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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Temples & Mormonism – 1931

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TEMPLES, 1931.

1931:  Jan.:  Recommends and “admit cards.”

“Always bring your admit card to the Temple.  The old card will be redated with each new recommend and should be used as long as there is room for a date.  New cards will be issued when necessary.”  (“Instructions on Temple Work for Stakes Within the Salt Lake Temple District, January 1, 1931,” UGHM 22:71, Jan., 1931)

Feb.:  Deceased single woman sealed to deceased single man

“What in the providence of the Lord is the result?  Feramorz L. Young, through a special manifestation, has had two most beautiful women sealed to him.  A woman came to Sister Young, his mother, with photographs of one of this lady’s near and dear friends, a very beautiful woman, and said:

Now, Mrs. Young, I do not believe a thing of what I am going to tell you.  This girl friend of mine was one of the noblest, finest, choicest kind of girls and young women that ever lived.  She has come to me in this city of Salt Lake on three separate occasions at night in dreams, and has given me this information: the date of her birth, the date of her death, and all that is necessary, she says, for a record in the temple; and she has told me that your son, Feramorz L. Young, has converted her, and that in addition to converting her he has proposed marriage to her.  ‘I want you to go to Mrs. Young and give her this information and vouch for my honesty, virtue, integrity and upright life, and have the work done for me and have me married for eternity to her son, Feramorz L. Young.

This woman who visited Mrs. Young said: ‘I do not believe a word of it, but the last time this friend of mine came–which was the third time–she said ‘There is nobody in Salt Lake City who knows me and can vouch for me except you.  You are the only individual that I know in Salt Lake City.’  She said further to Mrs. Young: ‘I can furnish you any references you may wish regarding my character, from the place where I formerly lived.  The last time this young woman came to me she said, “You might just as well go to Mrs. Young and give her this information, because I am going to come, and come, and come, until you do it.”‘  And the woman continued, ‘I just cannot bear to have her come again; it is so uncanny, and I do not believe a thing of it.’

This beautiful girl was sealed to Brother Young, and I am convinced that my dear friend lost nothing by dying in his youth.”  (Heber J. Grant, “Comforting Manifestations–Excerpts from Funeral Sermon delivered recently,” IE 34(4):190, Feb., 1931)

6 Apr.:  J. Golden Kimball endowed at 13 years of age.

“I desire to refer back to a time when I was about thirteen years of age, when Heber C. Kimball sent word to my brother, Joseph Kimball, who is now in the Church Office Building, and myself, to come to his office.  When we arrived there, mere boys, he said to us: ‘If you want your father’s blessing you be at the endowment house in the morning and have your endowments.’

Of course we were frightened nearly to death.  I do not know how people feel when they are going to be executed, but that is the sort of feeling I had, not knowing and having no conception of what it all meant.  However, we were there and we had our endowments.  I did not remember much of that which transpired, but I was awed, and the impression was burned into my soul of the sacredness of that place, and the sacredness of the covenants which I had entered into when almost a child.  When I was fifteen years old our father passed away, and we were left as many children are left to wander and fight our battles as best we could.”  (J. Golden Kimball, 6 Apr., 1931; CR Apr., 1931, pp. 87-88)

1 Aug.:  2nd anointings and Church of the Firstborn.

“Latter-day Saints believe in this progression in eternity until, eventually, we become worthy through knowledge, wisdom, humility, and obedience, to be like God, and then to have the privilege of being made equal in power, might and dominion (D.C. 76:95), and to possess all that the Father hath (D.C. 84:38) as members of “the Church of the First-born.” (D.C. 76:54,94.) ***

Elijah was clothed with the fulness of Priesthood and by this authority all things done in the name of the Lord are made valid. * * *

The Church of the Firstborn

Each person baptized into the Church is under obligation to keep the commandments of the Lord. He is under covenant, for baptism is a “new and an everlasting covenant.” (D&C 22:1) When he has proved himself by a worthy life, having been faithful in all things required of him then it is his privilege to receive other covenants and to take upon himself other obligations which will make of him an heir, and he will become a member of the “Church of the Firstborn.” Into his hands, “the Father has given all things.” He will be a priest and a king, receiving of the Father’s fulness and of his glory. Is this worth having? It cannot be obtained without some effort. It cannot be obtained without knowledge of the things of God. We frequently hear quoted these words of the Lord to Joseph Smith: “It is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance.” In ignorance of what” the philosophies of the world? No! In ignorance of the Gospel truth—the saving principles and ordinances by which salvation comes! These must not only be understood, but they must be lived! These must not only be understood, but they must be lived! Knowledge of them will not in itself save us! Obedience thereto will! And then will come the fulness of knowledge, bringing with it wisdom, power and dominion. And the fulness of these blessings can only be obtained in the temple of the Lord! * * *”  (The Way to Perfection, pp. 9, 160, 208; Joseph Fielding Smith, August 1, 1931 (1970 ed).)