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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Temples & Mormonism – Miscellaneous Temple Notes

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1890:  14 Jan.: Logan Temple Association.

“I arrived from Richmond at 7:45 a. m. and attended a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Logan Temple Association, which had been previously adjourned on account of no quorum being present.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 14 Jan., 1890)

7 Jun.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday. . . . I attended the lecture in the Temple delivered by William H. Apperly on ‘What is Man?’  I went home in the evening.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 7 Jun., 1890)

5 Jul.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“[Saturday]  Was in the Temple today.  Elder J. Z. Stewart lectured to the students.  A. J. Merrill came to Logan and was at the lecture.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 5 Jul., 1890)

14 Jul.:  Logan Temple Association.

“Monday.  Am in the Temple.  Had a Temple Association Board meeting at 10 a. m., and members meeting at 2 p. m.  Very warm.  President A. M. Cannon was with us in our meeting.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 14 Jul., 1890)

16 Sep.:  Rebaptism in Logan Temple.

“Louis Edgar, Albert Marion, and Hattie Loenza were rebaptized today by John Crowther and confirmed by George T. Baugh and H. J. Neilson in the Temple.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 16 Sep., 1890)

1 Nov.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday.  Came back to the Temple and attended a lecture given by Professor J. M. Tanner on the situation in Europe.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 1 Nov., 1890)

6 Dec.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday. . . . Professor Maeser lectured in the Temple at 2 p.m.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 6 Dec., 1890)

1891:  7 Oct.: Temple Defense Fund.

“Finishing the Salt Lake Temple Defense fund.”  (L. John Nuttall diary, 7 Oct., 1891)

12 Nov.:  Non-member taken through temple.

“Friday.  On yesterday one Gentile by the name of Miller viewed the interior of Logan Temple by permission of President Woodruff, which is the first outsider that has ever seen the inside of this Temple.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 13 Nov., 1891)

1892:  7 May:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday. . . . I started to Logan by train, Libbie coming with me to give the Temple lecture today on the subject Education, in three divisions.  House almost full.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 7 May, 1892)  

1893:  4 Feb.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday.  . . . attended a lecture in the Temple by my son Thomas H. Merrill on wisdom.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 4 Feb., 1893)

8 Apr.:  Baby born in Logan Temple.

“A baby boy was born in the Temple last night at 10 p. m., Mrs. Benjamin F. Bennett of Provo the mother.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 8 Apr., 1893)

3 Jun.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday. . . . Attended lecture in the Temple at 2 p.m.  Wm. J. Kerr gave the lecture on mathematics.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 3 Jun., 1893)

1 Jul.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday. . . . Attended lecture in the Temple by Brother Wm. Apperly at 2 p.m.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 1 Jul., 1893) 

30 Sep.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday. . . . Attended a lecture a 2 p.m. written by my daughter Libbie and read before the Temple students by James A. Leishman.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 30 Sep., 1893)

1894:  1 Feb.:  Temple offerings.

“Thursday.  We have 75 for endowments today, but only about $3.00 for offerings.  Cash very short.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 1 Feb., 1894)

23 Aug.:  Temple offerings.

“Thursday.  We have 22 for endowments.  Not a cent donation given today and only 50 cents yesterday.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 21 Aug., 1894)

1896:  7 Apr.:  Instructions on clothing of dead.

“Tuesday.  I attended Priesthood Meeting at 10 a.m.  Presidency and ten of the Apostles were present with Presidents of Stakes, Priesthood, Bishops, and Counselors.  Instructions relative to the burying of the dead were given–that they should not be exposed to the public gaze in the meeting houses with their Temple clothes on.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 7 Apr., 1896)  

25 Nov.:  Temple offerings.

“Wednesday.  We have 59 endowments.  James Andrus of St. George had a son who married Jane Petty of Richmond, Utah, today, and did not donate 1 cent to the Tkemple; some young folks who get married here do donate 25 cents.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 25 Nov., 1896)

1897:  7 Aug.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday. . . . Attended the Temple lecture given by Lewis A. Merrill, our son, which was very excellent.  Subject:  The relationship of religion to science, or vice versa.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 7 Aug., 1897)

1899:  2 Dec.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday.  Logan.  I attended Priesthood Meeting today at 11 a.m. and the lecture in the Temple at 1 p.m.  Albert M. Merrill lectured on child training.  I left for home at 3:30 p.m.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 2 Dec., 1899)

1900:  3 Mar.:  Logan Temple Lectures.

“Saturday.  Logan. . . . I went to the Temple and attended a lecture by Brother Willard Done on the life and character of King David of Bible fame.”  (Marriner Wood Merrill diary, 3 Mar., 1900)