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Seminars and Conferences

“Lamanite” as a Religious Signifier and Settler-Colonial Encounter

The UVA Mormon Studies program hosted a Zoom panel on March 11, 2021, entitled “‘Lamanite’ as a Religious Signifier and Settler-Colonial Encounter.”



Scripture and Literature in the Nineteenth-Century United States

“Scripture and Literature in the Nineteenth-Century United States”, is an interdisciplinary symposium to be held at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland,…


Max Mueller on Race and the Making of the Mormon People

We look forward to welcoming Prof. Max Mueller to address the Virginia Colloquium in American Religion on his recent book Race and the Making…


Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy and Religious Freedom

Professor Flake will take part in a panel on the state of religious freedom around the world, at UVA’s Miller Center.

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Panel: Religions and the State in Refugee Relief

In conjunction with our third annual Joseph Smith Lecture on Religious Liberty, a distinguished panel discussed the moral and legal dynamics inherent in religion’s…


Seminar: Professor John Turner

John Turner, Associate Professor of American Religion, will speak to doctoral students on his forays into Mormon Studies, as well as his most recent…


Lecture: Elder Larry Echo Hawk on Public Service

Elder Larry Echo Hawk, presently a General Authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is an attorney, legal scholar and former…


Panel: The Council of Fifty Minutes

In conjunction with our 2016 Joseph Smith Lecture, a panel entitled “’We, the people of the Kingdom of God,’ the Mormon Alternative…


Workshop: “Polygamy Debates”

By invitation, Professor Flake will participate in a workshop which will “bring together scholars working in the fields of history, religious studies,…


Colloquium in Honor of Richard L. Bushman

Professor Flake will chair two sessions of “A Scholars’ Colloquium in Honor of Richard L. Bushman” at the Brigham Young University Maxwell…