I would ask, has Elder Rigdon accomplished his mission? Has he sought to build up the church according to President Smith’s order? No. He has been holding secret meetings; he has ordained men illegally, and contrary to the order of the priesthood; he has been ordaining men to the offices of prophets, priests and kings; whereas he does not hold that office himself; who does not know that this is wrong? There is not an officer belonging to the church but what is acquainted with this fact. Can a teacher ordain a priest? Can a priest ordain an elder? Can an elder ordain a high priest, or any of the former ordain an apostle? You all know they could not, it is contrary to the order of God; and yet we find that President Rigdon, a man who ought to know better—who does know better—has been ordaining men to offices that he does not hold himself: and yet he has come to us with a revelation to lead this church to the Celestial kingdom of God; and even if he had the authority to ordain these men, he could not do it in and of himself without the accompanying ordinances, and under the circumstances which he did.

[Comments by Heber C. Kimball:]

He (Sidney Rigdon) has no authority only what he receives from the church, if he was one with us, why was he not in our councils? He was not in the council pertaining to the High Priesthood until just before he started for Pittsburgh. Brother Phelps was the means of bringing him in [i.e., Phelps helped him get the endowment.], but he has not got the same authority [a fulness of the priesthood through the second anointing ordinance] as others; there are more than thirty men who have got higher authority than he has. * * *

There are men here, brethren who have got authority, but we don’t want to mention their names, for the enemy will try to kill them.

50. History of the Church, Vol. 7:268-69; Sunday, September 8, 1844.

Minutes of a meeting of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held on the meeting ground of the city of Nauvoo. * * *

Elder W. W. Phelps moved that Elder Sidney Rigdon be cut off from the church, and delivered over to the buffetings of satan until he repent.

Bishop Newel K. Whitney then presented the motion to the high council (who was trying the case) and the vote was unanimous in the affirmative. * * *

President Young arose and delivered Sidney Rigdon over to the buffetings of satan in the name of the Lord, and all the people said, Amen.

[Footnote comments by B. H. Roberts:]

Very serious charges are made against Elder Rigdon for insubordination, for claiming to hold keys and authority above any man or set of men in the church, even superior authority and keys thereof than those held by the Twelve; and likewise he had ordained men to positions—places and offices not recognized as properly belonging to the church.

51. Letter written by Orson Hyde to Ebenezer Robinson, September 19, 1844. Steam Boat North Bend,

Sept. 19th, 1844

Dear E. Robinson,

You probably may have received something by way of counsel from Nauvoo from Brother Young, if so, I trust you will regard it as coming from “the proper source.” We have had a charge given us by our prophet, and that charge we intend to honor and magnify. It was given in March last. He said; “let no man take your crown, and though you should have to walk right into death, fear not, neither be dismayed.” “You have to die but once.” “To us were committed the Keys of the Kingdom, and every gift, key and power, that Joseph ever had,” confirmed upon our heads by an anointing, which Bro. Rigdon never did receive.

We know the charge which the prophet gave us, and the responsibility which the Spirit of the living God laid on us through him, and we know that Elder Rigdon does not know what it was. We have counted the cost of the stand we have taken, and have firmly and unitedly, with prayer and with fasting—with signs and with tokens, with garments and with girdle, decreed in the name of Jesus Christ, that we will honor our calling, and faithfully carry out the measures of the prophet so far as we have power, relying on the arm of God for strength in every time of need.

I know that the curse of God will fall upon every one that tries to give us trouble or to weaken our hands in the work in which we are engaged, for this promise we have obtained from the Lord in solemn convocation.

I want you to read this letter to the Saints in Pittsburg, not to the world.

My kind love to all the Saints, to yourself and family.

  Yours truly,  Orson Hyde

[This letter was later printed in The Return, Vol. 2, No. 4, (April, 1890), p. 253.]

52. Times & Seasons, Vol. 5:670, (October 1, 1844); John Taylor, Editor.

The truth is, religion—old fashioned Abel, Noah, Abraham, Israel, Moses, Shadrach, Meshach, Abendnego, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Jesus Christ, Apostolic, Mormon religion—is made up of “obedience,” come life or death, with crowns for crosses; being ordained to eternal life [through the second anointing] after sin is overcome [through the washing of the feet]. Therefore brethren, endure, like good soldiers, to the end, and you will be ordained [kings & priests] to this highest honor of the priesthood.

53. History of the Church, Vol. 7:281-282; October 1, 1844; General Epistle to the Saints by President Brigham Young.

Yes, brethren, we verily know and bear testimony, that a cloud of blessing and of endowment, and of the keys of the fulness of the priesthood, and of things pertaining to eternal life, is hanging over us, and ready to burst upon us; or upon as many as live worthy of it, so soon as there is a place found on earth to receive it. Therefore, let no cunningly devised fable, no false delusive spirit, or vision, no man or set of men who go out from us, but are not of us, have any influence on your minds for a moment, to draw your minds away from this all important work. But enter steadily and regularly upon a strict observance of the law of tithing, and of freewill offerings, till Jehovah shall say it is enough; your offerings are accepted; then come up to the House of the Lord, and be taught in his ways, and walk in his paths; yea, enter his sanctuary; and receive the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

54. Journal of George Laub; BYU Special Collections; Under date given. At the dedication services of the Seventies Hall.

[29 December 1844, discourse by Amasa Lyman:]

Now I say unto you come try all what your teachers tell you and you will receive light & wisdom knowledge and truth, wash yourselves, keep yourselves clean for the lord will have clean vessels and he is a god of order therefore we must have our bodys washed and anointed that we may be clean Also our feet that we may receive our Endowment and hands Laid on to Exalt ourSelves to the highest glory and Exaltation. But there are some gone out from us that have no order. They ordained kings and Priests and know not them Selves nor understand the order of the kingdom, and they drew away some with them. But the time will come that they will say Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name Cast out devils in thy name Laid hands on the sick and done many mighty works in thy name But the Lord will Say depart from me ye workers of Iniquity for I know you not for ye have not kept the commandments as it becomes Saints. Amen.

[31 December 1844, remarks by Heber C. Kimball:]

If we [are] to become Kings and Priests unto God we must make our children just as happy as they can be & we must be rulers over them to give them their inheritance.

55. Millennial Star, Vol 5:149-153, March 1845; Written in New York, January 1, 1845 by Elder Parley P. Pratt

He [Joseph Smith] proceeded to confer on elder Young, the President of the Twelve, the keys of the sealing power, as conferred in the last days by the spirit and power of Elijah, in order to seal the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers, lest the whole earth should be smitten with a curse.

This last key of the priesthood is the most sacred of all, and pertains exclusively to the first presidency of the church, without whose sanction and approval or authority, no sealing blessing shall be administered pertaining to things of the resurrection and the life to come.

56. Journal of Heber C. Kimball, “Book 92”; CHO; March 27, 1845.

27***////**in the / Evning received the washing / of my feet by Sarah W[hitney]

57. Millennial Star, Vol. Appendix: pp. 9-10; Written in New York by Elder Parley Pr. Pratt; April 6, 1845.

The despised and degraded son of the forest, who has wandered in dejection and sorrow, and suffered reproach, shall then drop his disguise and stand forth in manly dignity, and exclaim to the Gentiles who have envied and sold him—“I am Joseph; does my father yet live?” or, in other words, I am a descendant of that Joseph who was sold into Egypt. You have hated me, and sold me, and thought I was dead; but lo! I live and am heir to the inheritance, titles, honours, priesthood, sceptre, crown, throne, and eternal life and dignity of my fathers, who live for evermore.

He shall then be ordained, washed, anointed with holy oil, and arrayed in fine linen, even in the glorious and beautiful garments and royal robes of the high priesthood, which is after the order of the Son of God; and shall enter into the Holy of Holies, there to be crowned with authority and power which shall never end.

The spirit of the Lord shall then descend upon him like the dew upon the mountains of Hermon, and like refreshing showers of rain upon the flowers of Paradise.

His heart shall expand with knowledge, wide as eternity, and his mind shall comprehend the vast creations of his God, and his eternal purpose of redemption, glory, and exaltation, which was devised in heaven before the worlds were organized; but made manifest in these last days, for the fulness of the Gentiles, and for the exaltation of Israel.

He shall also behold his Redeemer, and be filled with His presence, while the cloud of His glory shall be seen in His temple.

58. Times & Seasons, Vol. 6:954; Speech delivered by President B. Young, in the City of Joseph; April 6, 1845.

The Lord has led this people all the while in this way, by giving them here a little and there a little, thus he increases their wisdom, and he that receives a little and is thankful for that shall receive more and more, and more even to the fullness of the eternal Godhead: there is no stopping place, but the weak capacity of man cannot understand it unless the spirit of the eternal God is in their hearts, and then they can comprehend but a little of it.

59. Times & Seasons, Vol. 6:920; publication date: June 1, 1845; Funeral date & date of discourse: May 24, 1845; Elder Orson Pratt.

The next thing we will speak of will be the reward that will be bestowed upon the resurrected Saints. This is something upon which all inspired men have spoken and written; and it is a theme that rejoices the hearts of the Saints while contemplating it.

The Saints will not receive their crowns of glory until after their resurrection. When the curse in part shall be removed from the world; when wickedness and abomination shall be known no more in the land, then will the Saints come forth clothed with immortality, and be crowned with power and glory as a reward for all their labors. No person will be crowned with power in the eternal world, (we are to be kings and priests to God to all eternity,) unless they have been ordained thereto in this life, previous to their death, or by some friend acting as proxy for them afterwards, and receiving it for them. What is it to be kings and priests? It is to have honor, authority and dominion, having kingdoms to preside over, and subjects to govern, and possessing the ability ever to increase their authority and glory, and extend their dominion.

60. Journal of Heber C. Kimball, “Book 92”; CHO; 1845.

In the City of Nauvoo in 1845 I received the washing of my feet.

61. “Book of Anointings” from the Nauvoo Temple pp. 2-4; Historians Office Library; January 8 February 7, 1846; Book end title: “W. Richards” in gold leaf; C.H.D., CR/342/3/box 4. Second anointing blessing given to Heber C. Kimball, Brigham Young officiating; Evan Melbourne Green, Clerk; Recorded by C. W. Wandell Smith; Received 8 January 1846.

[p. 2] President Brigham Young as president of the whole church anointed brother Heber C. Kimball first, this being according to the order in which the ordinances of the Lords House are at all times first communicated to the children of men that he who holds the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to minister to men on earth as President Brigham Young now does, should confer the ordinances upon some faithful man who should in turn minister to him according to the pattern of heavenly things.

This is the order observed by the Prophet Joseph, he first baptized Oliver, then Oliver baptised him. [p. 3]

Entry No. 1. Jan. 8th 1846.

6. o. clock eve. Pres. Brigham Young, Heber Chase Kimble, Parley Parker Pratt, Orson Pratt, John Taylor, Amasa Lyman, Newell Kimble Whitney, Vilate Kimble, Elizabeth Ann Whitney, Sarah Marinda Pratt, & Leonora Taylor—–Assembled in Pres. B. Young’s Room No. 1. Dressed themselves [in] Holy Robes. The hymn now let us rejoice in the Day of Salvation, was sung and Elder Heber C. Kimble offered Prayer at the Alter after offering up the Signs of the Priesthood. Pres. Brigham Young proceeded to anoint Br. Heber C. Kimble and Vilate his wife—-and pronounced the following blessing namely

Bro Heber C. Kimble in the name of Jesus Christ we pour upon thy head this Holy oil & we anoint thee a King and Priest unto the most High God & in & over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints and also Iseral in this the Holy Temple of the Lord, at Nauvoo the City of Joseph State of Ills. & I seal upon you power to bind on Earth & it Shall be bound in Heaven & whomsoever thou Shalt loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven, & whomsoever thou shalt curse Shalt be cursed, & whomsoever thou shalt bless, shall be blessed & I anoint thy head that it may be sound & thy brains shall be quick to think & to regulate thy whole body. & thine ears to hear the cries of the Poor & needy of thy Brethren, who shall come to thee for council & thine eyes that thou mayest see and understand the things of God–& that thou mayest behold Angels & thy mouth that [p. 4] thou mayest speak forth the great things of God & Seal upon you all the blessings of thy Progenitors Even Abraham Isaac & Jacob– & even as Far back as the Priesthood: & I say that thou shalt live to a good old age Even to three score & ten & longer if thou desire it—& thou shalt have Power to redeem thy progenitors & thou shalt have power over thy Posterity & shall Save all of them & bring them into thy Kingdom we also seal upon thee all the power & blessing of the Holy Reserection Even to the Eternal God head & no blessing that thy heart can conceive will be withheld from you & in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Spirit Amen—

He then anointed Sister Vilate Kimble a queen and Priestess unto her Husband [H.C.Kimball] in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints & in Iseral. & pronounced all the blessings upon her head in common with her husband.

/s/ John D. Lee

62. “Book of Anointings” from the Nauvoo Temple; Historians Office Library; January 8 February 7, 1846; Book end title: “W. Richards” in gold leaf; C.H.D., CR/342/3/box 4. Second anointing blessing given to Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball officiating; Evan Melbourne Green, Clerk; Recorded by C. W. Wandell Smith; Received 11 January 1846.

[Entry] No. 2.

Sunday Jan 11th 1846. 31 minutes to 7 P.M. Assembled in Pres. Brigham Youngs Room No. 1. in the atic Story of the Lords House. Pres. B. Young Heber C. Kimble, Orson Hyde, P.P.Pratt, Orson Pratt, Willard Richards, John Taylor, Amasa Lyman, N.K.Whitney, Geo. Miller Edmund–Ellsworth, Mary Young, Vilate Kimble Leonora Taylor, Elizabeth An Whitney & Elizabeth Ellsworth. Bro. J. Taylor started the hymn This Earth was once a garden place all being clothed in Priestly garments [robes]–Pres. B. Young Prayed. all having nelted [knelt] a round the Alter–previous to prare [prayer] they all arose sang a Hymn & offered up the signs of the Holy Priesthood then Br Heber C. Kimball proceeded to anoint and consecrate Pres. Brigham Young a King & a Priest unto the most High God over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & over the whole House of Iseral–

Brother Brigham Young, I pour this holy, consecrated oil, upon your head, and anoint thee a King and a Priest of the Most High God over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and unto all Israel: and I anoint thy head, that thy brain may be healthy and active and quick to think and to understand and to direct thy whole body and I anoint thy eyes that they may see and perceive, and that thou mayest not be deceived in what thou beholdest, and that thy sight may never fail thee: and I anoint thy ears that they may be quick to hear and communicate to thy understanding; and that thou mayest hear the secret deliberations of thy enemies, and thereby thou shalt be enabled to overreach their designs: and I anoint thy nose that thou may scent, and relish the fragrance of the good things of the earth: and I anoint thy mouth that thou mayest be enabled to speak the great things of God, and confound all the wisdom of man, and put to nought all who shall raise up to oppose thee, in all countries where thou goest for thou shalt build up the Kingdom of God among many people, and in the midst of mighty nations: so thy glory shall be established, and whosoever thou shalt bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven, and whomsoever thou shalt loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven; for there shall be given unto thee crowns, and kingdoms, and dominions; and thou shalt receive all thy heart shall desire; and thy soul shall be satisfied with a multitude of blessings which thou shalt receive; for princes shall bow at thy feet and deliver unto thee their treasures; and thou shalt teach them the principles of salvation. And I seal thee up unto Eternal Life, that thou shalt come forth in the morn of the first resurrection, and receive all these blessings, in their fulness. And thou shalt attain unto [the] Eternal Godhead, and receive a fulness of joy, and glory, and power; and that thou mayest do all things whatsoever is wisdom that thou shouldest do, even if it be to create worlds and redeem them: so shall thy joy be full to the praise and glory of God: Amen.

Elder Heber Chase Kimbal then anointed Mary An Young a Queen & Priestess unto her husband [Brigham Young] in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & in the house of Iseral–

Sister Mary Ann Young, I pour upon thy head this holy, consecrated oil, and seal upon thee all the blessings of the everlasting priesthood, in conjunction with thy husband: and I anoint thee to be a Queen and Priestess unto thy husband, over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and thou shalt be heir to all the blessings which are sealed upon him, inasmuch as thou dost obey his counsel; and thou shalt receive glory, honor, power and exaltation in his exaltation: and thou shalt be a strength in thy mind for thou shalt have visions, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and the time shall come that Angels shall visit thee, and minister unto thee, and teach thee: and in absence of thy husband shall comfort thee, and make known his situation.

Thou shalt be a wise counsellor to many of thy sex, and they shall look unto thee for precept and or example.

Thou shalt be noted and honored for thy generosity, and the freedom and good feelings with which thou shalt relieve the wants of the distressed; and the disgression [discretion] with which thou shalt act in thy sphere [p. 5] in all things. And I seal thee up unto Eternal Life, thou shalt come forth in the morning of the first resurrection and inherit with him all the honors, glories, and power of Eternal Lives, and that thou shalt attain unto the eternal Godhead, so thy exaltation shall be perfect, and thy glory be full, in a fulness of power and exaltation.

And the glory, honor and power shall be ascribed unto the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: Amen.

63. Diary of Brigham Young, University of Utah; 11 January 1846.

I spent the day in the temple about 3. 0 my family came up into the temple also Bro. Kimball’s Bro. 0 Hyde’s Bro N.K.Whitney’s we had a good visit and they met in my room together with others & I received my last anointing under the hands of brother H. C. Kimball—

64. “Book of Anointings” from the Nauvoo Temple p. 5; Historians Office Library; January 8 February 7, 1846; Book end title: “W. Richards” in gold leaf; C.H.D., CR/342/3/box 4. Second anointing blessing given to Newel K Whitney, and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Whitney; Received 12 January 1846.

[Entry] No. 3. Jan. 12th 1846. at 12. o. clock. Assembled in Room No. 1. Pres Brigham Young, Heber C Kimble, P.P.Pratt, Amasa Lyman, John Taylor, Geo Miller, Isaac Morley, Orson Spencer, Ezra T Benson, Newell K Whitney–after the usual ceremony pre-requisite to the ordinance of anointing—Pres Brigham Young anointed Newell Kimble Whitney a King & a Priest unto the Most [High] God–in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints & in the House of Iseral & among thy Brethren in this the House of the Lord—–Elizabeth An Whitney was then anointed a Queen & Priestess unto her Husband N.K. Whitney, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & to all Iseral—

65. Brigham Young “Diary”; University of Utah; 12 January 1846.

. . .the day I spent in the temple. In the evening Evan M. Greene; my clerk through sickness was compelled to retire from his labour. Bro John D. Lee appointed to take his place There being few records to be kept separately & apart containing the first sealings of the living & of proxy & of adoption & also that of the 2nd anointings which I found to be a great task for one man to perform therefore I employed Bro. Franklin Richard to assist in keeping those records above alluded too—

66. Temple Record of the Smith Family; 12 January 1846.

[This record indicates that Joseph Smith Jr., received by proxy on this date his second anointing. This record gives no date whatsoever for Emma receiving these ordinances.]

67. Journal of Abraham 0. Smoot, p. 245; Mss 896; BYU Special Collections; January 13, 1846

13 Spent the afternoon of the 13th, in the Temple, and received a promise from Heber C. Kimball to receive my second ordinances during the week upon a condition of being prayerful and faithful which was complied with to the best of my ability.

68. History of George A. Smith; Ms 36/Box 5/ Bk 2; University of Utah Library; January 13, 1846.

I went to the house of the Lord with my wife, Bathsheba W., and [were] sealed by President Brigham Young, in the presence of witnesses, which was duly recorded. We then received a second anointing under the hands of Orson Hyde.

69. Journal of Abraham 0. Smoot, p. 246; Mss 896; BYU Special Collections; January 14, 1846.

On the 14th attended in the Temple and was favored with the privilege of helping to form a Quorum of Priesthood to the receiving of the Second ordinances &c.

70. Mormonism Unveiled (1880), p. 169, 171; January 14, 1846; John D. Lee.

I was among the first to receive my washing and anointings, and even received my second anointing [this date], which made me an equal in the order of the priesthood, with the right and authority to build up the kingdom in all the earth, and power to fill any vacancy that might occur. I have officiated in all the different branches, from the highest to the lowest. There were about forty men who attained to that order in the Priesthood, including the twelve Apostles and the first presidency, and to them was intrusted the keeping of the records.

In the Temple I took three more wives–Martha Berry, Polly Ann Workman and Delethea Morris, and had all my family sealed to me over the altar, in the Temple, and six of them received their second anointings, that is, the first six wives did, but the last three we had not time to attend to.

71. Diary of John D. Lee, Church Historian’s Office; January 14, 1846.

2 of my family came through the washings and anointings…we went into room No. 1 where we being clothed in Priestly apparel–kneeled over the alter–rather before the Holy Alter and over it the sacred, the solemn covenant and sealing was entered into and ratified in the presence of 3 witnesses–From thus we were conducted to Room No. 2 where we received our anointings.

72. Diary of John D. Lee, Church Historian’s Office; January 17, 1846.

From [room No. 1] thus we were conducted to Room No 2 where we received our anointings yea, Holy anointings in the Temple of the Lord under the hands of Elder Orson Hyde this certainly produced more joy comfort and pleasure & reconciliation of feeling than could possibly have been imagined.

73. Journal of Abraham 0. Smoot, p. 246; University of Utah; January 17, 1846; Mss 896, Special Collections.

The 17th, was a day of great enjoyment for me, it gave birth to the greatest blessings and an higher exaltation in the Priesthood than ever had been anticipated by me. I received my Second ordinances in the Priesthood with my wife Margaret and Sister Sariah Gibbon, under the hands of George Miller, President of the High Priest Quorum, in room No. 4 attick story of the Temple of the Lord. I was called upon by the President to open the Meeting by prayer which I complied with, with feelins of much gratitude to my Heavenly Father and my brethren that surrounded us. The Services of this holy anointing commenced at the hour of 6 o’clock in the afternoon and closed at 7. We then resumed our seat in the celestial department of the Temple and heard a number of lectures from the brethren on the principles of Priesthood pertaining to exaltation. We also listened with pleasure to the verses of Solomon Hancock, composed on the removal of the Saints to California, with a number of others of the songs of Zion.

74. The Record of Norton Jacob, p. 15; BYU Spec Coll; Mor/M270.1/J151j; January 19, 1846.

Monday, the 19th [January 1846], went with my wife to the Temple in the morning to attend to our sealing, but there was a council to be held, which put other business [first].

In the evening I went into the Holy of Holies with Emily, my wife, where, by President Brigham Young we were, according to the holy order of the Priesthood, sealed together for time and all eternity and sealed up unto eternal life and against all sin except the sin against the Holy Ghost. May God keep us faithful in his ordinances. Amen!

75. “Experiences in the Life of Rhoda Ann Fullmer,” p. 7 of typescript, BYU Special Collections. Original in CHO; January 19 & 20, 1846

On December 15, 1845 we [David Fullmer and her] received our endowments and on the 19th of January, 1846, in the Temple of the Lord at Nauvoo we received our second anointings and ordination and the next day, the 20th of January we attended to the last anointings, that of the feet.

76. “A Book of Proxy”–the record of sealings of husbands and wives where one or both parties are dead kept in the Nauvoo Temple, p. 31; Church Archives; Marriage Entry NO. 65; January 22, 1846; Typed w/o sic.

Willard Richards born Jan 24 1804 Hopkinton Middlesex Mass– & Jenntte Richards, (was born Aug 21–1817. Walkerford Chaidgley Lancashire England deceased) were sealed Husband & wife for time & all Eternity Amelia Elizabeth Peirson acting proxy for & in behalf of the (deceased) who died at Nauvoo; July 9th 1845 Done in presance of Heber Chase Kimble Orson Hyde & J.D. Lee Pres. B. Young officiating at the Alter done at 5 minutes to 9. evening— Jennette Richards was Sealed to Willard as his wife for time and all Eternity–& with him attended to all the ordinances pertaining to the House of the Lord–to & including the washing of feet in the days of Pres. Joseph Smith Jr the first Prophet of the Church of the Last days–

F. D. Richards

[Note: This entry was in the handwriting of the recorder John D. Lee, though F. D. Richards was the clerk on the occasion of the performance of the ordinances.]

77. Phinehas Richards Journal; Church Archives; January 22d 1846

January 22d 1846. Visited the Temple with Wealthy she was sealed to me by the Prophet B. Young and then we repaired to the High Priests room where we were Anointed King and Queen, Priest and Priestess to the Most high God for Time and through out all Eternity by P.P. Pratt as mouth…

February 1st I labored in the Temple the last 8 working days Annointing in the High Priests Room. learnt the ordnance of the washing & anointing of feet for burial.

78. William Hyde Journal p. 16; Mor/M270.1/H996; BYU Special Collections; January 22, 1846.

On the 23rd of December, myself and wife Elizabeth received our washing and anointing in the Temple, and on the 19th of January, 1846, we were sealed, agreeable to the order of the Holy Priesthood, for time and for all Eternity. On the 22nd of January we received our second anointing, on which day my Father and Mother also received theirs.

79. Harrison Burgess Journal; Ms/d/893; CHO; January 22 & 23, 1846.

Jan 22 at 7 o clock PM myself and wife received the ordinance of sealing by Pres Brigham Young. The next morning at 10 o clock we received the ordinance of second anointing by Pres H.C. Kimbal.

80. Erastus Snow Journal, Vol. 3:19—As cited in Andrew K. Larsen: Erastus Snow (S.L.C., UofU Press, 1971), p. 96.

I received with Artimesia and Minerva the sealing and further endowments. The Spirit, Power, and Wisdom of God reigned continually in the Temple, and all felt satisfied that during the two months we occupied it in the endowment of the Saints, we were amply paid for all our labors in building it.

81. Noah Packard “Autobiography”, p. 9; January 24, 1846.

During this time in the winter of 45 and 46 not withstanding my sickness I went into the Temple in Nauvoo and received my endowment by washing and anointing and was sealed to my wife Sophia for time and all eternity, and afterwards we[re] annointed the second time a king and queen in the Kingdom of God which annointing in the reality is the third annointing with which I have been annointed in the name of the Lord; for I received my first washing and annointing in the House of the Lord in Kirtland, Ohio, and had neglected to mention it in its place [in this life’s review].

82. Brigham Young “Diary”; Univ of Utah; January 27, 1846.

Tuesday morning the washing commenced in both departments the Sealings were attend[ed] to day of myself Heber C. Kimball and A. Lyman The 2nd anointings likewise carried on in Room no 2 & 4 0. Hyde P.P. Pratt 0 Pratt officiating in No 2 & 4 G A Smith & W. Richards are absent on account of sickness —-

83. Joseph Cordon Kingsbury “Diary”; Univ of Utah; 28 or 29 January 1846.

I am daily under direction of the Trustees at the Temple Office and on Dec. 8, 1845 I received an Endowment in the upper room of the Temple in Nauvoo, the City of Joseph, also was sealed to Bishop Newel K. Whitney as his son on Jan. 17, 1846 and at the same time Dorcas Adelia Moore and Loenza A. Pond were sealed to him as daughters and the two daughters were sealed to me to be my wives for time and eternity by Pres. Brigham Young, and on 28th or 29th Jan. 1846 I received my Second Anointing with my two wives, under the hands of Pres. Orson Pratt in the North East Room in the upper part of the Temple in the City of Nauvoo.

[Antoine W. Ivins Journal 15:73-4 records: “Jos. C. Kingsbury with wife gets 1st and 2nd anointing.”]

84. Joseph Newel Diary; January 1846.

Sealed to Sally Coburn and Lydia Goldthwait as wives for time and eternity and we the same Day was anointed King and Priest, and Queen and Priestess by the hand of Heber C. Kimball, for which we feel to thank the Lord for his mercy towards us, by the power of the Priesthood with the Lord confered upon his church in these last days.

85. Journal History, February 3, 1846; Church Historians Office.

John Milton Bernhisel (June 23, 1799)

Tyrone, Cumberland Co. Pennsylvania this day came to the sacred Alter in the upper room of the “House of the Lord” founded by Prest. Joseph Smith (Martyred) the Prophet Seer and Revelator to the church and there upon gave himself to Prest. Joseph Smith (martyred) to become his son by the law of adoption and to become a legal heir to all the blessings bestowed upon Joseph Smith pertaining to exaltations even to the eternal Godhead with a solemn covenant to observe all the rights & ordinances pertaining to the new & everlasting covenant as far as now is or shall hereafter be made known unto him done in the presence of Patriarch John Smith, Pres. Brigham Young Heber C. Kimbal, Amasa Lyman, 0. Hyde & George A. Smith at 4 0. clock P.M.

86. The Record of Jacob Norton, p. 18; BYU Spec Coll; Mor/M270.1/J151j; February 6, 1846;

Friday The endowments were continued in the evening. I again repaired to the House of the Lord with my father, Udney, my wife Emily, my daughter Elsie P., and Miss Matilda Stoel. In the course of the night my father, daughter, and Miss Matilda received their washing and anointing, and about 11 o’clock I with my wife Emily, received my second anointing and was ordained a King and Priest unto God in room no. 4.

87. Millennial Star, Vol. 9:23, 26; January 15, 1847; Farewell address of Elder Orson Hyde.

It will be seen by the above diagram that there are kingdoms of all sizes, an infinite variety to suit all grades of merit and ability. The chosen vessels unto God are the kings and priests that are placed at the head of these kingdoms. These have received their washings and anointings in the temple of God on this earth; they have been chosen, ordained, and anointed kings and priests, to reign as such in the resurrection of the just. Such as have not received the fulness of the priesthood, (for the fulness of the priesthood includes the authority of both king and priest) and have not been anointed and ordained in the temple of the Most High, may obtain salvation in the celestial kingdom, but not a celestial crown. Many are called to enjoy a celestial glory, yet few are chosen to wear a celestial crown, or rather, to be rulers in the celestial kingdom.

Brother Franklin D. Richards, a worthy young man, who has received the fulness of the priesthood in the Temple of God, will be our successor to the editorial department of this paper, and also will take the presidency of the whole church in the British Isles under the direction and instruction of the Council of the Twelve Apostles. With all confidence we resign our trust into his hands, being satisfied of his competency and ability to perform the work assigned him; and what is still better, we know that God is with him. We leave our blessing upon him in the name of the Lord, and say to the Saints, listen to his counsel and instruction; in doing so you shall be blessed with life and salvation. He that blesseth him shall be blest, and he that curseth him shall be cursed. Whomsoever he blesses shall be blessed, and whomsoever he curses shall be cursed.–We are happy to introduce him through the medium of the STAR to the Saints, and we can assure them that the more they become acquainted with him the better they will like him. Uphold him by your faith and prayers, by your love, and by your good will, and heaven will bless you.

88. Journal of John D. Lee [1846-1847]; Friday, February 5, 1847; Winter Quarters, Omaha, Nebraska.

Winter Quarters, 0.., Frid., Feb. 5th 1847.

Morning pleasant. Pres. B. Young’s health is improving. * * * About 9 I was washed in salaratus and water from head to foot, afterward in spirits, then anointed in like manner by Louisa [No. 3] and Rachel [No. 6] (as I told them) preparatory to my burial. They both were very kind and attentive to me. In the eve. I felt some better. Weather warm.

89. “Record of Lewis Dunbar Sr. and Nancy Ann Wilson” Typescript, Church Archives; Account written shortly after 20 July 1851. [While writing a eulogy in honor of his wife who died following the birth of a son, Lewis Dunbar Wilson speaks of his Nancy’s faith in the Gospel and her obedience to its ordinances, particularly by referring to events that occurred on or shortly after 20 January 1846:]

So, she, Nancy Wilson, departed this life at the age of 41 years having been the mother of eleven living children, nine of them on my hands. . .[she] died having been in the church 15 years, having become a member at the age of 26 years during which time she has attended every ordinance of the Gospel that has been offered in her day, and in fact all that I know anything about. She was baptized for the remission of her sins and had hands laid upon her for the reception of the Holy Ghost, and confirmed in the Church and has received blessings from time to time.

At the temple at Nauvoo she received her washings and anointings even to become a queen and a priestess, after which time she attended to one other ordinance which was to wash the feet of her husband and anoint him to be her king and priest and Savior, that she might have claim on him at the resurrection… Nancy Wilson, who knew and died in triumph of faith in the gospel of the Son of God, after having lived and obeyed all the laws and ordinances of the Church. . . died full in the faith of a glorious resurrection with the just and was buried on the Missouri Bluff just above Kanesville [20 July 1851].

90. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 1:290-91; July 25, 1852; Speech delivered by Elder Orson Pratt; Salt Lake Tabernacle.

Now we see the reason why they are to wear crowns, for they will be made Kings and Priests on the earth: the Lord then, must have some way to give this kingly power.

Do you understand this, brethren and sisters? If you were to speak, I should hear innumerable voices respond, “Yes, we understand it; the Lord has revealed the ordinances; we know how the sons and daughters of God obtain this kingly office, while living here in this mortal tabernacle.

We will pass over that; suffice it to say, that death does not wrench it from them; for they are to be kings, not for a day, not for this short life, but they are to remain to all eternity kings; having their thrones, and acting in the duties belonging to their kingly office. Compared with this, what are all the little, petty kingdoms of this earth worth? They are not worth one snap of the finger. The kings of the world exercise a certain authority over the nations—over their subjects, issuing laws, and framing governments, and controlling them; and do you suppose that the Saints will be kings in the eternal world, and sit down upon thrones, in silence, not exercising the functions of their office? No. That is not the way the Lord has organized His creations; if there are kings, you may depend upon it they will have kingdoms under their control; they will have authority and dominion; they will give laws to those subjects over whom they bear rule; they will control them by the priestly office, for it is combined with the kingly office, and neither can be separated and contracted in His feelings, in His views and disposition, that He would limit the authority of the priestly office to this little globe we inhabit? No. God has more expansive views; His works are without beginning, and without end; they are one eternal round. What kind of works are they? They are to make creations, and people them with living beings, and place them in a condition to prove themselves; and to exercise the kingly and priestly office to redeem them after they have suffered pain, and sorrow, and distress; and to bring them up into the presence of God; that they, in their turn, may become kings and priests for other creations that shall be made, and that shall be governed and ruled over by those possessing the proper authority.

91. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 1:15; April 7, 1853; Elder Parley P. Pratt.

I have received the holy anointing, and I can never rest till the last enemy is conquered, death destroyed, and truth reigns triumphant.

92. Millennial Star, Vol. 15:436-441; Written April 13, 1853; 9th General Epistle to the Church from the First Presidency: Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards; Published in the Deseret News Weekly on July 9, 1853.

Letter Extract of the First Presidency:

Think not, 0 ye Elders of Israel! that your eternal heirship is won, and immutably secured, because you have attained to a portion of the Holy Priesthood, and a few of its initiating ordinances, while as yet your life and the security of all your great and glorious blessings in hope and prospect, are as a vapour before the sun; as yet depending wholly on your meekness, faithfulness, and perseverance to the end, in everything good. Think not that you are legally entitled to even one wife, while you live on this earth, unless you are sealed up to everlasting lives, by the will and decree of the Eternal Father, and a knowledge of the fact has been communicated to you, through the proper source, and not direct, to you in person. And consider that the blessings you have hitherto received, through the mercies of Him who loveth you, even your Father in heaven, will all be wrested from you, like David’s of old, should you err like him.

93. The Seer, Vol. 1, No. 10 (October, 1853); “Power and Eternity of the Priesthood”; Elder Orson Pratt. Compare these comments of Orson Pratt with President John Taylor’s views of king & priest in The Mediation & Atonement, 1882 ed, pp. 158-159, herein quoted.

The Priesthood of God is the great supreme, legal authority that governs the inhabitants of all redeemed and glorified worlds. * * * The Kingly authority is not separate and distinct from the Priesthood, but merely a branch or portion of the same. The Priestly authority is universal, having power over all things; the Kingly authority until perfected is limited to the kingdoms placed under its jurisdiction: the former appoints and ordains the latter; but the latter never appoints and ordains the former: the first controls the laws of nature, and exercises jurisdiction over the elements, as well as over men; the last controls men only, and administers just and righteous laws for their government. Where the two are combined and the individual perfected, he has almighty power both as a King and as Priest; both offices are then merged in one. The distinctions then, will be merely in the name and not in the authority; either as a King or a Priest, he will then have power and dominion over all things, and reign over all. Both titles, combined, will then not give him any more power than either one singly.

[See also 23 July 1843 where Joseph Smith said he would advance from prophet to priest (which happened 28 Sep 1843) and then to king of this earth (which took place 11 Apr 1844). Kings who rule over the different nations, and kings who rule under God in eternity are different functions. The former king has no priesthood, while the latter king holds a fulness of the priesthood.

94. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 2:260; Address delivered in the New Bowery, Great Salt Lake City, by Elder Orson Pratt, April 7, 1855.

. . .the Saint who has been sealed unto eternal life and falls into transgression and does not repent, but dies in his sin, will be afflicted and tormented after he leaves this vale of tears until the day of redemption; but having been sealed with the [holy] spirit of promise through the ordinances of the house of God, those things which have been sealed upon his head will be realized by him in the morning of the resurrection.

95. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 2:301; Address by Pres. Brigham Young, given in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, June 3, 1855.

To have such a promise [of receiving eternal lives] so sealed upon our heads, which no power on earth, in heaven, or beneath the earth can take from us, to be sealed up to the day of redemption and have the promise of eternal lives, is the greatest gift of all. The people do not fully understand these things and have them not in full vision before their minds, if they did I will tell you, plainly and in honesty, that there is not a trial which the Saints are called to pass through that they would not realize and acknowledge to be their greatest blessing.

96. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 3:265-66; Remarks made in the Bowery, Provo, Utah, July 14, 1855, by Pres. Brigham Young.

Says one, “How will you explain this to me?” We understand we are to be made kings and Priests unto God; now if I be made the king and lawgiver to my family, and if I have many sons, I shall become the father of many fathers, for they will have sons, and their sons will have sons, and so on, from generation to generation, and, in this way, I may become the father of many fathers, or the king of many kings. This will constitute every man a prince, king, lord, or whatever the Father sees fit to confer upon us.

In this way we can become King of kings, and Lord of lords, or Father of fathers, or Prince of princes, and this is the only course, for another man is not going to raise up a kingdom for you.

97. Journal of Wilford Woodruff, August 5, 1855.

President Young thought none would inherit this earth when it became celestial & translated into the presence of God, but those who would be crowned as Gods & able to endure the fulness of the presence of God, except they might be permitted to take with them some servants for whom they would be held responsible. All others would have to inherit another kingdom, even that kingdom agreeing with the law which they had kept.

98. Mary Ellen A. Kimball Journal, Church Archives; February 18, 1857; W/O sic

[Heber C. Kimball] came to our room [and] said he did not feel well. spoke of an ordinance which he had previously taught and said that only one of his wives had attended to it. he then spoke of our Savior and his wives but more particularly of Mary [and her] faithfulness to her Lord Said Mary felt to say that she intended to devote her time to him for he had told her that his time was short and he must soon leave them Now she says I design to attend to his words and teaching Let Martha and the rest say what they would. The Savior then told Martha to let Mary alone for she had chosen the better part which should never be taken from her Now said He follow me and you shall see my father This she did even to the tomb and was the first to see him resurrected from the grave.

99. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 5:18-19; Discourse by Pres. Heber C. Kimball, delivered in the Bowery, Salt Lake City; April 6, 1857.

If I obtain all the blessings of the Priesthood, all the endowments, all the blessings that God has to confer upon us in this probation, and keep those things sacred while I live, I am then as pure and holy as it is possible for a man to be while in the flesh. Then, if my wives are one with me, my children and their posterity will partake of those blessings which have been placed upon me. Every blessing conferred upon me tends to benefit my posterity. Those blessings are for every righteous man; and the blessings that are conferred upon faithful men and women in their holy anointings and sealings will rest upon their posterity after them for ever and for ever, through their faithfulness; and there is no end to it. * * * If we live so as to attain to the principles and fulness of perfection and to secure the promises of eternal lives, then those blessings will rest upon us and our children. * * *

We are now attending to matters that will answer every purpose, until that Temple is completed. Those who go through their endowments now and are sealed up unto eternal lives, those blessings will stick to them, if they will stick to the blessings and promises that are made over unto them, and step forward with one heart and one mind to do the will of God as made known to them from time to time from this stand.

100. Esaias Edwards “Diary”, p. 51; Mor/M270.1/Ed96/BYU Spec Coll; July 17, 1857.

On the seventeenth of July 1857 we received our sealing by Brigham Young the prophet of the Lord in the house of endowments at the Alter of the Lord Belinda acting Proxy I first had Elizabeth Cambell sealed to me for eternity. Afterwards I had Sarah Catharine Gibbs sealed to me for eternity Afterwards I had Belinda Miles sealed to me for time and all eternity Brigham also blessed me and my wives with an endless Priesthood and posterity and the gift of eternal lives through faithfulness.

101. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 6:100; Address delivered in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, by Pres. Brigham Young; November 29, 1857.

If they had been sanctified and holy, the children of Israel would not have traveled one year with Moses before they would have received their endowments and the Melchizedek Priesthood. But they could not receive them, and never did. Moses left them, and they did not receive the fullness of that Priesthood. *** The Lord told Moses that he would show himself to the people; but they begged Moses to plead with the Lord not to do so.

102. Journal History, Friday, December 18, 1857; Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1857, p. 904.

Some of the Brethren inquired upon Pres. Young to make inquiries upon certain teachings of Joseph concerning the endowments. Elder Geo. A. Smith said that Joseph taught that but one king and priest could be anointed at one meeting in a private room dedicated by permission to anoint in, and but one person could be anointed in a day, but in the Temple several could be anointed in a day, but at each anointing the meeting was dismissed and then came together again. Pres. Young said that Joseph taught him to take the quorum* and anoint them kings and priests to God, and when he got through with that begin at the beginning again to administer for the dead. When the Temple is finished and a place duly prepared we should not be confined to any particular number in sealing and anointing. The rooms next to the east pulpit, or over it will be the place to attend to the second anointings. Under the pulpit in the west end will be the place to offer sacrifices; there will be an altar prepared for that purpose so that when any sacrifices are to be offered they should be offered there.

*[In the Wilford Woodruff journal for this date it reads:]

President Young said Joseph taught him to take the Quorums of the Church in their order beginning at the oldest of each Quorum & Anoint them Kings & Priests unto God, when I got through with that begin at the beginning again to administer for the dead.

103. Lambert Collection Ettie Smith, 1858; University of Utah.

Passing through the veil into the “Celestial glory” ends the first anointing. . . .arrived at this point, the candidate, is prepared to proceed to the second anointing. This I have never received, and for various reasons, not the least of which was, that very few have received this as yet, and not until the new temple at Salt Lake City if finished. I had also heard hinted, that the “second anointing” was administered without clothing of any kind; and more over as will be seen hereafter, I had reason to doubt somewhat though not entirely to discard Mormonism.

104. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 8:154-55; Remarks by Pres. Brigham Young made in the Bowery, Salt Lake City; August 26, 1860; Entitled “The Three Glories”.

The sectarian world, as we call them, is a professed church of God, without the Priesthood. Sectarians have not the Priesthood; but all of them who live according to the best light and intelligence they can obtain through faithfulness to what they believe, as taught unto them, will receive a kingdom and glory that will far transcend all their expectations, imaginations, or visions in their most excited moments, whether in their falling-down power, jumping power, or squawling power. All they have ever desired to anticipated they will receive, and far more; but they cannot dwell with the Father and Son, unless they go through those ordeals that are ordained for the Church of the Firstborn. The ordinances of the house of God are expressly for the Church of the Firstborn. * * *

Let us so live, that when we receive our bodies in the resurrection, we will be received in the presence of the Father and the Son. This kingdom is designed expressly to prepare the people to dwell with God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, and all the world beside will receive according to their works upon the earth. This is a joy that is unspeakable; it is a glory beyond the capacity of our minds at the present time to appreciate. It is a great joy to me.

105. Unpublished discourse by Pres. Brigham Young, entitled: “A Few Words of Doctrine”; Ms/d/1234/Bx 49/fd 8/Church Historians Office; Delivered in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, October 8, 1861, in the morning. Reported by G. D. Watt.

I will give you a few words of doctrine, upon which there has been much inquiry, and with regard to which considerable ignorance exists. Br. Watt will write it, but it is not my intention to have it published; therefore pay good attention, and store it up in your memories. * * *

Woman must atone for sins committed by the volition of her own choice, but she will never become an angel to the devil, and sin so far as to place herself beyond the reach of mercy. * * *

I wish to say to my young sisters, if you can go into the hands of a man, that will lead you into the kingdom of heaven, and exalt you there to become an Eve–a queen of heaven–the wife of a god; and you can remain with that man whom your soul delights,

106. Antoine W. Ivins Journal 13:109; 1863.

Cyrus Standford and wife get second anointing in the Historian’s Office.

107. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 10:251, 254; Remarks made by Pres. Brigham Young in the Bowery, Great Salt Lake City; October 6, 1863.

We talk a great deal about our religion. It is not now my intention to deliver a discourse on this subject, enumerating facts and producing evidences in my possession which are unanswerable, but I will merely give a text, or make a declaration, that our religion is simply the truth. It is all said in this one expression—it embraces all truth, wherever found, in all the works of God and man that are visible or invisible to mortal eye. It is the only system of religion known in heaven or on earth that can exalt a man to the Godhead, and this it will do to all those who embrace its laws and faithfully observe its precepts. This thought gives joy and delight to the reflecting mind, for, as has been observed, man possesses the germ of all the attributes and power that are possessed by God his heavenly Father. * * *

There are some of the sealing ordinances that cannot be administered in the house that we are now using [the Endowment House]; we can only administer in it some of the first ordinances of the Priesthood pertaining to the endowment. There are more advanced ordinances that cannot be administered there; we would, therefore, like a Temple, but I am willing to wait a few years for it. I want to see the Temple built in a manner that it will endure through the Millennium. This is not the only Temple we shall build; There will be hundreds of them built and dedicated to the Lord. This Temple will be known as the first Temple built in the mountains by the Latter-day Saints. And when the Millennium is over, and all the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, down to the last of their posterity, who come within the reach of the clemency of the Gospel, have been redeemed in hundreds of Temples through the administration of their children as proxies for them, I want that Temple still to stand as a proud monument of the faith, perseverance and industry of the Saints of God in the mountains, in the nineteenth century. * * *

Some of us are not dependent on the Temple for our endowment blessings, for we have received them under the hands of Joseph the Prophet, and know where to go to bestow the same on others. You may ask me whether the leaders of this Church have received all their endowment blessings. I think that we have got all that you can get in your probation, if you live to be the age of Methuselah; and we can give what we possess to others who are worthy.

108. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 10:355; Discourse by Pres. Brigham Young, given in the Bowery, Salt Lake City; November 6, 1864.

A few words in explanation of this may not be amiss. When the Holy Priesthood, which is after the order of the Son of God, is upon the earth, and its organizations, ordinances, gospel, powers, authorities and blessings are enjoyed by the children of men; then by means of sealing powers and keys, and an everlasting covenant, the sons of men become the sons of God by regeneration, and are entitled, every man in his order, to the privileges, exaltations, principalities and powers, kingdoms and thrones, which are held and enjoyed, by the Great Father of our race; and all these are obtained through the law of natural increase, and the saving of that which the Father puts into our power. * * * We have not yet received our kingdoms, neither will we, until we have finished our work on the earth, passed through the ordeals, are brought up by the power of the resurrection, and are crowned with glory and eternal lives. Then he that has overcome and is found worthy, will be made a king of kings, and lord of lords over his own posterity, or in other words: A father of fathers. This latter rendering, is more strictly in accordance with the original text.

109. An Englishwoman in Utah, by Fanny Stenhouse, 1881 ed, pp. 320-321. This took place around the year 1865.

Not only after this [the marriage of her daughter, Clara, to John A. Young]. my husband one day told me that a select few had been chosen to receive the Second Endowments, and that we were to be honored with the same privilege. This I was told was one of the highest honours that could be conferred upon us, as the Second Endowments had never been given to anyone since the Mormons left Nauvoo.

When we reached the Endowment House, we ladies were shown into one room and our husband into another. We then proceeded to array ourselves in our robes, caps, and aprons–the same as when we received our first Endowments–and when all was ready we were ushered into another room by one of the brethren, who was also dressed in his Temple robes. There we met our husband and several other brethren, all dressed the same way. We sat down, and oil was then poured upon the head of our husband by two of the brethren–Daniel H. Wells and another–and he was ordained a King and Priest to all eternity. After that, we two wives were anointed in like manner, and ordained Queens and Priestesses, to reign and rule with our husbands over his kingdom in the celestial world.

110. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 11:145; Remarks by Pres. Heber C. Kimball, on October 6, 1865.

When a man revolts against the work of God and against the counsels of his servants, and will not be subject to the Holy Ghost which dwells in him, he commits treason against God, and against his authority on the earth, and neither the Father, nor the Son, nor the Holy Ghost will take up their abode with such a man, and he may bid farewell to the guidance of good angels.***

But the day will come when the Lord will choose a people out of this people [church of the Firstborn], upon whom he will bestow his choicest blessings.

111. Journal of Wilford Woodruff, Ms/f/115; December 26, 1866; Wilford Woodruff speaking.

I met with the Presidency and Twelve at President Young’s Office at about 12 o’clock. The subject of the Endowments & 2nd Anointings was presented when President Young said that the order of the 2d Anointings was for the persons to be anointed to be clothed in their Priestly robes the man upon the right hand and wife or wives upon the left hand, the administrator may be dressed in his usual clothing or in his Priestly robes as he may see fit. The meeting should be opened by prayer then the administrator should anoint the man a King & Priest unto the Most High God, then he should anoint his wife or wives, Queens & Priestesses unto her husband. There should be but one man anointed at any one meeting. If more than one man is anointed in a day, they should come together and open by Prayer as though there had not been any meeting before and thus continue to the end. President Young said when a woman was anointed a Queen to a good man, and he died & the woman was sealed to another man for time, it was not necessary for her to be anointed a Queen again, but if she was anointed a Queen to a man who was not worthy of a wife & she is sealed to another man, she should be anointed a Queen unto him. When a good man dies & his wives have not been anointed Queens unto him they may be anointed Queens to him after his death without any proxy.

112. Elijah Larkin Journal; Mor/M270.1/L32/V.2/BYU Spec Coll; December 31, 1866.

31st . . . To day the first Presidency & twelve commenced to give Second Endowments. Bro Wells & family received theirs….

113. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; December 31, 1866. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

D. H. Wells & his 4 wives received their second anointing at 1 o’clock.

114. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; January 1, 1867. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

Tuesday Jan. 1, ’67… the same parties with the addition of Joseph A. Young met at the endowment house. Geo. Q Cannon and his three wives were anointed: the services were the same as yesterday.

115. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; January 2, 1867. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

I met with the Presidency and 8 of the Twelve and Joseph F. Smith. Joseph A. Young and Brigham Young Jr. dressed and prayed. Then President Brigham Young gave his son Joseph A. Young his second anointings. It was decided by President Young that we dress and offer up the signs of the Holy Priesthood before we give the 2d anointing and only one man and his wives in one day at one place.

116. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; January 3, 1867. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

We met at the Endowment House at 12 o’clock, dressed & prayed after which Brigham Young Jr. received his second anointing.

117. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; January 4, 1867. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

Joseph Fielding Smith & his two wives received their second anointing.

118. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; January 6, 1867. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

January 6, 1867… I met in the Prayer Circle with the President & Twelve C. C. Rich prayed & E.T. Benson was mouth . . . While at President Youngs House in the Evening for Prayer He divided the Twelve in 3 companies to attend to the Second Anointings.

119. Diary of Frederick Kesler, Sr., No. 3, pp. 155-56; Univ of Utah Lib; February 9, 1867.

Br. W Woodruff Notified me in person that I could receive my 2nd anointing on Saturday Feb. 9th at 2 ocl P.M. Accordingly I sent to my wives Emeline & Abigail. According they arrived on Friday afternoon at my Residency in the city.

9th Saturday all being Ready we proceeded to the Historian’s Office & there Received in Regular Order My 2nd anointing & Blessings also my Wives Emeline Jane Elizabeth & Abigail all there in Regular Order with there Blessings….Br. George A. Smith & Woodruff officiated. Br. Smith being mouth.

120. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 11:326; Remarks given by Pres. Brigham Young at the Tabernacle in Salt Lake, on February 10, 1867.

Will the time ever come that we can commence and organize this people as a family? It will. Do we know how? Yes; what was lacking in these revelations from Joseph to enable us to do so was revealed to me. Do you think we will ever be one? When we get home to our Father and God will we not wish to be in the family? Will it not be our highest ambition and desire to be reckoned as the sons of the living God, as the daughters of the Almighty, with a right to the household, and the faith that belongs to the household, heirs of the Father, His goods, His wealth, His power, His excellency, His knowledge and wisdom? Ought it not to be our highest ambition to attain to this? How many families do you think there will be then?

121. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; June 1867.

The following received their second anointings on the following days:

3rd: Jesse N. Smith

4th: Charles Lambet & wife

5th: Samuel Malin & 2 wives

6th: Samual Merrill & wives

7th: Edward Stephanson; John Murdock & 1 living wife & 3 dead 8th: Joseph W. Johnson & 3 living wives, and 1 dead

15th: James Agee Smith (literal descendant of John Smith who was saved by Poccahontas.)

122. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; June 19, 1867. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

I met at 8 o’clock & gave Isaac Whittaker & 2 wives their second anointing & in a 2d meeting I gave Brother Earl and wife their second anointing & I took down my back room and cleared the ground. * * *

123. John Lyman Smith Diary, pp. 166-67; Mss 680, BYU Spec Coll; July 30, 1867.

Tuesday 30 Saw Pres. Young by Direction of Pres. Young informed Bro. Geo. A that he wish him to give me my 2nd anointing at 10 o clock I met with the circle & received the same this was an unexpected blessing to me, I pray I may never act so as to deprive me of the Blessings promised.

124. Journal of Luman A. Shurtliff, p. 79; Typescript in the possession of Dr. Mark M. Lewis, M.D.; September 17, 1867.

This fall I was called to go to Salt Lake City with my wives to get our second anointings. We left home on the 16th of September and it was the rainiest day I had seen for years and it truly seemed that the Devil was determined to prevent our going, however we got started about one o’clock p.m. and got into the city at daylight on the 17th of September.

We went to the Endowment House and Heber C. Kimball and D. H. Wells officiated in giving us our second anointings. My wife, Melissa, stood proxy for my wife, Eunice, and then Melissa, and Mary received their blessings.

After the services we had a very pleasant visit with our Brethren and went home thankful that we had lived and been considered worthy to receive that blessing.

125. Lorenzo Brown Diary; Mor/M270.1/B8142/V.2/BYU Spec Coll; October 2, 1867.

October 2 Went with wife to President B Youngs Mansion to receive our blessings or second anointings which is a fullness of our endowments. President E Snow presided assisted by Robert Garner John M Moody F. B. Wooley J W Crosby assisting.

126. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; October 12, 1867. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

I was quite unwell with a severe cold in my lungs but went to the Historian’s office & attended 2nd Anointing of (Rosetta Benbow) then went to Endowment House & gave endowments to 32. I sealed my son Wilford Woodruff, Jun & Emily Jane Smith in the bonds of matrimony over the alter according to the order of God.

127. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; November 11, 1867. Wilford Woodruff speaking.

I anointed Wilford Woodruff, Jr. and his wife at night.

128. Biographical Sketch of Sylvester H. Earl, p. 13; BYU Library; 1867.

. . .In the fall, Willber and myself went to Great Salt Lake City. In ’62, I moved my first wife to St. George. She was very sick in ’63 and ’64. We then all settled in Pine Valley, and got some good farming land, and in 1867, I was called upon to take my wives and go to Salt Lake to get our second anointings.

129. St. George Stake Historical Record, #97707, Vol. 3:28; Discourse given by Pres. George A. Smith, on Friday, December 25, 1874, and was recorded by James G. Bleak, Clerk and Historian of the Southern Mission. The discourse was later published in the Millennial Star, Vol. 37:66-67, Tues., February 2, 1875.

Prest. Smith, on rising. . . .spoke of the Solemn Assembly which convened in Kirtland nearly forty years ago, and of the great blessings poured out by the Lord on that occasion. He felt glad to see present here today perhaps forty witnesses of what then took place. He alluded to councils which had been held in Nauvoo, and to the fact of the Prophet Joseph calling the Twelve together, and, at a meeting called for that purpose, of Joseph and Hyrum the Patriarch administering to Brigham Young, then President of the Twelve Apostles, what is known as the Second Anointing, and instructing him to administer in like manner to his brethren of the Twelve, which he did to the nine of the Twelve who were then at home. He stated that the Twelve were then instructed to administer in the ordinances of the Gospel for the dead, beginning with baptism and the laying on of hands. This work was at once commenced. It soon became apparent that some had long records of their dead, for whom they wished to administer. This was seen to be but the beginning of an immense work, and that to administer all the ordinances of the Gospel to the hosts of the dead was no light task. The Twelve asked Joseph if there could not be some shorter method of administering for so many. Joseph in effect replied—“The laws of the Lord are immutable, we must act in perfect compliance with what is revealed to us. We need not expect to do this vast work for the dead in a short time. I expect it will take at least a thousand years.”

Brother George A. Smith, in the foregoing recital incidentally remarked that Elder Sidney Rigdon had never received the Second Anointing, nor the keys pertaining to baptism for the dead. The speaker warmly and most earnestly exhorted the people to energetically prosecute the work on the St. George Temple, so that President Young and the Twelve might have the opportunity of going therein to communicate the keys of knowledge and power which the Prophet Joseph had conferred upon them, and which could only be conferred on others in a Temple. (p. 66)

130. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; January 15, 1877; St. George Temple.

* * *

Brigham Jr & My self wrote out a part of the Ceremony of the Endowments *** I spent the Evening with President Yg He told me their was no necessity of dressing in the Temple Clothing while giving the Second Anointing any more than in administering it first anointing or ordaining He also said that we should use the Bible in the garden & Bible & Book of Mormon in the Telestial room and add the Covenants to it in the Terrestrial room.

131. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; January 16, 1877; St. George Temple.

I gave the second anointing to Philemon Christopher & Syrena Dustin Merrill.

132. Journal of L. John Nuttall; February 7, 14, 24, 28, 1877.

Wed 7 . . .also Sarah Johnson McDonald anointed to A.F. McDonald his wife. Elizabeth Graham McD. as proxy—Fanny Van Cott McDonald was also anointed to A.F. McDonald—W. Woodruff anointing. H.W. Bigler held the horn.

Wed 14 at the Temple. Recorder at the font for 468. J McAllister for 324 also Recorder in the Sealing Room at 28 Second Anointings. Bro. W. Woodruff anointed. myself & D. H. Cannon held the horn. * * * A. P. Winsor had his 2nd Anointings.

Sat 24 Bro. W Woodruff anointed A. P. Winsor held the horn- * * * I was mouth in consecrating & dedicating oil for 2 Anointings.

Wed 28. At Temple. I officiated as Recorder at Font * * * Also attended at 9. Second Anointings.

133. Henry Eyring Journal, p. 38; Mor/M270.1/Ey67/BYU Spec Coll; February 24, 1877.

February 24th 1877 myself and wives received our sec’d anointing under the hands of Elder Wilford Woodruff, to whom we were subsequently adopted as son and daughter.

134. Journal of L. John Nuttall; Mor/M270.1/N963/Vol. 1:26; BYU Special Collections; February 24, 1877.

Sat 24. At the Temple attended as Recorder at 21 Second Anointings Bro. W Woodruff anointed A.P. Winsor held the horn. * * * I was mouth in consecrating & dedicating oil for 2 Anointings.

135. Journal of Charles L. Walker; Church Historical Dept; March 13, 1877.

March 13, 1877—Tuesday. Today I took Abigail and Sarah into the Temple and we received great and glorious blessings and powers which few of the children of Adam ever attained to.

136. St. George Temple Book; CR/343/19 (vault)—contains book with information about building, dedication and beginning of temple work at St. George. A dedication was conducted January 1, 1877 in the sealing room w/BY, WW, ES, and BY Jr. present. At the occasion ES, BY Jr. and WW gave dedicatory prayers and BY spoke —all recorded in this book and in the Journal of Wilford Woodruff.

I Wilford Woodruff, bear testimony, that Prest. B. Young, told me to go to work and prepare the Temple for giving Endowments and I had made the preparations according to his acceptance. And on the 9th of Jan. 1877 we repaired to the Temple, and for the first time the Ordinance of baptism for the dead was performed in the Temple of St. George. * * * Prest. Young requested me to take charge of the Temple, which I did.  * * * On the 8th of April 1877 W. Woodruff was appointed in the public assembly to take charge of the Temple and preside over it. * * *

Prest. Young gave me power and authority to give second anointings and seal women to men as I might be led by the Spirit of God. * * *

Salt Lake City March 26, 1883 /s/ Wilford Woodruff

137. Journal of L. John Nuttall; April 2, 1877; St. George Temple.

[Statistics from Jan 9. to Mar. 31. 1877:]

Jan Feb Mar Total No of Second Anointings. 2 73 52 127

138. Diary of John Daniel Thompson McAllister, p. 219, 254; BYU Special Collections; August 10, 1877.

Second Anointing. Living 6 dead 2 total 8.

Sealings and second anointings by myself. [p. 219] * * * My wife Ann received her second anointings and acted with me for her Father and Mother in their second anointings. [p. 254]

139. Journal of L. John Nuttall; August 23, 1878; BYU Spec Coll; August 23, 1878.

Went to the Temple. Bro. W. D. Johnson Jr and wife J. G. Brown and wife had endowments for some of their dead, after which they obtained their 2d Annointings.

140. First Presidency Letterpress Copybooks, Vol 2. Volume covers from August 1878 to May 1879. Church Archives. CR/1/20.

Salt Lake City

10 Oct 1878

Pres. Jos. F. Smith


Dear Bro:–

Sis. Caroline Carter an aged lady has my permission to receive her Second Anointings at your convenience. Her husband has received his first endowments and is dead. She was sealed to him. Bro. D. C. Thompson will act in behalf of bro. Carter.

Your Brother,

/s/ John Taylor

141. First Presidency Letterpress Copybooks, Vol 2:251. Volume covers from August 1878 to May 1879. Church Archives. CR/1/20/#2.

Salt Lake City

Nov. 8, 1878

Prest. J. D. T. McAllister,

St. George,

Dear Brother:–

I very much object to telegrams such as that regarding Bp. Dorius. It compromises all parties concerned, the principals, the sender, and the receiver, and much prefer that communications on such matters be made through the mail. Those desiring such work done must make the proper arrangements before hand or they must wait.

Bp Dorius has our consent to his request.

Your Brother in the Gospel

/s/ John Taylor

142. Samuel Hollister Rogers Journal, p. 78; Mss/1134/V.II/BYU Special Collections; September 22, 1879

Monday 22 September 1879 the evening of the fifty second Anniversary of the Angel delivering of the Plates of the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Lord, I dedicated the house and room also blest the Oil after which my Ruth Anointed my feet and wiped them with the hair of her head, then kissed them after the pattern as written in the Testament of the Lord Jesus Christ.

143. Juvenile Instructor, Vol. 15:111; May 15, 1880; Article entitled “Temples”, written by Daniel Tyler.

The Lord informed the prophet that the temples were the places to receive “the fullness of the priesthood.” He said: “for a baptismal font there is not upon the earth, that my Saints may be baptized for those who are dead; for this ordinance belongeth to my house,” (a temple) “and cannot be acceptable to me, only in the days of your poverty, wherein ye are not able to build a house unto me.”

These additional powers include all the keys that belong to the holy priesthood on the earth, or were ever revealed to man in any dispensation, and which admit men and women within the veil. They enable them to pass by the angels and the gods, until they get into the presence of the Father and the Son. They make of them kings and priests, queens and priestesses to God, to rule and reign as such over their posterity and those who may be given to them by adoption, in the great jubilee of rest which is near at hand. It gives them the right to the tree of life, and the “seal of the living God in their foreheads,” spoken of by John the revelator. No marvel, then, that the Lord requires sacred places for such great and glorious things–“the fullness of the holy priesthood” to be restored.

144. Diary of Oliver B. Huntington, Vol. 2:4; Mor/M270.1/H925h; BYU Library; January 10, 1881.

I went to Washington, 6 miles (from St. George); when I returned home I found Zina there comfortably visiting with the family. She and I went to Bro. McAllister’s who very kindly consented to suspend some of the rules of the Temple, or rather the usages and accommodate Zina and me by giving me “second annointing” and attending to the ordinance of adoption for us and family on the following day instead of as usual on Friday.

145. Diary of Oliver B. Huntington, Vol. 2:5-6; Mor/M270.1/H925h; BYU Library; January 12, 1881.

My wife, her mother, Nelly and I went to the [St. George] Temple according to previous arrangement with Zina and Bro. McAllister and spent the forenoon in sealings of adoptions My father’s family and my mother’s father, mother and children all were adopted to my father, then father and mother were adopted to grandfather Huntington also all his brothers and sisters were adopted to him.

Next grandfather and mother were adopted to Joseph Smith. After that my wife and I received second annointing. I received second annointing for grandfather Huntington and Zina for his two wives.

At Cedar Springs (on my way home from St. George) I had an interview with old Sister Huldy Barns, a wife of Heber C. Kimball, now 77 years old; and from her I learned the following items of intelligence, that are perhaps no where written. They were the natural outgrowth of conversation and question.

“In the temple at Nauvoo she assisted in giving endowments as long as anyone. There were 90 persons that received their second annointings. None was given to the dead by proxy.”

[The above statement by sister Barns is not at all accurate as can be seen from the “Book of Anointings”, Nauvoo Temple. There were over 200 living who received their second anointings, and there were several given by proxy to the dead.]

146. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; July 31, 1881; Wilford Woodruff speaking.

Those who are ordained kings and priests unto God will receive all things either in time or eternity and will become counselors to the Savior and dwell and labor with him throughout all eternity and we are the noble spirits who were appointed to come and dwell on the earth in the last dispensation and to labor with him in the building up his Kingdom and prepare it for his coming, to prepare the world for the judgments of God.

147. BYU Special Collections Library/Mss 1132/3pps; May 22, 1882; Letter from Mary Lightner and James Rollins to President John Taylor.

President John Taylor St. George–May 22nd 1882

Dear Brother

Mrs Elizabeth Gilbert, (who is in her Eighty-second year) is here for the purpose of obtaining her Second Anointing, together with her husband, Algernon Sidney Gilbert, who Died when Zion’s Camp went up to Missouri–My Brother Henry Rollins, Stands as Proxy for her husband–his uncle.

I also wish to know if the sealing of My Mother to Mr. John M. Burk, in Nauvoo can be changed. As she did not wish to be Sealed to him–But Brother Young told her to let it be so for the present, and it could be changed afterward, (or words to that effect).

Must her sealing remain as it was in Nauvoo? Or she be sealed to Joseph–For that is our Desire Henry desires to be adopted into Josephs Kingdom-


/s/ Mary E[lizabeth]. [Rollins] Lightner /s/ James A. Rollins

Dear President Taylor

as I understand you are well acquainted with Bro James A. Rollins and his sister Mary E. who is the wife of Joseph the Prophet. It does not require a great deal of writing from me, he has had his Second Anointing, and can act for his uncle if approved. They are very much exercised about their Mother. He informs me it was understood when living at President Smith’s that he was to be in his family, and would like his mother sealed to him.

Your Bro in the Gospel

John D. T. McAllister

St George

22 May/82

NB. please to answer by wire. If the Mother is to be sealed to Joseph. please to say Henry Rollins Gilbert second, and all approved. If the mother remains where she is. I will understand the usual form


148. The Mediation and Atonement, pp. 84-87, 158-59; 1882 edition; 1973 photomechanical reprint; by President John Taylor.

Hence, while they are saviors, preach to the spirits in prison and judge the dead, we build temples and administer for them upon the earth, and thus become, as it is written, “saviors upon Mount Zion,” operating and co-operating with the Priesthood behind the veil, in the interest, happiness, salvation and exaltation of the human family. Thus shall we also become legitimately and by right through the atonement and adoption, Kings and Priests—Priests to administer in the holy ordinances pertaining to the endowments and exaltation; and Kings, under Christ, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to rule and govern, according to the eternal laws of justice and equity, those who are thus redeemed and exalted. * * *

“For this Melchizedek was ordained a priest after the order of the Son of God, which order was without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life. And all those who are ordained unto this priesthood are made like unto the Son of God, abiding a priest continually.” (I.V. Heb. 7)

In Genesis, inspired translation, chapter xiv, it is also stated regarding Melchizedek:

“Thus, having been approved of God, he was ordained an high priest after the order of the covenant which God made with Enoch, it being after the order of the Son of God; which order came, not by man, nor the will of man; neither by father, nor mother; neither by beginning of days, nor end of years; but of God. And it was delivered unto men by the calling of his own voice, according to his own will, unto as many as believed on his name. For God having sworn unto Enoch and unto his seed with an oath by himself, that every one being ordained after this order and calling should have [the sealing] power, by faith, to break mountains, to divide the seas, to dry up waters, to turn them out of their course, to put at defiance the armies of nations, to divide the earth, to break every band, to stand in the presence of God; to do all things according to his will, according to his command, subdue principalities and powers; and this by the will of the Son of God, which was from before the foundation of the world. And men having this faith, coming up unto this order of God, were translated and taken up into heaven. And now, Melchizedek was a priest of this order; therefore he obtained peace in Salem, and was called the Prince of peace, and his people wrought righteousness, and obtained heaven, and sought for the city of Enoch which God had before taken; separating it from the earth, having reserved it unto the latter-days, or the end of the world, and hath said, and sworn with an oath, that the heavens and the earth should come together; and the sons of God should be tried so as by fire. And this Melchizedek, having thus established righteousness, was called the king of heaven by his people, or, in other words, the King of peace.”

From the above it would seem that this people possessed the power of Translation, and that they “obtained heaven, and sought for the city of Enoch which God had before taken,” or which was before translated.

The principle of power also over the varied creations of God, above spoken of, pertaining to the Holy Priesthood after the order of the Son of God, has, by faith, been manifested to the world in the lives and actions of numbers of the servants of the Most High. The power of Enoch, wherein he caused the earth to tremble, whilst mountains fled at his command, and rivers were turned out of their course, has already been referred to. By this power, exercised in mighty faith, Melchizedek stopped the mouths of lions and quenched the violence of fire [I.V. Gen 14:26]; by it the waters of the Red Sea were divided by Moses, and the children of Israel passed through dry shod [Ex 14:21]; by it Elijah [2 Kings 2:7-8] and Elisha [2 Kings 2:14] smote the waters of the Jordan and crossed on dry land; by it Daniel escaped the ferocity of the lions [Dan 6:16-23], and the three Hebrew children were delivered from the fiery furnace [Dan 3:19-27].

By this same power in the Messianic dispensation the Apostles were delivered from the bonds and imprisonment; by it Paul shook off the viper that had fastened upon his hand [Acts 28:3-6]; by it Philip [Acts 8:39] was caught away by the Spirit of the Lord after he had baptized the Ethiopian eunuch; by it John was preserved when he was cast into a cauldron of boiling oil, that it did not hurt him; by it the dead were raised, the lepers cleansed, the sick healed, devils cast out, and other mighty works performed by Jesus and His disciples; and by it Christ broke the bands of death and became the resurrection and the life, the first fruits of them that slept, the conqueror of death, the Savior of the world and Redeemer of mankind.

Again, on this continent, one of the Nephite Prophets, Jacob, the son of Lehi, records: “We truly can command in the name of Jesus, and the very trees obey us, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea.” (Jacob, 4:6). By faith the brother of Jared, who held this power, said unto the mountain Zerin, Remove; and it was removed [Ether 12:30]; by it Alma and Amulek caused the walls of the prison in Ammonihah to tumble to the ground [Alma 14:26-29]; by it Nephi and Lehi wrought the surpassing change upon the Lamanites that they were baptized with fire and the Holy Ghost [Hel 5:43-49]; by it Ammon and his brethren wrought so great a miracle in the conversion of the Lamanites [Alma 17-27]; and by it also the disciples of Jesus who tarried amongst the Nephites showed forth the power spoken of in the following passage:

“Therefore they did exercise power and authority over the disciples of Jesus who did tarry with them, and they did cast them into prison; but by the power of the word of God, which was in them, the prisons were rent in twain, and they went forth doing mighty miracles among them. Nevertheless, and notwithstanding all these miracles, the people did harden their hearts, and did seek to kill them, even as the Jews at Jerusalem sought to kill Jesus, according to his word; and they did cast them into furnaces of fire, and they came forth receiving no harm; and they also cast them into dens of wild beasts, and they

did play with the wild beasts even as a child with a lamb; and they did come forth from among them, receiving no harm.” 4 Nephi 1:30-33.

This same power has also been abundantly manifested in these latter days in the midst of the Saints of God, in deliverances from evil, in escapes from enemies, in the quelling of mobs, in the stilling of the angry waves of the sea, in the healing of the sick, in the casting out of unclean spirits, and in many other miraculous manifestations of the power and goodness of God, and of the authority with which He has invested His servants who are endowed and clothed upon with the Priesthood, which is endless and after the order of the Son of God.

149. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 24:161; Erastus Snow; June 24, 1883.

This new and everlasting covenant reveals unto us the keys of the Holy Priesthood and ordinances thereof. It is the grant keystone of the arch which the Lord is building in the earth. In other words, it is that which completes the exaltation and glory of the righteous who receive the everlasting Gospel, and without it they could not attain unto the eternal power and Godhead and the fullness of celestial glory. Now, many may enter into the glory of God, and become servants in the house of God and in the celestial kingdom of God, who are not able to abide this new and everlasting covenant; but as we are told in the Doctrine and Covenants, with them there is an end to their exaltation, but they enter not into the order of the Gods. They cannot progress through the ceaseless rounds of eternity except they abide in the covenant, and abide in the covenant, and abide the law that governs it, and the Lord will not be mocked in these things.

150. Journal of Discourses, Vol. 24:274-75; Delivered in the Tabernacle in Logan, Utah; Sunday, August 12, 1883; Entitled: “The Latter-Day Saints Aspire to Celestial Glory, etc.”; Given by George Q. Cannon.

When he [Brigham Young] sealed a man up to eternal life, he bestowed upon him the blessings pertaining to eternity, and to the Godhead, or when he delegated others to do it in his stead, God in the eternal world recorded the act; the blessings that were sealed upon that man or that woman, they were sealed to be binding in this life, and in that life which is to come; they became part of the records of eternity, and would be fulfilled to the very letter upon the heads of those upon whom they were pronounced, provided they were faithful before God, and fulfilled their part of the covenant.