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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Temples & Mormonism – 1916

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TEMPLES, 1916.

1916:  7 Feb.:  Request to increase seating capacity in SLC.

“In 1916 investigations were conducted under President Lund’s direction to determine the feasibility of increasing the seating capacity of the temle since many people were turned away each day because of too little space in the ordinance room.  No changes, however, were made at that time.”  (Mouritsen Diss., p. 200; also Anthon H. Lund diary, 7 Feb., 1916)

Feb.:  Temple recommends and the Word of Wisdom.

“Young men or middle-aged men [note that this seems to “grandfather” the elderly] who have had experience in the Church should not be ordained to the Priesthood nor recommended to the privileges of the House of the Lord, unless they will abstain from the use of tobacco and intoxicating drinks [note the deletion of coffee and tea].  This is the rule of the Church, and should be observed by all its members.”  (Joseph F. Smith, “Editor’s Table,” IE 19(4):360, Feb., 1916)

17-18 Apr.:  Design improvements at SL Temple veil.

17 Apr.:  “I audited accounts in the temple.  Ramm Hansen showed me the improvements he intends to make at the veils. . . .

18 Apr.:  This morning I attended Temple meeting after which Joseph, Alvin and Hyrum G. Smith went up and looked at the veils and approved Ramm Hansen’s plan.  So I ordered it carried out.”  [Entry for 11 Sep. suggests Hansen is an architect:  “The fashion show starts today.  The arch of honor at the head of Main Street is a large triple arch designed by Ramm Hansen.”]  (Anthon H. Lund diary, 17-18 Apr., 1916)

27 Apr.:  Objection to hurry in temple ordinances.

“I attended to duties in the Pr. O. and then we went to the Temple.  Pres. Smith made the rule that only 240 can go through in a day and only 1200 baptisms in one day.  He objects to the hurry with which the ordinances are performed.”  (Anthon H. Lund diary, 27 Apr., 1916)

28 Jun.:  Instructions on garments.

“The garments worn by those who receive endowments must be white and of the approved pattern.  They must not be altered and mutilated and are to be worn as intended, down to the wrist and ankle, and around the neck.  Admission to the temple will be refused those who do not comply with these requirements.  The Saints should know that the pattern of endowment garments was revealed from heaven, and the blessings promised in connection with wearing them will not be realized if any unauthorized change is made in their form or in the manner of wearing them.”  (Joseph F. Smith, Improvement Era 9:812, 28 Jun., 1916) 

28 Jun.:  “Correct all errors that have been done innocently.”

“I performed a dead sealing.  A Bro. Jacobsen Freed who was dead and his wife.  They thought they were married when passing through the veil.  Pres. Smith authorized me to legitimatize this marriage and correct all errors that have been done innocently.”  (Anthon H. Lund diary, 28 Jun., 1916)