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Alice Longstroth

28 January 1824
Arncliffe, Yorkshire, England

21 November 1909
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Alternative Names (Also Known As)

Alice Whitaker

Parent Marriage

Stephen Longstroth to Ann Gill

Date: 03 June 1815

Marriage Type: civil


Endowment - 21 January 1846

Place: Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, USA (UVA)

Name as Performed: Alice Whitaker

Baptism - 1838

Moses Whitaker - Civil Marriage - 1839

Place: Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, USA

Willard Richards - Sealed for Eternity - 23 December 1845
Moses Whitaker - Sealed for Eternity - 11 December 1853

Place: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, Utah

Proxy: George Darling Watt

George Darling Watt - Sealed for Time - 11 December 1853

Place: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, Utah


!Alice was endowed in NV as Alice Whitaker but no NV slg was found. Her husb Moses Whitaker died in Salt Lake in 1852. On 11 Dec 1853 (pre)EH she was sld for T&E to Moses Whitaker (d.) and to George Darling Watt for time only. This occurred during Willard Richards life time. In view of the above, the Temple Department (SIS) ruled by letter 23 Apr 1986 (Jerry D. Wells) that the 23 Dec 1845 alleged "marriage" to Willard Richards (per his Journal) was a moot question and therfore did not justify a ruling. Even if it were to be determined that their covenant was a sealing for eternity, we would have to presume it was cancelled prior to her sealing to Moses Whitaker. Because there were no children whose covenant lines would be affected, the question is purely academic so we shall not investigate it further. (The above had been questioned since DIALOGUE,Spring 1985, p55 had quoted the event from Willard Richards Journal and INTIMATE DISCIPLE p482 mentions his "expectation" to marry Alice). In any event there appears to have been other considerations and Alice proudly bore the name of Alice Longstroth Whitaker throughout her life time. We don't know of any children of her own, but Alice raised her sister Sarah's, Pauline after Sarah's 1858 death. (Her sister, Nanny raised the other three). George D. Watt was the first man to be baptized in England (1837) having won the race to the Rible River. His marriage to Alice is acknowledged in the Longstroth Letters (on file at the USHS - Utah State Historical Society).