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Prince’s Research Excerpts: Temples & Mormonism – 1974

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TEMPLES, 1974.

1974:  7 May:  Alterations in garment for handicapped.



Salt Lake City, Utah  84111

May 7, 1974

President Richard H. Cracroft

Provo Utah East Stake

814 East Center Street

Provo, Utah 84601

Dear President Cracroft:

This is a reply to your letter of May 2, 1974, concerning the problem which Sister Helvi Temesevi has in wearing the temple garment due to her physical disability.

For your information we may say that individual saints are free to make such alterations in the garment as may be dictated by unusual physical handicaps or disabilities. Where there is a problem such as the one being experienced by Sister Temesevi, we have taken the position that such modification as may be necessary to accommodate the wearing of the garment to the special physical disability or handicap is permissible.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Spencer W. Kimball

/s/ N. Eldon Tanner

/s/ Marion G. Romney

The First Presidency 

Note added by President Cracroft: Copy of this letter given to Sister Temesevi for future use in assuring Church leaders of her compliance with the temple garment requirement.  RHC”  (First Presidency Letter to President Richard H. Cracroft; May 7, 1974; Bergera collection)

4, 9 Jun.:  Russell Nelson’s 2nd anointing.

“June 4– . . . President Spencer W. Kimball called me in to notify me that Dantzel and I were to report to the temple on June 9.

June 9–Dantzel and I were privileged to enter the temple on this Sabbath day to attend a special meeting at the invitation of President Spencer W. Kimball. The sacred nature of this event precludes our mentioning more about it here other than to say that it did take place, but this experience is of the greatest importance to us and to our family.”  (From Heart to Heart: An Autobiography–Russell Marion Nelson, p. 360; by Russell M. Nelson. From the chapter -Highlights of 1974″.)