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Sarah Stiles

05 March 1793
Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Painesville, Lake, Ohio, USA
Alternative Names (Also Known As)

Sarah Granger

Parent Marriage

Alternate birth date: 5 August 1809 Member FRSN, admit- ted 17 Mar 1842, as Sarah Granger (Ward). a daughter of Daniel O. and Sarah Bucklin Stiles. Sarah Stiles Kimball died before 1888. Olds Stiles family were converts of Mormonism and came from Connecticut where most of their children were born. Daniel had two wives, his first was Abigail Farrington and his second, Sarah Bucklin. Thirza Stiles, daughter of Daniel O. and Abigail Farrington, married Reynolds Cahoon and came to Utah as an early pioneer.

Endowment - 28 January 1846

Place: Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)

Name as Performed: Sarah Granger


Carlos Granger - Civil Marriage - 31 May 1813

This marriage has 10 child(ren) in the database

- Civil Marriage - 13 January 1820

Place: Newport, Herkimer, New York

Heber Chase Kimball - Sealed for Eternity - 03 February 1846

Place: Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)

Officiator: Amasa Mason Lyman

Name as Sealed: Sarah Stiles


Carlos Granger -- Non Mormon resident of Painesville OH, Clay Co MO, and Nauvoo. 15 June 17901–after 1850. Wainwright. Born in Suffield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Son of Bildad Granger and Hannah Caulkin. Married Sarah Stiles, 31 May 1813. Moved to Painesville, Geauga Co., Ohio, by 1820. Described himself as “friendly” to Mormons. Moved to Clay Co., Missouri, by 1834. Moved to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, by 1840. Signed petition to U.S. Congress, 1843, requesting redress for Missouri grievances. Moved to Missouri, by 1847. Lived in Schuyler Co., Missouri, by 1850. -- per Jos. Smith Papers

Birth Date: 25 February 1858

Death Date: 02 April 1934

Birth Date: 01 January 1861

Death Date: 01 January 1888

Birth Date: 01 January 1860

Death Date: 04 September 1932

Birth Date: 30 December 1864

Death Date: 01 January 1866

Birth Date: 29 March 1879

Death Date: 19 January 1919

Birth Date: 18 January 1875

Death Date: 17 March 1944

Birth Date: 13 October 1969

Death Date: 28 September 1957

Birth Date: 01 January 1866

Birth Date: 06 July 1862

Death Date: 01 January 1935

Birth Date: 01 January 1873

Death Date: 21 March 1952

Female Relief Society of Nauvoo

Start Date: 17 March 1842

Specific Known Date

Notes: Member FRSN, admitted 17 Mar 1842, as Sarah Granger (Ward).