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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Temples & Mormonism – 1856

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TEMPLES, 1856.

1856:  11 Jan.:  Washed/anointed w/whiskey/oil for health.

“A. M. felt a little better.  Bro. Gibson wrote some business letters for me to Matthew Thompson, Edwd. L. Sloan & Hugh Shepherd.  He sent the ‘Stars’ and ‘Journals of Discourses’ to my subscribers, and Branch Agents.  Mrs. Herron brought me a Bottle of Port wine, and some oranges and lemons.  Several of the Sisters brought me some very nice cakes and crakers &c &c.  all of the saints were very kind.  in the evening Bro. Ferguson arrived from Dublin, brought me a Bottle of Port sent by Sister Bermingham.  about midnight he washed me with water, then bathed me with whiskey, after which administered to me by anointing my body all over with consecrated oil.  went to bed and slept well.”  (J. D. T. McAllister diary, 11 Jan., 1856, p. 72)

13 Jan.:  “Hearts of the fathers to the children.”

“I now want to speak of another thing.  A vary small portion of our time was spent in the Temple at Nauvoo whare we began to administer the ordinances according to the words of Malachi in the 4th Ch 5th & 6 verses ‘Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the Coming of the great & Dreadful day of the Lord.’  ‘And He shall turn the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children & the hearts of the Children to their Fathers lest I Come & smite the Earth with a Curse.’

Abram received the promise from the Lord that his seed should be saved.  And all the seed of Abraham in all the Gentile Nations or among the Uncontaminated of the house of Israel will be gathered.  They have sinned.  They have changed the ordinances, & broaken their Covenants Or you would not see the children of these Mountains in the degredation in which we now find them.  The Lamanites upon this Continant are Manassehites almost exclusively.  Their is but little of the seed of Ephraim among them.  They are counted as the seed of Abraham and they must be saved or they w[ould?] not have become so loathsome as they are.  They are punished in the flesh to make an attonement in the flesh for their sins & transgressions, and when they pass through the veil the enemy has no power over them.

In the day of the Lord Jesus Christ all the particles of the Blood of Abraham will be gathered together.  The seed of Abraham has not been counted for many years nor never will be again.  If an Angel was to commence now to number them all when he had got the numbers together before they Could be compiled there would be a great number more born during the time of there numerration so they could not be numbered & this is the reason why his seed Cannot be numbered.

Brethren & sisters you are of the seed of Abraham & you should live your religion that you may claim the promises of Abraham.  This priesthood will turn the hearts of the Children to the Ancient Fathers & the children to the Fathers now & those which are to Come will be made perfect.  This Chain must not [be] broaken for mankind Cannot be saved any other way.  This Priesthood must be linked together so that all the Children may be linked to Father Adam.

It may be asked when will this work be done.  It will be done in Temples in our day & in the days of our Children.  We shall go into the Temples & be pillars therein & go no more out & we shall plant trees & vineyards & eat the fruit thereof.  I will Call it the Millennium.  I carry it in my heart.  I say it has begun.  Evry Saint Carries it with him.  Then let us increase in evry good thing & we will extend this influence from Zion untill it roots out evry evil & brings all in subjection to the kingdom of our God.

We will administer in the Temple which we have now begun & that is one point gained & we will seal men to men by the keys of the Holy Priesthood.  This is the highest ordinance.  It is the last ordinance of the kingdom of God on the earth and above all the endowment that can be given you.  It is a finall sealing an Eternal Principle and when once made cannot be broaken by the Devel. 

When we return to Zion & build the great Temple which Joseph saw & the centre of Zion is Esstablished the glory of God will rest upon it by day & by night & those that are prepared will see the face of the Son of man & they will see Joseph & Hiram in the flesh in their resurrected bodies.  Then will the armies of Israel be terrible to all Nations.  Then will one chase a thousand & two put then thousand to Flight.

Who will resurrect Josephs Body?  It will be Peter, James, John, Moroni, or some one who has or will receive the keys of the resurrection.  It will probably be one of those who hold the keys of this dispensation & has deliverd them to Joseph and you will see Jesus and he will eat peaches & Apples with you.  But the world will not see it or know it for wickedness will increase.  Joseph & Jesus will be there.  They will walk & talk with them at times & no man mistrusts who they are.  Joseph will lead the Armies of Israel whether He is seen or not whether visible or invisible as seemeth him good.

Joseph has got to receive the keys of the resurrection for you & I.  After his is resurrected he will go & Resurrect Brother Brigham Brother Heber & Brother Carloss, and when that is done then He will say now go Brother Brigham & resurrect your wives & Children & gather them together.  While this is done the wicked will know nothing of it though they will be in our midst and they will be struck with fear.  This is the way the resurrection will be.  All will not be raised at once but it will continue in this way untill all the righteous are resurrected.

After Joseph comes to us in his resurrected body He will more fully instruct us concerning the Baptism for the dead & the sealing ordinances.  He will say be baptized for this man & that man & that man be sealed to that man & such a man to such a man, and connect the Priesthood together.

I tell you their will not be much of this done untill Joseph comes.  He is our spiritual Father.  Our hearts are already turned to him and his to us.  This [is] the order of the Holy Priesthood and we shall continue to administer in the ordinances of the kingdom of God here on Earth.  Joseph will not officiate in this low capacity any more.  Neither did Jesus after his Resurrection.  If so he would have baptized Saul but he was exhalted above the Earth and he told Saul to go to a certain man in a certain street & he would administer to him the ordinances upon the Earth.

I say to you dont hurry in the ordinances.  Dont do what you ought not.  It is not time to hurry.  We should not undertake to do now what we ought to do 50 years hence.  What have we to do to day?  Purify your hearts that you may receive the manifestation of the spirit of God.  When you sow your wheat you prepare the ground then sow your wheat & watch it untill the hearvest.  It is Just so in the priesthood.  You will be just as busy as you can be to do the things which are to be done to day.  Now dont be in a hurry.  I say we are going to have time enough.  I say I will be on the Earth to do all I can.  And after I die & get my body again my resurrected body I mean to come back to the Earth again and fight the Devils and be here at the winding up scene.  I want to see righteousness prevail & the saints have peace on the earth.”  (Brigham Young, in Wilford Woodruff diary, 13 Jan., 1856)

“The priesthood will turn the hearts of the children of the fathers anciently, and the children of the fathers now, and those to come will be made perfect; the chain cannot be broken and no man can be saved by any other way.  This priesthood must be linked together, so that all the children may be linked to Adam.  It may be asked, when is this to be done?  This will be done in Temples in our day, and in the days of our children.  Men will go into the Temples and be pillars, and go no more out.  They can plant trees and eat the fruit thereof.  I will call it the Millennium.  I carry it in my heart.  I say it has begun.  Every saint carries it with him.  Then let us overcome everything and we will extend this influence from Zion until it roots out every evil; and bring all into subjection to the Kingdom of our God.  We will administer in the Temples that we have now begun and that is one point gained.  And we will seal man to man by the keys of the Holy Priesthood.  It is a higher ordinance, one of the last ordinances of the Lord; and above all the endowments that can be given you.  It is a final sealing, an eternal principle, and when once made, can never be broken by the devil.  When we return to Zion and build the great Temples which Joseph saw, and the centre of Zion is established, the Glory of God will be upon it by day and night.  And those that are prepared may see the face of the Son of Man.  They may see Joseph and Hyrum in the flesh, in their resurrected bodies.  Then the armies of Israel will be terrible, and one will put a thousand to flight.  But who will resurrect Joseph’s body?  A man named Moroni has received the keys of the resurrection, from whom Joseph received the keys of the Aaronic Priesthood; and probably John and Peter, from whom Joseph received the keys of the Melchisedeck Priesthood.  You will see Jesus and he will eat peaches and apples with you, but the world will not see it, or know it, for wickedness will increase.  Joseph and Jesus will be there.  He will walk and talk with them, and no man mistrust who he is, Joseph will lead the armies of Israel whether he is seen or not.  He has got to receive the keys of the resurrection for you and me.  After he is resurrected, he will say, ‘Go and resurrect brother Brigham, and Brother Heber and Brother Carlos.’  And when that is done ‘Now go brother Brigham and gather up your wives and children and resurrect them.’  And no one knows anything about it.  The wicked will be round about, and they will be struck with fear.  That’s the way the resurrection will be.  Joseph will say, ‘Be baptized for this one and that one; and seal such a man to such a man, and connect the priesthood together.’  I tell you there will not be much done until Joseph comes.  Our hearts are turned to theirs this day, and their hearts to us.  It is the order of the Holy Priesthood to go on to administer in the holy ordinances.  He will not officiate in this low capacity any more.  Neither did Jesus after his death, or He would have baptized Saul, but He was exalted above the earth, and told Saul to go to a certain man, and he would administer to him the ordinances of the earth.  I say dont hurry the things you ought not to do–it is not time to hury, but we may not undertake to do what must be done in 50 years.  What has to be done today?  Purify your hearts, and receive the manifestations of the Spirit.  Before you sow your wheat, you prepare your ground, then sow your wheat and watch it until harvest.  It is so in the Priesthood, you will be just as busy as you can be, to do the thing to be done today.  Now don’t be in a hurry.  I say we are going to have time.  I say I will be on the earth to do all I can to fight the devils, and be here at the winding up scene.  I want to see righteousness previal, and the saints have power on the earth.”  (Brigham Young, 13 Jan., 1856; JH 13 Jan., 1856)

2 Feb.:  Priority of those who have received endowments.

“If those who are clothed with the garments of the Priesthood, and have the Holy Anointing upon them, flinch in the day of trial, who may be expected to stand?  They are the ones who should ever be ready to shield the Saints from the onset of the powers of darkness.  Are there enemies around the camps of Israel?  Or, are the demons of pestilence stalking in their midst?  The anointed of the Lord should be in the front of the battle, and by their faith and power with the Almighty, be able to rebuke the ravages of death.  The Elders from Zion have received the keys and powers of salvation, and the Lord expects them to be used for the deliverance of His people who are in the midst of the nations, that they also may go up to the Lord’s House, and learn His ways more perfectly.”  (Editorial [F. D. Richards, Editor], MS 18(5):74, 2 Feb., 1856)

2 Feb.:  Endowment = power in the Priesthood.

“The power of the Priesthood is rapidly increasing in the earth, and that increase is first felt in Zion, and like streams from an inexhaustible fountain, it is diffused through the earth by those who are sent abroad from that place.  Some will, perhaps, query in their minds, ‘What is this power?’  Why simply that which Christ referred to, when he bade his disciples tarry in Jerusalem until they should be endowed with power from on high.  This is one reason why a continual change is taking place among the Elders, some returning home that the fire may be kindled anew in them, while others are sent to labour in their places.  For this and other reasons, the Saints may expect that a great increase of faith and Priesthood will be brought to bear on the work of the Lord in these lands, under the administration of these our brethren.  The Saints, instead of settling down at ease in Babylon, may expect to be stirred up to an increase of energy, faith, and good works.  Where we in our weakness have failed to accomplish their deliverance, we trust that brothers Benson and Snow, by their greater experience and wisdom, will be enabled to devise more efficient plans for the gathering of the poor than we have been able to bear on the subject.  Inasmuch as those who are sent to the Saints have an increase of efficiency and power, they should endeavour to arouse their slumbering energies to increased exertions for themselves.”  (Editorial [F. D. Richards, Editor], MS 18(5):75-76, 2 Feb., 1856)

3 Feb.:  Washed/anointed w/whiskey/oil for health.

“accompanied Br. Jones to his house he was afflicted with inflamatory rumatism.  I washed him with cold water, whiskey, and anointed him with oil, about half past eleven I returned to Bro. Godsalls.”  (J. D. T. McAllister diary, 3 Feb., 1856, p. 82)

10 Feb.:  Sealings at Fillmore, Provo.

“A number of couples were sealed at Provo by George A. Smith; also some at Fillmore, I acting as scribe.”  (10 Feb., 1856; The Journal of Jesse Nathaniel Smith, Provo, Jesse N. Smith Family Organization, 1970; p. 23)

11 Feb.:  Murals in Endowment House.

Beginning in the early months of 1856 William Ward was employed in painting the walls to represent the garden of Eden.  (See Journal History 11 Feb., 1856)

“Pres. [Brigham] Young visited the House of the Lord [Endowment House] where William Ward was painting the walls to represent the garden of Eden.”  (JH 11 Feb., 1856)

24 Feb.:  We have decided to use granite instead of adobe.

“. . . we are going to suspend labor upon the Temple for a year, until we can prepare ourselves more fully for that work.  We have abandoned the idea of using adobies in the walls of that building, and intend to use granite.  Now, suppose I should begin to think, and think, and still think about it, are you not aware that it would be a worse than useless wast of time and mental labor?  My body would become wearied and languid.  I do not expect to think about it for one year; good bye to it, for the present.”  (Brigham Young, 24 Feb., 1856; JD 3:249)

29 Feb.:  Sealed up to eternal increase.

“By virtue of the Holy Priesthood, I seal thee up to enjoy the blessing of an eternal increase in the name of Jesus.  Amen.”  (Patriarchal Blessing of Leonard E. Harrington, by Isaac Morley, 29 Feb., 1856; UHQ 8(1):23, Jan., 1940)

29 Feb.:  Prayer circles held every evening.

“Prayer meetings are held every night in the week, in the Endowment House, besides the one of the First Presidency, Sunday evenings in the office.”  (Heber C. Kimball [SLC] to his son, William [England], 29 Feb., 1856; MS 18(25):398, 21 Jun., 1856)

2 Mar.:  Requirements for temple “recommend”.

“G.S.L. City, March 2, 1856

To the presidents and the bishops in the counties of Iron and Washington.  I write to inform you that the persons who can get their endowments must be those who pray, who pay their tithing from year to year; who live the lives of saints from day to day; setting good examples before their neighbors.  Men and women, boys and girls over 16 years of age who are living the lives of saints, believe in the plurality, do not speak evil of the authorities of the Church, and possess true integrity towards their friends, can come up after their spring crops are down, and their case shall be attended to.

Brigham Young

Heber C. Kimball

J. M. Grant

(From the Parowan Historical Record, p. 12, 16 Mar., 1856.  This letter was directed on the back “to be read in all the churches in Iron and Washington Counties.”)

8 Mar.:  Partial explanation of 2nd anointing.

“In thy second anointing & endowment, thou wilt more perfectly understand the purposes & designs of thy creation, where thou wilt be clothed upon with seals of Priesthood, that wil’ iluminate thy mind & comfort thy heart.  Thou art of Joseph thro the lins of Ephraim  Keys will be given thee to exalt thy family and whereby thou shalt place thy seals upon posterity, that thou mayest stand at their head as a Counselor for time & for eternity.  I seal thee up by the authority of the Priesthood, to be exalted upon Thrones and Deminion where thy heart wil be prepared to receive immorrtality and eternal lives which I seal upon thee in the name of Jesus Amen.”  (Patriarchal Blessing of George H. Harris, by Isaac Morley, 8 Mar., 1856.  In George H. Morris “Journal”, BYU Special Collections, pp. 147-148; Mor. m270.1 H241d) 

22 Mar.:  Relationship of gathering to temple work.

“The prophets inform us that a temple of God, or a Lord’s House, is to be reared; how can this be done unless his people assemble themselves together to do it?  Neither can they, nor their dead, derive any of the benefits of such a House, and be prepared for a residence in the celestial kingdom of God, unless they gather to the place which he has commanded.”  (George Q. Cannon, 22 Mar., 1856; Writings from the Western Standard, p. 43)

23 Mar.:  Sinning following reception of endowment.

“The most of those present have received their endowments, their washings, and anointings, and have made covenants to their God and their brethren, before witnesses, that they would be faithful, that they would be true, that they would listen to the counsels of the Lord’s servants, and cease to do evil.  All who have done this have been pronounced clean, and will they then go and pollute themselves with the wicked?  I am sorry to say that a few are unwise enough to do so.

Both men and women have also covenanted that they wil have no unlawful intercourse with each other.  After all this, do any of you make a practice of speaking evil one of another, of cheating one another, of lying and deceiving?  Yes, some who are under the covenants just named, actually indulge in those evil practices, and I say to all such, that if they do not repent of their follies and sins, their washings and anointings will prove a curse instead of a blessing, and will expedite their condemnation.

If a man sins to that degree that he is cut off from the Church, he forfeits the blessings promised on condition of keeping his covenants.  When a man loses his membership in this Church, he also loses his Priesthood, and of course the blessings of his endowments.  Do not flatter yourselves that you can retain the blessings of the Gospel, and at the same time pursue a wicked course, for you cannot do it. . . .

After you have received your endowments, a wicked course will more seriously affect you, it will, therefore, be requisite for you to be much more careful how you trifle with holy principles, and transgress your covenants.  For this reason I wish the Bishops to take heed who they recommend as worthy to receive endowments, for we shall require a strict account from them.

We have placed Bishops in the different Wards throughout this Territory, and they should be filled with the Holy Ghost, and know every man and woman in their Wards, that they may be able to discern who are worthy of receiving an endowment.”  (Heber C. Kimball, 23 Mar., 1856; JD 3:269, 271)

30 Mar.:  2nd anointing:  power to bless and curse.

“When I reflect on my Blessings, especially the time when I with my two Wives, in the Temple at Nauvoo received of our second Anointing in which great things were sealed upon us all, with the Power to Bless and to Curse all these Things but cause me Pain of Mind, yet I cannot reflect on the Cause of my trouble in any thing but my taking a second Wife.”  (Joseph Fielding diary, 30 Mar., 1856; BYU Special Collections, Mor M270.1 F46)

10 May:  Requirements for temple attendance.

“Instructions to Bishops:

I want you to forward 20 persons to receive their endowments to be at the Endowment House next Friday, 23rd inst., at 7 o’clock in the morning precisely. 

These men and women whom you recommend, must be individuals who pay their tithing from year to year; who pray in their families and do not speak against the authorities of the Church and Kingdom of God; nor steal; nor lie; nor interfere with their neighbors’ things; nor their neighbors wives or husbands, who attend strictly to meetings and prayer meetings, and those who pay due respect to their presiding officers, and Bishops and those who do not swear.  

We shall expect you to pick up the old and infirm, the lame, halt and blind and the righteous poor, but not the devils poor.

We would like to see many of the young and uprightly young persons, who are strict to obey their parents.

We shall require the Bishops to send their names in a letter duly recommended and tell them to qualify themselves by washing their bodies in pure water and bringing Temple clothing and oil for their anointings.  As they live in the country, we want them to bring their eggs, butter, meat, bread and flour, and the luxuries of life to grace the tables of the House of the Lord, to feed the men and women who administer unto them; and if there should be any left, that we can give it to the poor; and in so doing God will bless you and we will bless you.  This by order of the First Presidency.

Pres. Heber C. Kimball

G. S. L. City, May 10, 1856″

(H. B. Y. 1883[?]:280; from Wilford Wood Collection)  

19 May:  Instructions to Bishops concerning endowments.

“The following is a letter of instruction to the Bishops of Utah concerning endowments.

G. S. L. City, May 19, 1856.

Bishop Evans, Dry Creek, Utah.

I want you to forward 20 persons to receive their endowments to be at the Endowment House next Friday, 23rd inst., at 7 o’clock in the morning precisely.

Also Bishop Harrington of American Fork to forward 20, to be at the Endowment House at the same time on Friday.

Bishop Henson Walker of Pleasant Grove is also requested to send 20 to be at the Endowment House Tuesday following (27th) at 7 o’clock in the morning.  And Bishop Blackburn of Provo to send 20 to be here at the same day and hour.

Bishop Aaron Johnson to send 40 on Friday 30th to be on hand by seven o’clock in the morning.

These men and women whom you recommend, must be individuals who pay their tithing from year to year; who pray in their families, and do not speak against the authorities of the Church and kingdom of God; nor steal; nor lie; nor interfere with their neighbors’ things; nor their neighbors’ wives or husbands, who attend strictly to meetings and prayer meetings, and those who pay due respect to their presiding officers, and Bishops and those who do not swear.

We shall expect you to pick up the old and infirm, the lame halt and blind and the righteous poor, but not the devils poor.

We would like to see many of the young and sprightly young persons, who are strict to obey their parents.

We shall require the Bishops to send their names in a letter duly recommended and tell them to qualify themselves by washing their bodies in pure water and bringing Temple clothing and oil for their anointings.  As they live in the country, we want them to bring their eggs, butter, meat, bread and flour, and the luxuries of life to grace the tables of the House of the Lord, to feed the men and women who administer unto them; and if there should be any left, that we can give it to the poor, and in so doing God will bless you and we will bless you.  This by order of the First Presidency.

Pres. Heber C. Kimball.”

(JH 19 May, 1856)

8 Jun.:  What a vote with uplifted hands means.

“A great many of you have had your endowments, and you know what a vote with uplifted hands means. It is a sign which you make in token of your covenant with God and with one another, and it is for you to perform your vows. When you raise your hands to heaven and let them fall and then pass on with your covenants unfulfilled, you will be cursed. ”  (Brigham Young, 8 Jun., 1856; JD 3:332)

15 Jun.:  Being sealed up to eternal life.

“When the wife secures to herself a glorious resurrection she is worthy of the full measure of the love of the faithful husband, but never before.  And when a man has passed through the vail and secured to himself an eternal exaltation he is then worthy of the love of his wife and children, and not until then, unless he has received the promise of and is sealed up unto eternal lives.  Then he may be an object fully worthy of their affections and love on the earth, and not before.”  (Brigham Young, 15 Jun., 1856; DN 6(19):147, 16 Jul., 1856)

22 Jun.:  Work for the dead must be done here.

“Spirits are just as familiar with spirits as bodies are with bodies, though spirits are composed of matter so refined as not to be tangible to this coarser organization.  They walk, converse, and have their meetings; and the spirits of good men like Joseph and the Elders, who have left this Church on earth for a season to operate in another sphere, are rallying all their powers and giong from place to place preaching the Gospel, and Joseph is directing them, saying, go ahead, my brethren, and if they hedge up your way, walk up and command them to disperse.  You have the Priesthood and can disperse them, but if any of them wish to hear the Gospel, preach to them.

Can they baptize them?  No.  What can they do?  They can preach the Gospel, and when we have the privilege of building up Zion, the time will come for savior to come up on Mount Zion.  My brother Joseph spoke of this principle this forenoon.  Some of those who are not in mortality will come along and say, ‘Here are a thousand names I wish you to attend to in this temple, and when you have got through with them I will give you another thousand;’ and the Elders of Israel and their wives will go forth to officiate for their forefathers, the men for the men, and the women for the women.

A man is ordained and receives his washings, anointings, and endowments for the male portion of his and his wife’s progenitors, and his wife for the female portion.

Then in the spirit world they will say, ‘Do you not see somebody at work for you?  The Lord remembers you and has revealed to His servants on the earth, what to do for you.’

Is the spirit world here?  It is not beyond the sun, but is on this earth that was organized for the people that have lived and that do and will live upon it.  No other people can have it, and we can have no other kingdom until we are prepared to inhabit this eternally.  In the spirit world those who have got the victory go on to prepare the way for those who live in the flesh, fulfilling the work of saviors on Mount Zion.

To accomplish this work there will have to be not only one temple but thousands of them, and thousands and tens of thousands of men and women will go into those temples and officiate for people who have lived as far back as the Lord shall reveal.  If we are faithful enough to go back and build that great temple which Joseph has written about, and should the Lord acknowledge the labor of his servants, then watch, for you will see somebody whom you have seen before, and many of you will see him whom you have not seen before, but you will know him as soon as you see him.”  (Brigham Young, 22 Jun., 1856; JD 3:371)

29 Jun.:  We don’t become Gods on one step.

“Many think that they are going right into the celestial kingdom of God, in their present ignorance, to at once receive glories and powers; that they are giong to be Gods, while many of them are so ignorant, that they can see or know scarcely anything.  Such people talk of becoming Gods, when they do not know anything of God, or of His works; such persons have to learn repentance, and obedience to the law of God; they have got to learn to understand angels, and to comprehend and stick to the principles of this Church.”  (Heber C. Kimball, 29 Jun., 1856; JD 4:5)

30 Jun.:  Progress on Big Cottonwood Canal.

“We have brought the Big Cottonwood, so that it can be brought to the five-acre lots and the east part of the City, and are still working more or less on that Canal, which will, eventually, prove of great benefit to this City, not only in furnishing water for irrigation, but for the transmission of granite-rock for building purposes.  We hope to get it into operation this fall.”  (Brigham Young [SLC] to Orson Pratt [England], 30 Jun., 1856; MS 18(36):568, 6 Sep., 1856)

23 Jul.:  Even w/endowments, we must exercise faith.

“In the first place, I will say a few words relatove to endowments.  I do not want my brethren to feel that, because it has fallen to our lot to stand in the Temple of the Lord–to stand in holy places–to receive certain signs and key-words, gifts, graces, and blessings, that we are one particle above them.  These things are for our particular benefit in certain places.  Many things that have been laid upon us, as Elders of Israel, we cannot have the benefit of here, because this is not the place.  I do not care what it is that is given to us, nor how much is guaranteed unto us, we have got to exercise our faith to realize it.  Notwithstanding our endowments, we have got to exercise faith.  If we have not faith in these endowments, and the key-words of the holy Priesthood, what good will they do us?  We shall fall beneath those who have not received these things, but who are faithful to what they have received.  I feel that those of my brethren who have not received their endowments, want to obtain them, then give heed to your brethren who have them, be one with them in all things; make good use of the Priesthood that you have received.  You have enough to do good with in these lands.  That we all know.”  (E. T. Benson, 23 Jul., 1856, “Minutes of a Special Council of the Authorities of the European Missions,” MS 18(38):597, 20 Sep., 1856)

23 Aug.:  Committing adultery after receiving endowments.

“But cursed is that man who, after he has received his endowments, defileth himself with women, and regardeth not the sacred and everlasting covenant of life; for such shall wither away, like a branch pruned from the tree of a vineyard, which beareth no fruit, but is well nigh unto burning.”  (Orson Pratt, “An Epistle to the Saints Throughout Great Britain, Ireland, and All European Countries,” MS 18(34):532, 23 Aug., 1856)

23 Aug.:  Work on new baptismal font near Endowment House.

“The masons commenced flagging the baptismal font near the Endowment House.”  (JH 23 Aug., 1856)

30 Aug.:  New baptismal font next to Endowment House.

“Among other improvements in the City, a new Baptismal font is now being built, near the Endowment House in the Temple Block.”  (Wilford Woodruff [SLC] to Orson Pratt [England], 30 Aug., 1856; MS 18(45):714, 8 Nov., 1856)

13 Sep.:  Preparation for ordinances for the dead.

“Prest. [J. M.] Grant spoke at length upon the necessity there was on the part of the Saints to purify and sanctify themselves preparatory to their attending to the ordinances for their dead in the House of the Lord; to purify their lands, their houses, their persons, and dedicate themselves and their substance to the Lord.”  (“Great Reformation,” report of a conference at Kaysville, Davis County, 13-14 Sep., 1856; DN 6(29):228, 24 Sep., 1856)

2 Oct.:  Dedication of baptismal font/rebaptism of leaders

“I met with Presidents B. Young H. C. Kimball & J. M. Grant at the House of the Lord at 6 oclok P.M. for the purpose of Dedicating the Baptismal Font which has of Late been built on the east side of the House of the Lord.  There was also present Besides the Presidency W Woodruff E Hunter Joseph Young D H. Wells A Carrington L. W. Hardy J. C. Little & Gilbert Clements.

We went to the Font & knelt down around it & dedicated it unto God.  President B. Young called upon President Heber C Kimball to be Mouth in the dedication Prayer.  The following is a synopsis of the dedication Prayer reported by W. Woodruff:

He Said O God the Eternal Father we bow down before Thee upon this Font which has been made by thy servants to baptize thy people in, for the purpose of dedicating it unto the Lord our God.  We dedicate ourselves before Thee O Lord & we ask the in the name of Jesus Christ to forgive us all our sins that we may have Thy Holy Spirit to guide us in all things that we may be guided in the ways of the Lord & that we may never do wrong.  Look upon us O God that have now bowed before thee around this Font & help us to do thy will in all things Acknowledge the in all things and honor The & worship Thee at all times.  Help us to Honor our Tabernacles that we may never disgrace ourselves in any thing.  Grant unto us thy Holy spirit that it may quicken our understanding & bring to our rememberance all things which are necessary for us in the discharge of our duties.

We now dedicate this Font unto thee O God.  We consecrate it unto thee in the name of Jesus Christ.  Let thine Angel O Lord touch this water & this Font with his Finger that it may be holy unto Thee Lord.  May no unclean thing ever enter into this Font to pullute it.

We dedicate ourselves our wives Children & all that we have unto the O Lord Our God.  May we be thine forever & all that we have.

Now O Lord except of this dedication at our hands and as we go into this water may our sins be forgiven & not be remembered against us any more.  May we feel the power of God and have power to work a great Refermation among this people.  And may this people triumph over our enemies & may not our enemies ever again have power over us but wilt thou cause thine indignation to burn against them that they shall not have any power to do thy people harm.

Now O Lord look down upon thy servant Brigham & cloth him with thy power that he may know the workings of the power of the devel in the Earth & among this people & do thy work.

We now dedicate this Font to Baptize the Living & the Living for the dead & for evry purpose which is necessary to perform the work of the Lord our God, even that the generations which are dead & passed away may be saved & that the sins of the Living may be washed away & that the sick may be healed of evry infirmety that we may be renewed in body & spirit in all things.  Except of this dedication at our hands O Lord & hear our prayers and we will give all the glory to God our Heavenly Father and we ask it in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

After the Font was dedicated President Brigham Young went down into the water in the Font & Baptized Presidents Heber C. Kimball & J. M. Grant & he laid his hands upon them & confirmed them members in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints & blessed them in the name of the Lord.  He blessed Heber C Kimball & Heber C Kimball was mouth in blessing J. M. Grant.

President Young said unto Heber C. Kimball Brother Heber Chase In the name of Jesus Christ I lay my hands upon your head and I Confirm you to be a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & I seal unto you the gift of the Holy Ghost & Eternal life and I ordain & seal upon your head to be a prophet, Seer & Revelator in the church & kingdom of God & over the hosue of Israel and I seal upon you all the keys of the Kingdom of God on the Earth that was ever sealed upon the head of any man & I seal these blessings upon you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Heber C. Kimball then said to Jedediah M. Grant Brother Jedediah In the name of Jesus Christ we lay our hands upon your head & we confirm you to be a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & we seal upon you all the keys of the Holy Priesthood even to be Prophet seer & Revelator in the Church & kingdom of God & evry blessing which has ever been sealed upon you & we seal upon you the gift of the Holy Ghost & we seal you up unto Eternal Life in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

President Brigham Young then Baptized me & all the Presidency laid hands upon me & J. M. Grant was mouth in confirming me & said Brother Wilford Woodruff in the name of Jesus Christ we lay our hands upon your head & we confirm you to be a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & we seal upon your head all the gifts & blessings of the Apostleship & priesthood & evry blessing which has ever been sealed upon you in any Temple or place we seal & confirm upon you in the name of Jesus Christ & we bless you for your infirmaties & ill health & pray that you may be healed & have the gift of writing the truth as a historian & we ask our Father in heaven to grant unto you these blessings in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

President B. Young then baptized Bishop Edward Hunter & Confirmed him.  He was mouth & said Brother Edward Hunter we lay our hands upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ & we confirm you to be a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints & we seal upon you the gifts of the Holy Ghost & the Priesthood & bishopprick & the keyes thereoff and we seal upon your head all the gifts Blessings priesthood & power which has been sealed uon you by the prophet Joseph or any of the Servants of God & we say that you shall have power to magnify your calling as the chief bishop in the Church & Kingdom of God on Earth the spirit & power of the Holy Ghost & Revelation shall rest upon you in power & we seal you up unto Eternal Life & we seal upon your head evry blessing your heart Can desire in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

President Young then baptized the following persons:  Joseph Young D. H. Wells A. Carrington L. W. Hardy J. C. Little & Gilbert Clements & was mouth in confirming them all except D. H. Wells.  H. C. Kimball spoke upon his head.  This made 10 persons which President Young Baptized & confirmed.

Heber C Kimball then baptized President Brigham Young & confirmed him & said (J. M. Grant also laid on hands) Brother Brigham Young we lay our hands upon your head & confirm you to be a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints & we seal upon your head the Holy Priesthood with all the keys powers & blessings appertaining thereunto even to be a prophet seer & revelator in the church & kingdom of God & over the House of Israel & we seal upon your head all the blessings which were sealed upon you by the Prophet Joseph & we say unto you that you shall have power over your Enemies & you shall not be slain by them but you shall live to see them overthrown & to see the saints come off victorious over there enemies & I seal these blessing upon you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

At the Close of the dedication & baptism I attended meeting with J. M. Grant & other Missionaries at the 17th ward.  Elder Johnson spoke to the people followed by J. M. Grant who spoke in the spirit & power of God in calling upon the people to repent & reform.  He was followed By Gilbert Clements & W. Woodruff who bore testimony to what had been said.  We had a soul stiring meeting.”  (Wilford Woodruff diary, 2 Oct., 1856)

6 Oct.:  Robert Mason the Prophet.

“When I was a boy, there was an old man used to visit at my father’s house; his name was Robert Mason, and I heart teachings from him from the time that I was eight years old and upwards, and they were teachings that I shall ever remember, and he taught my father’s household many important truths concerning the Church and kingdom of God, and told them many things in relation to the Prophets and the things that were coming upon the earth, but his teachings were not received by but a few, they were unpopular with the Christian world, but nearly all that did receive his teachings have joined the Latter-day Saints.  Prophets were not popular in that day any more than now, and I have often thought of many things which the old man taught me in the days of my youth since I received the fulness of the Gospel and became a member of the Church of Christ.”  (Wilford Woodruff, 6 Oct., 1856; JD 4:99)  [NOTE THAT WOODRUFF LATER DID MASON’S TEMPLE WORK.  SEE APPROXIMATELY 1877?]

7 Oct.:  Completion of new baptismal font on Temple block.

“A splendid Font of hewn rock has been built near the Endowment-house, inside the Temple Block wall, and dedicated for use.”  (S. W. Richards [SLC] to George Turnbull [England], 7 Oct., 1856; MS 19(3):42, 17 Jan., 1857)

12 Oct.:  Leonard Hardy sealed to eternal life.

“Let your heart be comforted.  You shall be blessed with evry good thing your heart shall desire & your words shall be like a two Edged sword among the people & we seal you up unto Eternal Life & no man shall take your Crown.  We seal all these Blessings upon you rhead in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.”  (Blessing of Leonard Wilford Hardy when ordained 1st Counselor to Presiding Bishop Edward Hunter by Brigham Young; in Wilford Woodruff diary, 12 Oct., 1856)

12 Oct.:  J. C. Little sealed to eternal life.

“You shall have visions Dreams & the spirit of Prophesy & thou shalt have the gift of disernment to know the harts of the Children of men & we seal these blessings upon you & seal you up unto Eternal Life in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.”  (Blessing of Jesse C. Little when ordained 2nd Counselor to Presiding Bishop Edward Hunter by Brigham Young; in Wilford Woodruff diary, 12 Oct., 1856)

2 Nov.:  Brigham holds the keys to your salvation.

“There is a spirit of murmuring among the people, and the fault is laid upon brother Brigham.  For this reason the heavens are closed against you, for he holds the keys of life and salvation upon the earth; and you may strive as much as you please, but not one of you will ever go through the strait gate into the kingdom of God, except those that go through by that man and his brethren, for they will be the persons whose inspection you must pass.  I tell you this plain truth, and yo may do what you think best with it.”  (Heber C. Kimball, 2 Nov., 1856; JD 4:64)

4 Dec.:  Jedediah M. Grant buried as Master Mason.

“To day the funeral obsequies of President J. M. Grant took place  The concourse of people was very large  As a Major General he was buried in the honors of war  As a Master Mason he was buried as such and above all as a Saint he lived, died and was buried as such.”  (Hosea Stout diary, 4 Dec., 1856)

6 Dec.:  Plate of the SL Temple available.

“A beautiful engraving of the Temple, now being built in Great Salt Lake City, is completed, and for sale at this Office.  Any order from Book Agents or others will receive prompt attention.  Price 18s. per dozen, or 1s. 9d. retail.

Brother T. O. Angel has been at considerable expense in getting up the above plate, hoping to please the Saints and others, by giving them a kind of foresight of the Temple.  We would be glad to see him amply rewarded for the time and labour expended.”  (MS 18(49):778-779, 6 Dec., 1856)

21 Dec.:  Men who received endowments sought Joseph’s life.

“I remember what Joseph said a short time before he was

slain in one of the last sermons I ever heard him preach. Said he: “Men are here today who are seeking my blood, and they are those who have held the Priesthood and have received their washings and anointings; men who have received their endowments.” I saw the faces of those men at that time, and they had a hand in slaying the Prophet. There are men who now possess the same spirit and the same desire.”  (Wilford Woodruff, 21 Dec., 1856; JD 4:149)

  Date unknown:  Dialogue between Elijah and a mortal man.


Dialogue between the Prophet Elijah, who was translated, and a Mortal Man.


The following Discourse is designed to illustrate the order of the Heavenly worlds; as it regards the nature, physical organization, mental powers, affections, enjoyments, social order, government, cities, dwellings, possessions, manners, customs, dress, food, pursuits, and employments of Gods, Angels, Spirits, Resurrected Bodies, and translated men [crossed out: “and the worlds they inhabit.”]  It is not pretended that Elijah ever had such a talk with man on the earth; but the principles are gathered from Revelation, Science, reason and analogy, and are well calculated to do away the vague ideas of modern mystisism, and to impact some definite and tangable facts; and thus enable the mind to concieve, in some degree of the nature of Heaven and earth, and of time and eternity.

The author has chosen this singular and extraordinary manner of communication, as the best means of awakening the attention, and of exciting a lively interest on subjects which are perhaps more neglected than any others at the present time.

We have sometimes thought that if Elijah, Enoch, or some other being from the eternal worlds were to come among men.  The only enquiries on their part would be: ‘What is the price of stock,’ or ‘How goest the election?’  ‘How is trade?’  ‘What kind of tarriff?’  ‘And, is there any chance to make money, or to get segars, and new [?] in heaven?’

These enquiries being answered, the Heavenly visitors might withdraw from among the sons of Earth or else retire in silence, as the people would have very little taste of time for information on subjects of Heavenly intelligence.

Dialogue, etc.


What aged and venerable looking being is this, in whose countinance and movements one can readily distinguish the dignity of age, mingled with the sprightliness vigour and beauty of youth; and on whose features there seems a glow of life, joy and intelligence, far surpassing the Sons of Earth?–Thou Spirit–Angel–Man, on being undefined: what ere thou art, pray speak and tell me.


I am a man–yet not a mortal: For death o’er me had no dominion.–I am a Spirit–yet more than spirit, for I have flesh and bones which they have not–Pray handle me and see!


From whence comest thou; and whither doest thou go?  For if thou dwelest with the sons of earth, sure death would find thee.  For here he reigns, sole monarch of the Realm, and none escape him.


I dwell in heaven now–from earth I sprang–as one of Adams race, I once was mortal–I found a narrow path which few have known, and entering there, I escaped the monster death, and therefore live forever.–My name is Elijah.  My life on earth is writen in the sacred book of Israel: together with my triumphant escape in a flaming chariot.

But my life in heaven is not yet known to mortals.


Do I indeed behold a man from heaven?–a man! with flesh and bones?–How strange!  And yet I see, and hear, and witness it is so.  And since I am thus highly favoured please tell me some things in relation to that world–nor think me vainly curious.  For certainly we have a right to feel a deep interest in a world which we fain would hope is to be our final residence.


There are many things known, and enjoyed in heaven which are not lawful for man on earth to utter.  Neither is human language and conception prepared to express or to comprehend them.

Of these things I shall not converse; but there are many principles in connection with those worlds which man may comprehend, if properly informed.

But be assured that man, in modern times, has formed verry vague, indefinite, and erronious ideas in regard to almost every subject connected with heaven, or the life to come.

For this reason I am constrained to withhold many truths which I would fain impart to mortals–Truths which, though simple and evident in themselves would startle and confound mankind, by coming so directly in contact with their precious conceptions and ideas.


I am extremely anxious, venerable father, to become acquainted with these principles, so far as may be.  And if I am wrong, pray enlighten, and instruct me.–Tell me plainly, where the heavenly world is located, and of what it is composed.


There are many heavenly worlds.  And they are all composed of the elementary principles of matter: that is, they are all material worlds, and formed in some degree like the earth.  And as to their location, you have only to look abroad and cast your eyes on high in a clear evening to behold many of them with the naked eye.  And with the aid of the telescope millions more are desernable.

The sun, moon, planets and stars are heavenly worlds, and many of them are peopled with glorified immortals, who have been translated, or raised from the dead, and also with the spirits of men who are absent from their bodies.


Venerable father, you astonish me excedingly.  I had supposed that heaven was an immaterial world, entirely unconnected with matter–say an open space–or rather an indeffinite and undefinable substance beyond all material things, or, beyond all space–a place of mystery, of which mortals could form no deffinite idea–in short, a place where we should all be together, in each others immediate society; and never part for a moment.

But if I understand you, Heavenly inteligences may exist, and dwell in heaven, and yet be thousands and even millions of miles seperated from each other.  They may even meet and part and go and come, as you have now done in coming from some of these worlds to visit our planet.

But are there no immaterial worlds; or worlds unconnected with matter?  And if not, where will our spirits dwell when matter shall cease to be?


My son, you speak as a child; or rather as a man, whose mind has been veiled in modern mysticism.  It is a contradiction of terms to talk of immaterial worlds; or of worlds not composed of matter.  All things which exist are material–that is, they are composed of some substance–some of the elementary principles of matter.  That which has no real substance, no definite form, shape, and proportions, certainly does not exist; neither can it be comprehended, or conceived of by any being in heaven or on earth.

I have had an experience of about three thousand years; during which my intilect has been gradually, and constantly expanding in a correct knowledge of principles.  I have also had access to many of the planitary systems, or heavenly worlds, and have had intercourse with beings of far more experience and inteligence than myself.  And the first idea of an immaterial world or being never entered my mind, nor the mind of any of the inteligences with whom I have had the honor to converse.  We can neither see, hear, feel, taste, smell, or think or percieve of any such existance, substance, or being.  Therefore if such things, or beings do exist they have no means of being made manifest to inteligences.

But you enquire: Where our spirits shall dwell, when matter shall cease to be?

This enquiry also arrises from incorrect ideas which have no foundation in truth.

The elements are eternal.  Therefore the material worlds will never cease to be.


My venerable friend, you astonish me more and more.  I have always conceived of the physical worlds, as originating from nothing, and destined to serve only a momentary purpose; and then to be desolved; or annihilated, as something which would be no longer necesary; or as things connected only with our temporal life and having no necesary connection with our eternal states.

But you say the planets and heavenly worlds are composed in some measure like the earth: that is, that they are phisical worlds; and yet they will never cease to be.  Why then, was the earth originated from nothing, and destined to be annihilated or destroyed when it has fulfiled a temporal purpose.


My son, from whence did you obtain ideas so foreign from the truth?

The earth was not formed from nothing, neither will it be anihilated.  Its every element, and particle is eternal.  It was organised of eternal elements, and will exist forever; like the other heavenly bodies.

If you could stand upon yonder moon, or upon the planet Venus where I have stood, and gase upon the Earth it would seem to you like a large moon, or like a twinkling star.  You would then realise that it constituted one of the heavenly bodies, which help to fill the grand sistem of the universe, and without which the whole organisation would be incomplete.


I think the scriptures give us to understand that all things were made from nothing, and that the heavens and the earth will cease to be.

Or at least it is so understood by most men in this age.  How is it then, are we all mistaken?


There is no such idea conveyed in the scriptures; but the verry reverse.

To create, is to organise, seperate, arrange, and combine the elements, in such a manner as to produce the order, and system, and harmony which you now see, and thus provide for the existance, convenience and sustanance of animal and vegatable life.  For inst., the Light was seperated from the Darkness, the liqued from the solled, the earth, water, and atmosphere was brought to occupy each its distinct position, without which organised inteligences and sensitive beings could not exist nor vegitation spring into being in connection with the sistern; or rather with the elementary principles.  Each plant, and flower, and fruit–each and every animal, fish, foul, or human being were originated from the elements in the first place, and are still multiplied, increased or perpetuated from the same source.

The Earth also, in common with other heavenly bodies, and in accordance with allmost all things and beings which exist must needs pass through a progress of changes before it enters upon its perfect and unchangable state: or before it recieves its highest degree of purification, exaltation and glory.

In all these changes, revolutions, purifications or regenerations of the earth in its progress towards eternal and unchangable perfection, it seems to be adapted to the wants, and to the circumstances of man; who is also a progresive being, destined to arive at perfection by means of a number of changes, or regenerations, which result at last in immortality and eternal life.

For inst. when man was a sinless immortal, free from death, Earth was a paradise just adapted to his circumstances.  But when man sinned, and incured the penalty of death and banishment, the ground, and vegitation was cursed for his sake.  And thus adapted to his circumstances during a life of sorrow, toil, pain and death.  So on the other hand; when man shall become immortal and death have no more dominion, the Earth will be redeemed from the curse which it has endured for his sake; and the elements thereof will be melted, regenerated, or renewed.  And the whole will be crowned with celestial glory, and be again blessed with the presence of the Great Eloheem Jehovah.  And this is what the scriptures teach in relation to the new earth.


Is the earth then, finally destined to be the eternal abode of immortal man, as one of the kingdoms we call heaven?  And do the other heavenly bodies and their inhabitants pass through simelar changes, before they are perfected, or glorified, so as to constitute a heaven of felisity?


The Earth is a heavenly body which will eventually be crowned with celestial glory, and be as much a mansion, or kingdom of felisity as any world which exists.

It will then be the residence of immortal man, and will constitute ‘an inheritance incorruptable and undefiled and that fadeth not away.’

The progress and changes of the earth and its inhabitants from its first creation till its final regeneration are but a patern by which to judge of the other heavenly bodies and their inhabitants.  The same general principles apply to them all however they may vary in some particulars.

For instance, an organised inteligence like man in whatever world they inhabit must pass through the several changes of embrio formation progress, birth, death, and resurrection; or a change which is equivalent to death and the resurrection; in order to arrive at that state of perfection which constitutes the celestial glory.

Therefore all inteligences like man must have a law, and a penalty affixed to the same, they must experience a fall, or subjection to death, and must be redeemed from the same by the power of the resurrection, or they cannot obtain a celestial body.

And as the phisical worlds are formed for the very purpose of being inhabited, and are under all circumstances designed to be adapted to the nature and wants of their inhabitants therefore they must needs pass through the progress and changes suited to the several states of existance of their inhabitance, and must be finaly regenerated; renewed, crowned with glory, and inhabited with immortal and eternal beings.  Or, if this is not the case then they do not observe the law prescribed to them, and therefore ceace to be kingdoms of glory.

The organisation of worlds, and the peopleing of them, together with the work of regeneration and redemption of the same has been in progress from all eternity and will be in progress worlds without end.

Hence, some of the heavenly bodies which man beholds from the earth, are, like the earth, in progresion, or probation; and others are already completed, or glorified.

If man could enlarge his capasity, and extend his visions, so as to behold and contemplate all the vast creations which compose the universe of matter and being, he would see them and their inhabitants in every variety of form and change, and progress and circumstance.  From the first movement of the chaotic mass, as it begins to come to order, to the most pure and refined state of heavenly inteligence and felisity.  There he would see the darkness receding before the dawn of the rays of light as it shone for the first time upon a yawning abyss; on a confused mass of dark and troubled waters.  There he would witness the foaming rushing and roaring of the deep as it receded, and retreated to its destined limits.  And yonder would rise to his view a dreary and shapeless mass of mud and rocks, empty and desolate as a world just rising from a womb of waters; entirely destitute of animal and vegitable life.

Gasing still, he would catch the first glimpse of the herbs, and grass and flowers as they started into being as if to prepare the way for the existance of animal life.  Next he would behold the animals birds and fishes; from their embrio formations, till they commenced to live and move and enjoy the bounties prepared by the hand of a benificent creator.  There a newly planted garden, a paradise; and yonder a happy and inocent pair of human beings; just feasting upon the first social repast, in feeling the earliest and purest emotions of love at first sight.

Turning afrom these scenes of interest and wonder he would look upon another world; as it exists in all the busy bustle, and in all the cares and pains and labours and deaths of a fallen and degraded state.  He would hear the groans, and sies, and see the tears, of a whole creation goraning in pain together, and waiting for the redemption of the body.

Droping a silent tear, even the ruins and miseries of a world of deatn, and heaving a sigh for its redemption; he would turn away, and look for some object of more cheering; and of happier interst.  When lo! his eye would rest upon a world [illegible] in all the agonies of destitution and enwraped in the flames of a universal conflagration.  Astonished, and overwhelmed with terrific wonder, he would gaze upon the scene till a world itself as it were gives up the Ghost, labors its last strugle, and lays silent in death.  When lo a change comes over its metted [?] elements, and it is transfigured, and shines with celestial splendor in all the beauties of a new creation.  It is now fit for the abodes of immortal beings rise from the dead, and crowned with life eternal.

Such, my son, are the sceneries amid the heavenly worlds, and such the progress, changes, and destinys which await them.”

(Parley P. Pratt papers, Ms d 2248 fd 11, LDS Archives)