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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Temples & Mormonism – 1946

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TEMPLES, 1946.

1946:  Feb.:  Quorum attendance at temple urged.

“The more the members of the quorum attend the temple, the greater will be their desire to have names of their own kindred to work for when they go.  Therefore, quorum and class attendance at the temple for endowments, and also in connection with sealing groups, will indirectly increase the desire for gathering and compiling genealogies.”  (“Melchizedek Priesthood,” IE 49(2):107, Feb., 1946)

Mar.:  Priesthood temple project.

“Some time ago the Melchizedek Priesthood quorums of the Church were asked to clear the one hundred thousand male names then on file in our temples, names for whom the ordinance of baptism has been done but not the endowment ordinance.  A recent checking shows that less than half of these names have been done.  The greater part of these names come from the Saints in the different mission fields and from those who do not have access to the temples.  From twelve to sixteen years ago, and during that period, a temple project was undertaken by the Relief Society, who at that time encouraged their members to do the female names that go with these male names.  The priesthood quorums are now asked to clear the male names.  The women were quite successful in their program at that time.

When a checking was made showing that this large number of male names had been baptized and were awaiting the endowment ordinance, a report was made and it was given consideration by the Presiding Authorities of the Church.  It was suggested by them at that time that the duty of clearing these names be turned over to the Melchizedek Priesthood quorums as a quorum project.  In the letter issued by the First Presidency, it was suggested that ‘the Church service committee should have the direction of this labor in each stake of Zion.’  The letter also stated: ‘It is further suggested that the genealogical committee in each stake could cooperate with the priesthood quorums in this important labor, which could be supervised by the presidency of each stake.’

A few stakes and quorums have been very helpful in this work.  Because we have done less than half of the names all are invited and urged to take a more active part in this project.  Often it happens that a few in each quorum or group will do their part and more.  The objective, however, is ‘if all the brethren who hold the priesthood, and who are worthy to enter the temples, would take but one or two names during the year, these names could readily be cleared.’

We ask these questions:  Have you as an individual quorum member done your part in this temple project?  Did your quorum or group pledge itself to do a suggested number of the male names, and has that quota been completed?  The idea of planning to do so many names, individually or by quorums, seems to help.  In putting over a project of this kind, a somple announcement may do; but in most cases a personal visit to a member will emphasize the inportance of the project to that individual.  The suggestion of a personal responsibility to do so many names has also helped.  Often it is necessary for some members to do a little more than their share because of the neglect of others, in order to make up the average for the quorum.

Sometimes if it is not practical for an individual or a quorum to visit the temple because of distance and other reasons, then we suggest that money be sent to a temple where they will see that the proxy work is done for these male names.  Often there is in a ward an individual or maybe two who might go to the temple for a few months, if the quorum or quorums would pay their expenses while they are in attendance at the temple, to do the names for the ward or stake.  If a quorum or a group accepts an assignment to clear a certain number of names it usually finds some way to do it.

The climax to temple ordinances is the sealing of wife to husband and children to parents.  As far as these family groups are concerned they must wait until the male names are done.  Then the family organization can be perfected by the sealing of parents and children to parents.

A great responsibility has been given us–to do the endowment ordinance for these names, many of which have been waiting for years.  Will we delay in this important request and assignment?  Another reason why these names should be cleared as soon as possible is that we are already receiving requests from other countries to do the temple work for some son or father who have his life in this world war.”  (“Melchizedek Priesthood,” IE 49(3):170-171, Mar., 1946)

Aug.:  Duplication in submitted names.

“Over one-seventh of all names submitted for temple ordinances in the nineteen years between 1927 and 1946 were those of persons already endowed!  And the percentage of attempted duplications is increasing.  During the year 1944 there were 513,507 names checked for temple work, and it was found that 180,483 had previously been endowed.  In 1945, out of 575,259 names checked 176,422 duplications were prevented.”  (“Genealogy,” IE 49(8):528, Aug., 1946)